An Xbox Series X|S survey asks users if they want PS5 DualSense controller features on Xbox

Xbox Series X Controller
Xbox Series X Controller (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Next-gen consoles have been released, and alongside them are all-new controllers to connect players with the on-screen action.
  • Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Controller saw a ton of smaller improvements to make arguably the best controller even better.
  • However, Sony's DualSense controller with the PS5 was a massive redesign and introduced several new features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.
  • A new survey from Microsoft asks Xbox Series X|S owners if they'd like to see any DualSense features brought over to Xbox.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been in the hands of users for some time now and come with a slightly redesigned Xbox Wireless Controller that makes numerous improvements to what was already widely considered one of the best controllers around. While gamers (myself included) have been massively enjoying these changes, Sony's PlayStation 5 comes with the totally redesigned DualSense controller. The DualSense adds features like adaptive triggers that can increase and decrease tension for different actions and haptic feedback, which can show subtle differences in various surfaces and more with vibrations.

While the Xbox Wireless Controller versus DualSense Controller debate has been underway since the beginning, it seems Microsoft is testing the waters with the possibility of bringing some of Sony's DualSense features to the Xbox platform. According to a new report from TechRadar, a survey heading out to Xbox Series X|S owners is sneaking in some awfully specific questions among the generic survey questions we all expect.

The survey asks if users are "aware of features on PlayStation controllers that (they) wish were on the controller that came with this console." This shows that Microsoft is considering adapting some of these innovative features for themselves, which is awesome to hear. While the Xbox Wireless Controller is still fantastic in its own right, Sony deserves praise for trying new things with their controller, and it'd be great to see the Xbox team do the same.

What are your two cents on the matter? Do you wish Microsoft would adapt some of the unique features that Sony has brought to the table with DualSense, or is the Xbox Wireless Controller perfect the way it is? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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