Windows 7 hacked to run on the ASUS ZenFone 2

A member of the XDA forums has taken the ASUS ZenFone 2, an Intel-powered Android smartphone, and booted Windows 7 on it. Surprisingly, the OS runs quite smoothly, with no major bugs. The video has Windows 7 booted, though it is said that Windows 8 and Windows 10 could be installed in the same fashion, and should both work equally as well.

The process is a bit complex: first you will need to unlock the bootloader, then flash a specific kernel, partition the SD card, and then get down and dirty with a number of terminal commands. While this process is certainly not for everyone, it is still interesting to see this Intel-powered device running a full version of Windows rather well.

Is it possible we may see an Intel-powered Windows Phone in the future, or will Continuum be enough? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Check out the Android Central review of the ASUS ZenFone 2

Source: XDA

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  • Really? Are you mentally challenged? We're talking about hacking Win7,8.1,10 on ZenFone, incase you can't read.
  • Somehow you posted this comment before the article came out lol
  • Someone removed their comments.
  • LOL! He's upgrading to Windows 10 on 29th july
  • Haha!!!
  • To 7.
  • I Couldn't see the video , are we talking about wp7 or Windows 7 here?
  • Windows 7, as the title says.
  • Desktop W7
  • Looool
  • There's already a windows 10 mobile ROM for android devices, why did this dude hack windows 7 on that zenfone?... Cause he can!!
  • The ROM is only available in china for testing with one device manufacturer, unless it has been leaked and is widely available now on torrents.
  • There is no Windows mobile/phone ROM for Intel devices
  • +seems faster than WP10
  • Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! You're probably not even running windows 10 on any devices. Windows 10 run really well: Desktoop build 10162 as well as mobile build 10149.
  • So...a well instructed person from the forums did this, and MS took years to achieve it.
  • MS did it properly that's why
  • What? This is completely different.
  • Took years to achieve what?  Do you even understand what this is about?  It's not that MS engineers couldn't do this.  I'm sure they have done stuff like this plenty of times.  It's not really a marketable product at this time though so it's not something they would show off.
  • This is completely different from what Microsoft is doing. This guy just ran it on an emulator
  • Not entirely true. Yes, QEMU is mostly an emulator, but, and this is important, QEMU does allow the Windows 7 emulation to actually use the CPU itself instead of on a layer of emulation due to the Atom being x86 capable. That's why it's not slow as many other videos running Windows XP or older on ARM phones, which takes over 15 minutes to just get to the desktop.
  • Windows 10 on Zenfone!!! Lol
  • Its make windows more famous than before
  • If everyone starts installing Windows on their old droids then the war's lost before the start.
  • we ain't at war ..... its mods like these which show how people are desperate for Windows OS :P so technically we are winnning :P  
  • It's a war of OSes for sure. Installing free software ain't good. It has never benefited any manufacturer.
  • I bet ASUS sells a ton of Zenfone 2 now. In fact I will probably buy one when I get home for this exact reason. Then use an old windows 7 key I am not using, and bam, ms and Asus win. Shows ASUS people want a mobile windows device. Et al windows phone 10 with continuum
  • No, Asus will just see more demand for Android
  • True Indeed.
  • Lol desperate... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And who are you mister..?
  • Lol. Aman is desperate.
  • Bc chaep.
  • nobody is gonn do that ... its just an experiment
  • Ofcourse android is open source :P
  • Parts of it are.
  • oracle wants to talk to you.
  • Asus CEO tells that Windows is not good for phones right.... Then how he felt for it
  • He is packing his stuffs now :D
  • He's on his way to exit. XD
  • Haha :D
  • As far as the video shows it's just running on an emulator. So thats not as exciting as it running on the actual phone.
  • He is, but the trick is that he is running it using the processor on the phone (and not emulating x86 on x86)
  • Well, Nexus 5 was once hacked to run Windows XP and 7 but the performance was intolerable. Took about 30 minutes to boot and then lagged and crashed every few minutes.
    This definitely is a win for Intel and yeah, lets not forget the 4GB ram behind. It's the 4GB version right?
    About Intel WP, I'd rather love to see a full Windows running on a Intel powered Lumia someday, on a 6" maybe. That'd be terrific. XD
  • This the only reason why I love android... Hell lot of customizations..
  • And that excessive customization is also a reason behind some peoples' hatred. Daily Android users too.
  • How long can you use those laggy droids. Plus, every droid ain't that fast and smooth.
  • What has Android got to do with it..
  • "What has Android got to do with it.." ^^This! Android was removed from the phone. It's the hardware that made it possible, not Android.
  • And with Windows 10 Mobile already being interop unlocked, Windows Phone will get the same level of customization (;
  • I'm afraid it won't. Interop unlocking doesn't necessarily mean customization. It will only allow developers to test their apps easily and will help them access some of the isolated storage of the device, with certain limitations.
    Customization demands more APIs that'll allow system file modification, something that Microsoft isn't known for doing, due to security issues.
  • N64 emulator and PS2
  • That's not true, you're talking about a developer unlock. Interop gives access to the phone's registry and everything including enabling forbidden APIs.
  • lol. android got ditched! hello windows 7. :D
  • Mister, the guy remove completely Android from that phone. The hardware is running just Windows 7.
  • this has nothing to do with android. this shows how efficient windows OS is.can run on hell lot of hardwares. and I wound't be surprised to see if someone hacks windows to run on a calculator.
  • where did the legendary HTC HD 2 go...that guy should be running windows 10 now
  • 1Ghz single core and 512 MB RAM. It would be a legendary lag fest.
  • im writing my comments on a 2009 dell inspiron netbook with 1.6ghz intel atom + 1 gig RAM, running windows 10 tp 10162...... and it runs better than xp and windows 7 and ubuntu 12.04 (havent tried win 8) waiting for someone to do it with htc hd2
  • Some HD2's came with a full gigabyte of RAM.
  • That's awesome.
  • Windows win!
  • Lol guy in the comments "can it run crysis 3"
  • lol^
  • Best one! Lol
  • Criteria...
  • C'mon windows 8 on my OnePlus One!!!
  • High hopes!!!
  • Why..? You don't like Android..?
  • I am a die hard fan of wp...nothing can change that. #Lumia720
  • I think it would be nice to see windows phones with intel proccessors. The question here is if an atom proccessor is capable to do the same as a phone proccessor at the same pricerange. Each one is specialized on its own area and I imagine one doing the things the other does implies too many changes to keep being called a phone/pc proccessor. One thing I do believe is that devs would be happier because they would be able to move their apps from one OS to another easier sice the architecture is is the same. (Well, if they are not developing for Win10 that is) Of course... I might be wrong, I have a history of being wrong.
  • Exactly.  How about a Microsoft Surface Phone Enterprise Edition, running W10 ?
  • I wonder if he reserved Windows 10 upgrade :)
  • I bet he did. XD
  • LOL!
  • Someone needs to direct his talents to more useful and profitable endeavors.
  • I would love my ZenFone 2 to be able to run Win 10. This phone is awesome at its price point Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I've always thought Android was so badly optimized that the high end phones would be able to run full Windows 7 and now XDA have proven me right :)
  • 1 ghz yep sound about right
  • Now I am waiting for Lumia with Intel inside.
  • How about my old Lumia 520 with nothing inside? :D
  • Did you watch Hollow Man recently?
  • Not quite, it has powerful dual core 1ghz processor which alows you to experience unforgetable endless "loading..." screens... :D
  • Correct me if I'm wrong. He is using virtual machine thingy right? So, assuming performance knock down? And the resolution is inefficient to work with like remote desktop.
    And given later he boots W10 Desktop and turns on tablet mode, can W10 detect the device optimal resolution and switch to a comfortable 6inch mini tablet display?
  • You are right... And I'm wrong..
  • Sorry, I don't get what you're trying to imply.
  • Another curiosity. How about remote desktop with Continuum bits? Rather than using the desktop environment, change the UI into W10 Mobile or W10 with tablet mode. Would It be possible?
  • "Can it run Crysis 3?"
  • Looool :D
  • Spectacular!
    ARM anyone..?
  • ARM devices aren't capable of running full windows. Even laptops and hybrids with ARM processors aren't capable of running full version of Windows.
  • This phone actually has an x86 processor
  • I want an Intel powered phone so bad....
  • Get a ZF2....
  • Asus CEO said that WP at its present state is not try worthy but I am already watching Intel powered windows phones in the horizon.More so after MS has cleared that Phone will go in the PC's way after all.
  • I would love to see Windows 10 Mobile run on that Asus Intel phone!
  • Knew that someone would hack windows onto zf2 as it has x64 (or x86) based processor
  • Well you can then actually use it with a mouse and a keyboard. Install Windows 10, the universal OS comes into play. Great work.
  • W10 on my GS5 Active please!
  • Same article on Android Central (much fewer comments, lol), and I've been told no ARM support, which I didn't realize S5A has ARM.  I'll settle for 8.1
  • Fukin cheats
  • And doing so on a phone runs a 1" an hour, so smart...what a damn waste of time!
  • My brother just bought that phone... My be i should exchange my 730 wid it ;-)
  • Will someone answer in the comments to that video to the guy who says 'in your face windows phone' He gets me so annoyed and makes some silly and untrue statements
  • That. Is. Awesome!!
  • We should force laws through Congress that make locking bootloaders illegal! We own the hardware, not the maker! I don't give two shits about what they want! They can get fucked for all I care.
  • LOL
  • Microsoft doesn't lock the bootloader to Windows PCs, but Google does to Chromebooks. Then people cry foul at Microsoft for having optional UEFI (which Linux and other OS's support) and Microsoft is the bad one, and Google is a saint.
  • Continuum will suffice, for now.
  • I HAVE BEEN WANTING THIS SINCE THIS PHONE WAS ANNOUNCED. Now time to get to my computer to read this article. 299.00 unlocked phone might be worth it as similar tablets would be more expensive with less specs.
  • Ah the beauty of Android..
  • Why can't Windows phone emulate IA-32/x86??
  • This phone isn't emulating x86, the phone has an x86 processor. Windows Phone can if you're a developer and have enough time on your hands (;
  • Mmmm ... buying this AZF2 now, with Android, and in 2 years, when WP10 is 100% ready, install it on the phone . Seems a cool idea.
  • I feel touch-centric and more resource-friendly Windows 8.1 would've been a better choice, but this is obviously a super-niche enthusiast project, so I'll let it slide.
  • I want phone from MS with a full Windows OS on it. Something that I can connect to a bi screen, wireless keyboard and mouse and use it as an actual PC, then, after you finished the job, keep using it in "phone mode"....
  • But why?
  • Why not get all crazy stupid and just pop a A10-5800K in a winphone and use it as a replacement Xbox as well? would also make for a nice mini space heater. ; )
  • If Microsoft can make phones with Intel processors, I could see them offering that, so they don't have to maintain an ARM kernel. Although they might need to maintain it for the raspberry pi support.