XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion now available for PC

If you've been waiting to sink your teeth into some new strategic combat in XCOM 2, now's your chance. War of the Chosen, a new expansion for the game, is now available for PC gamers, and it's just over the horizon for Xbox One as well.

War of the Chosen brings some new story content to XCOM 2 that sees the players taking the fight to the Chosen, a new force sent by ADVENT to take on XCOM. Of course, players have access to some new goodies to help them take on the Chosen as well, including new resistance factions and hero classes, weapons, and more. Here's a look at the new factions available with this expansion:

  • The Reapers are infiltration specialists and stealth marksmen living on the fringe of society. Reapers utilize a powerful weapon called the Vektor rifle, as well as a special Claymore explosive - a targetable incendiary device that, when placed and activated, does not cause the Reaper to break Concealment;
  • The Skirmishers are former ADVENT soldiers who have chosen to rebel against their masters. The Skirmisher is an offensive powerhouse, capable of dealing with threats running the gamut from up close to afar, armed with a grappling hook to help close distance and a wrist mounted Ripjack capable of piercing the enemy with deadly force;
  • The Templars are a reclusive, monastic group of soldiers that have dedicated themselves to pushing their minds and bodies with psionic energy to the brink of humanity, honing their psionic energy with religious fervor into powerful weapons.

Other little extras included in The War of the Chosen include a Photo Booth for making "war-and-meme-worthy" posters of your soldiers, along with a new challenge mode through which you can compete for a spot on a global leaderboard.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is available now for PC for $39.99, and it's available for preorder for Xbox One at the same price. The expansion will release consoles on September 12.

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