Xbox's Phil Spencer says Microsoft 'lost our way with PC gaming'

At the PC Gaming Show, head of Xbox Phil Spencer admitted how Microsoft may not have given PC gaming the attention it deserves, and how the Redmond giant is looking to rectify the situation in Windows 10.

I wanted to have the opportunity to come here, because there have been times in our past where Microsoft has maybe lost our way with PC gaming. But what people have done on PC is critical to our success, and critical to Windows' success. So it's great to get the opportunity to come here and talk directly to the fans and the press.

Spencer stressed on the common ecosystem underpinning Windows 10, stating that the platform is designed to assist developers in making games for Windows:

We have Windows 10 coming out in July, and one of the early moves was to make it a free upgrade. Really, we thought about that from a developers' standpoint, that as developers look at a common ecosystem, with everybody on one version of Windows, it just makes it easier for people who are developing games. Building DirectX 12 and making it common across our platform, and Xbox Live with the same API set and same service – we're just trying to make it easier for developers as they're developing Windows games."

With the Xbox One also set to receive the Windows 10 update this fall, the subject of cross-platform titles was broached:

There are a lot of opportunities for cross-platform, but I also think there are games that exist on a television, and there are games that exist with a keyboard and mouse on the PC. It's not our job to dictate where games are developed or the kinds of games developers want to build. But giving developers the options, the opportunity, creating the widest canvas we can for creativity – what I've seen, in my time in the gaming space, is that that leads to the best games. And I think that's why we're all here.

With Windows 10, Microsoft will be looking to put PC gaming front and center, and DirectX 12 will play a major role in that. The coming months should be very interesting.

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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