Xbox Store rebranding to 'Microsoft Store' on Xbox One

Last week it surfaced that Microsoft was preparing for a rebrand of the Windows Store – the inbuilt digital storefront for apps, games, movies, and music on Windows 10 devices. As spotted by Windows Insiders in the Release Preview ring, both the store's name and logo had changed, assumedly ahead of a wider rollout in the months ahead.

It now appears that Microsoft is extending this change to the Xbox Store, rebranding the console's marketplace under the same name. Although this means little change in terms of functionality, the new name and icon can already be seen across pre-release versions of the Xbox One dashboard.

Say hello to the Microsoft Store – the one stop shop for Xbox content going forward.

Say hello to the Microsoft Store – the one stop shop for Xbox content going forward.

Microsoft has used the "Microsoft Store" branding in the past for its online and physical retail stores, where the firm has sold various hardware and software. Following these recent changes, it appears Microsoft is attempting to further unify its marketplaces while phasing out the Windows Store and Xbox Store branding.

In builds of pre-release builds of the upcoming Xbox One update, Microsoft has previously experimented with selling hardware directly through the Xbox dashboard. It wouldn't be surprising to see this to continue in the future, with more hardware available through the native app.

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Matt Brown

Matt Brown was formerly a Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • XBox is about the only Brand that MS owns that has a generally positive sentiment.  Maybe they should just rebrand everything else to XBox :D
  • They tried that, remember that Microsoft Movies & TV was XBOX VIDEO? I liked that much more than the generic current name
  • I was actually really glad they got rid of the Xbox branding for those. While I think Groove is weird and dislike how bland Movies & TV is, I still prefer them to Xbox Music and Xbox Video. Most general consumers thought that they only worked if you owned an Xbox. It was the same problem Sony is now having with Playstation Vue
  • you forgot Azure , Office , windows , Minecraft .....
  • I was being flippant, but point taken
  • I agree. I hated when they change it to Microsoft Movies and Groove... Xbox is for videogames and entertaiment. They should keep the Xbox brand... 
  • Same, i dislike groove, Xbox music was a much better name.
  • I think it's just Microsoft bringing everything under one name as everything fails under Windows 10 and having a Windows store for cross play makes more séance in naming than one being Microsoft store and other being Xbox store.
  • Oh great, now everyone will realize that Xbox is a Microsoft product and they will hate it
  • lol....sometimes i really do come here for the laughs.
  • How many times are they going to rebrand the store
  • Yes! logical and necessary movement.
  • Meh. The new icon is still ugly as sin. But then again, so is the new Xads One UI so...
  • Whats wrong with just 'store'
  • Because it will wind up being called Xbox Store even though it sells cross platform content that are not Xbox consoles so Microsoft Store it is. As to why MS Store because it is cross platform and no longer just Windows, it makes more sense as a universal store for MS products. Plus Windows brand is terrible, any time MS sticks the Windows brand onto something it fails other than Windows itself.