An Xbox Series X|S survey asks users if they want PS5 DualSense controller features on Xbox

Xbox Series X Controller
Xbox Series X Controller (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Next-gen consoles have been released, and alongside them are all-new controllers to connect players with the on-screen action.
  • Microsoft's Xbox Wireless Controller saw a ton of smaller improvements to make arguably the best controller even better.
  • However, Sony's DualSense controller with the PS5 was a massive redesign and introduced several new features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.
  • A new survey from Microsoft asks Xbox Series X|S owners if they'd like to see any DualSense features brought over to Xbox.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been in the hands of users for some time now and come with a slightly redesigned Xbox Wireless Controller that makes numerous improvements to what was already widely considered one of the best controllers around. While gamers (myself included) have been massively enjoying these changes, Sony's PlayStation 5 comes with the totally redesigned DualSense controller. The DualSense adds features like adaptive triggers that can increase and decrease tension for different actions and haptic feedback, which can show subtle differences in various surfaces and more with vibrations.

While the Xbox Wireless Controller versus DualSense Controller debate has been underway since the beginning, it seems Microsoft is testing the waters with the possibility of bringing some of Sony's DualSense features to the Xbox platform. According to a new report from TechRadar, a survey heading out to Xbox Series X|S owners is sneaking in some awfully specific questions among the generic survey questions we all expect.

The survey asks if users are "aware of features on PlayStation controllers that (they) wish were on the controller that came with this console." This shows that Microsoft is considering adapting some of these innovative features for themselves, which is awesome to hear. While the Xbox Wireless Controller is still fantastic in its own right, Sony deserves praise for trying new things with their controller, and it'd be great to see the Xbox team do the same.

What are your two cents on the matter? Do you wish Microsoft would adapt some of the unique features that Sony has brought to the table with DualSense, or is the Xbox Wireless Controller perfect the way it is? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • I would be ok with better haptics but more with the game developers to add it in more areas of the game. Sure the controller could give stronger vibrations as well where the developer does have haptics.
  • I wish there was a question about the size. I love the new controller except the slightly smaller size kind of hurts my hands after a while. I wish we had an option with the new features and the original size.
  • Fancier rumble, and pressurized triggers are neat, but not game changing and do not in my opinion generate unique gameplay that can't be achieved in a 'good enough way' with a regular old Xbox controller. That being said, if an Elite controller with back paddles was given extra ***** with its rumble, or another trick up its sleeve with the triggers - that would make Elite controllers have more reason to exist. It could be like the Xbox One X of controllers. Mid generation upgrade with mid generation improvements.
    Adding the touch plate on the front would be a bona fide upgrade however, that might require a full generation of console improvement or games would be have and have-not's.
  • Honestly, you need to actually use the DualSense, the way the triggers work is incredible and is absolutely nothing like rumble.
  • Sure why not! Always like options. One thing i'd like them to change is the darn share button. I've hit it so many times by mistake. At least have an option in settings that you have to hold it for capture and tapping does nothing. So many accidental screenshots i've had to delete. Maybe it's somewhere, but I have not found anything within settings.
  • Not that I need Haptic Feedback exactly, but one of my biggest disappointments with the new controller is that Microsoft didn't do anything unique or new with it. Feeling slightly better in the hands is nice but I was already pretty satisfied with the One controller. I'd be happy with something as basic as a mic on the controller. At least I'd be able to easily use Google Assistant without having to keep an extra speaker next to me.
  • Reports I've seen so far are that use of the haptic features drains batteries something fierce.
    Plus, putting fancy features into the controller is more likely to end up like the waggle wands and Kinect; used in a few games, proclaimed by reviewers as innovative and great...and ignored by most games.
    So no. They shouldn't bother to add fancy features, and cost, to the base controller just to please a few reviewers.
    They should just make sure the new controllers don't go drift crazy after the warranty expires. The 360 controllers were rock solid and durable; the XB1s weren't. Fix that instead. If they want to experiment, put it into the Elite 3 and see who wants to pay extra.
  • As long as it is an option for those that don't want it to be on and it doesn't affect the battery in any way when it is off and minimally when it is on. Then go for it. And by off owners should be able to either turn off completely or return it to the current Xbox controller rumble/feedback levels over andy new hepatic and increased feedback levels. Many people I know on PS5 have turned off the capability. One because right now (other than Astro) the usage by devs has been mixed And two because they are seeing a dramatic battery drain compared to even the lousy battery life of the previous DualShock 4. Battery life is much more important to me than a few cute little features that may or may not be increasingly used by devs. If Microsoft and Sony had gotten together and agreed on a uniform plan on this hepatic/feedback/touch control it would have had a better chance of being taken up long term. Without PC/Xbox along for the ride I am more likely willing to bet this feature set will die off.
  • Agreed.
    It's just the shiny new thing for marketing (and reviewers) to hype.
    Here today, forgotten soon enough.
  • In general, I don't like copying features -- each product should innovate on its own -- but in this case I would support and appreciate it. The plus to adding this to Xbox is that more cross-platform games would take advantage of it (because it would universally available, making it safe to include). That would benefit all gamers and remove an objection to purchasing Xbox ("I don't want the Xbox, because it's missing that adaptive trigger thing."). I've not used a PS controller since PS3, but isn't there also a touchpad built into the top of the PS4 and PS5 controllers? Personally, I think I'd prefer that. In playing CyberPunk, it uses the left analog stick to move a cursor on the screen like a mouse. It works, and fortunately it's only on inventory and other occasional screens, but it's still pretty bad from a UX perspective and a touchpad would solve that completely. I've not played it on the PlayStation (just on my Xbox One X until I can get my hands on a Series X), but I would think that makes the PS the better platform for CyberPunk just based on that one feature. So yes, please bring PS features to the Xbox controller.
  • The touch pad on the DS4 is really nice. I use my DS4 as a sort of PC remote and mouse when I want to watch Twitch from my couch and occasionally need to click around from a distance. That's another thing too. It was the best PC controller you could get at the time. I was able to use its motion control features in CEMU.
  • but MOST games didn't utilize that touchpad tho...
  • Not yet. There are known issues with Sony's controller already. Let PS5 folks sort them out first. Also let's see how many developers actually use it
  • I guess that's one of thé advantage of Ps5.
    Not sure, maybe on Surface gaming.
  • I always like a company that directly asks the opinion of its consumers. Whatever the result is, that is a good move by Microsoft. A much better idea than dual sense features in my opinion would be to integrate motion sensors and for Microsoft to start promoting flick shift in shooters. Once people get a taste of it they will never want to go back to playing shooters the old way.
  • Which features? That new controller from PS5 is highly overrated. Haptics are a gimmick no one ever ends up implementing.
  • For gaming with circles ?
    The problem of this type is in the depht.
  • Microsoft should partner with Panasonic for this -- it would be great if the controller would come with a pair of AA Eneloop 2,500mAh rechargeable batteries instead of the usual Duracell ones. The DualSense only has 1,560mAh internal batteries while the DualShock 4 only has 1,000mAh.