Xbox Series X|S controller support added to NVIDIA Shield TV

NVIDIA Shield (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • NVIDIA has issued update version 8.2.2 to its Shield TV set-top box.
  • The update adds support for the Xbox Series S|X controller as well as Sony's DualSense.
  • The controller can be used to play both native Android games as well as those on GeForce Now.

NVIDIA continues to be the best supporter of Android TV and its update program for the Shield TV continues to roll along. The latest, version 8.2.2, is now rolling out to Shield TV owners and of particular interest is support for the new Xbox controller that shipped alongside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as well as Sony's DualSense.

"Connect next-gen console controllers to your SHIELD and enjoy playing Android or GeForce NOW gaming with your favorite controller. To begin, start Bluetooth pairing on your SHIELD and start pairing mode on your controller."

The pairing process is a breeze and once done you'll be able to use the controller not only as a makeshift remote but to play games. The Shield TV is a pretty potent little gaming box, with native Android ports of games like Half Life 2 and Tomb Raider available from the Play Store for it, as well as access to NVIDIA's GeForce Now cloud service.

The Shield TV has also, on account of being an Android box, been pretty handy for Xbox Game Pass cloud game streaming, but since it's not an officially supported platform there's always the chance that could change down the line.

In any case, if you're looking for a good controller to use with the Shield, you now have a couple of additional options.

New Xbox Wireless Controller

New Xbox Wireless Controller

The Xbox One controller gets refined for the new generation, keeping the superb design and adding some bonus features like a dedicated share button.



The NVIDIA Shield is everything you need to have a great streaming and gaming experience, in a handy tube you can hide pretty much anywhere.

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