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Continuum for Windows 10 Phones does require new Qualcomm hardware

One of the biggest new features of Windows 10 for phone – and the last feature to be announced before RTM – is Continuum. Revealed at Build this week, the new tech lets users adopt two modes for their phone and a second display.

For instance, you can use your phone as a remote mouse and keyboard for the second screen. However, other operating systems can already do such things. The more interesting addition is the ability to run your phone on the second screen, including all the apps. Moreover, since these are universal Windows apps, they scale up just like being on a full PC. This technology lets you turn any second display into a full PC, and it could change how we think about computing.

New Hardware

During the Build keynote, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore made it quite clear that new phone hardware would be needed to power the graphics of two displays. Continuum is, after all, not Miracast. What that technology is exactly, is currently not known, but it has to do with dual video output.

Likewise, during the private media event where members of the press were allowed to ask members of the Windows leadership team questions, they were very cagey on this topic. It was made clear to us though that new phones would be needed. In fact, Belfiore could not even demo the feature on stage, and neither could they during this private media event.

Microsoft's Gabe Aul also responded on Twitter to questions about Continuum, emphatically stating:

"Continuum for PC will work on any touch enabled device. Continuum for phones will require new hardware."

Later, as the conversation progressed he reiterated:

"No, it will require new hardware for Continuum for phones."

Going a bit further, Joe Belfiore mentions these things in the promo video explaining Continuum for phones. At the 1:35 mark, Belfiore says:

"And with new parts from Qualcomm, we have processors that can drive two screens separately in these new phone devices. And that is how we enabled the phone screen to work independently from the PC screen."

Even at the very beginning of the video, Belfiore refers to "carrying a new phone device in your pocket".

To be honest, we are not sure why there is debate about this topic. Microsoft has been clear about the new phone part since the keynote. Granted, getting any more detail out of them has been difficult, but on this issue it seems quite definitive. If current hardware could do this technology, Microsoft would likely have emphatically said so and not constantly refer to "new phone" devices.

Continuum may not even be ready at Windows 10 for phone RTM when current phones first get updated. Later, in the fall, Microsoft can launch new flagship phones sporting this technology, which will work great for commercials and advertising. These timeframes are the likely roadmap for Windows 10 for phone and Continuum, so do not get your hopes up too high for anything else.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Seems I will be parting with 1520 sooner than I expected, hoping for a 6" 1540... I don't want a 5.7" that's tiny
  • You probably won't see any 6" from MS.
  • I'm guessing the specs for the 940 stores doesn't cover continuum hardware - that may be the q820... That's a chip slated for the end of the year! The 808 (6 core) and 810 (8 core) are not up to snuff... I'm surprised they're going Qualcomm. Surely the atom x serious would be ideal for this?
  • No not when theres little ram on the phones
  • 3gb? That's enough - though Lenovo and Asus now have 4gb...
  • Yeah. I honestly think they should ditch ARM altogether any go all-in on x64.
  • Main problem with Intel chip is maximum camera resolution they can handle is 13-16mp. So I don't think so that will go for that.. If they do some thing with that it will be amazing..
  • Well why don't you explain how a s4 runs a 41mp camera? Cameras can have their own chips you know?
  • excuse me, sorry i missed that feature on my S4. my wife's nokia lumia 1020 did have a 41 mp camera on it though, were you maybe thinking about that completely different phone, or am i just somehow confused? or do you really just not know your ass from a hole in my head, which, if that is the case,maybe you should just shut up about phones around grown folks. 
  • He wasn't talking about a Galaxy S4, he was talking about a Lumia 1020 that had a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU and that it could run a 41 megapixel camera.
  • The chip itself, the s4 could not run a 41mp camera, but it also does not have its own chip for the camera. Nokia worked with Qualcomm to rewrite the code for the chip so that it could handle the 41mp. Technically speaking it is the same s4 chip, but it's also not the same because of the code change. So they would have to do the same thing with the Intel chips (at least). Inherently, the chips do not support 41mp.
  • That is just really strange.
    Here is the video of the session with continuum
    It's works there. With some hardware.
    If it's not just Miracast then they should better talk to each other for less confusing information.
  • Could be prototype newer CPU-equipped hardware from Qualcomm and/or more components from other manufacturers. Or, it's a fake so to speak, conceptual. If not, how about 640x480 resoultion or something like that, just to be able to output anything at all in a video segment? I am voting for conceptual.  
  • Miracast is one option to stream continuum to the monitor, but with todays devices you can only stream what is on the phones screen, so you won't have the ability to run the "PC-mode" on the second screen.   At around 25:30 she also states that the phone she is ahowing does not run the external monitor in that setup. Though I do belive the phone he used in the first demo did.
  • They clearly said these were simulations. Joe noted at Build he was hooking up HDMI when he plugged in the cable. There isn't a production Windows Phone out today that does HDMI, but even back in the WP7 days there were specially built devices you could project from in that way. Miracast is essentially a wireless HDMI, so it could potentially do the projection to the external monitor. I expect the hardware limitation is the ability to drive two independent screens, like Windows PCs do today via the HDMI port, or Miracast, allowing mirroring or extension.
  • The way Intel has marketed the X series is that the x3 is for smart phones, x5 for tablet, etc. Since the x3 doesn't exist on a product yet, it's more of a competitor against the snapdragon 820, and already the x3 has some limitations over the 810.... Storage is slower, camera is of less quality, GPU is weaker, and LTE is also slower. The x3 really looks like it's meant for the Low to mid range market. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • +1540 5.7 so small :/
  • I have a 1520 and I think 5.7 would be great
  • Love the 6" screen, but hate the 220 grams. 175-180 grams is more manageable.
  • They better, 5.7 doesn't fit my hands. The AR makes the keyboard too tight. 1520 is just past for me.
  • Probably won't see any 6" ever❓ I think that's purely just speculation.... Maybe, and I said MAYBE, the first round might consist of a 5.7" device, but that in no way means that MS isn't planning to make a 5.99"+ Lumia ever again....
    Non of us really know what MS's plans are, but don't you think it's a little closed minded to speculate that MS has capped all Lumia devices in the future at 5.7"❓ Why would they do that❓
    If anything, I would think that especially with W10 MS would be planning even larger devices, with them seeing mobile as an opportunity for real productivity, PC like computing... IMO 6"-8" Lumia's are highly likely, and sound just plain awesome❗
  • Of course Rod, it was only my humble opinion.
  • Oh.. Sorry.. Well, what do you think they should do❓ I mean, what they should do, besides what you think they will do..
  • In a beautiful world when MS has OEM friends where they put some options in the market well, no, MS wouldn't need to release a 6" phone. But back to reality, yes, I think they should release a 6" and even a 7" phone, they need to provide options. But ... They're losing money, so I still think, at least for now, they won't.
  • I see.. Makes sense...
    We'll all just have to wait and see.
  • There is already a 7 inch Windows Phone (for the Chinese market ONLY):
  • Yes, we already know about that device..
    How does this help❓
  • I'm also asking myself.
  • About that how is Microsoft losing money... They don't need a 6"phone to recover their loss. No offence but you guys with big hands are in minority. As you know Lumia 520 was a best selling device and it's not because of its price. It's because it perfectly fits into most peoples hands. So if Microsoft could release a high end device with less than 4.5"display that would be a bullseye hit. P.S. But yeah, we also need big phones for you big guys.
  • Dude, your whole comment is deeply flawed... Lol.
    Also,,, wanting a larger device doesn't always have everything to do with having bigger hands... SMH... Really❓
  • WHAT???
  • SMDH... Lol.
  • No, the reason the 520 was a hit is exactly because of the price. I gave my mom a 520, and her main complaint is that she wishes the screen was bigger. (no ffc for Skype is the only other complaint)
  • Lol... Why are people making thus complicated...
    Nokias Niche devices make headlines. Not the best sellers, but they stay in the news... 1320, 1020, 1520, all great devices.... Having a 940&940XL is a damn good idea, but also keep you niche devices, and don't kill what Nokia started...
    Instead of killing devices because they don't sell well, increase your feature set, increase available apps, and increase your marketing.... Seriously, increase your marketing. That's the key.
  • That is what I am waiting for. A WP with an Intel chip. To quote"awesome".
  • Exactly my question. Why would any company cap their phones at 5.7"? One of my friends who own a 4.5" phone saw my phones (Lumia 1520 and a Xperia Z Ultra) and sighed. He wanted a phone bigger than his phone where he could easily edit spreadsheets and type out emails without scrolling through the whole page after ever 4 lines. Small phones are well suited for new users and those who are not comfortable with huge phones. Huge being subjective here.  Playing HD game on a 6" phone is far better than playing it on a 5.7" and yes 0.3" does make world of a difference. You can cram more pixels into it. And everyone wants to go UHD on phones. What is the point of having UHD if you are not taking full advantage of it, read: a bigger display. Plus, you can add a hell lot of more hardware than a smaller phone. Yes, everything is going nano sized but we cannot deny the fact that we are expecting desktop quality on our cellphones. Bigger (huge) phones pave the path for smaller, compact phones. So, bigger phones for Rodney and me and everyone else can have a piece of the pie too, just smaller than ours. Also, is it just me or the demo video had a different flagship phone? I could be wrong... I paused the video and tried to figure out if my brain was desperately trying to find a flagship. Anybody else feel the same way? P.S.: Huge phones are still bad. Huge displays aren't. :) *edit* Nevermind. It is a black 930. :(
  • +1520
  • I'm with you. I want a 6" with less borders
  • Me too
  • I was very hesitant in getting a 1520, but it got to a "what the heck"-moment. Going smaller than 6" now is not an option for me, and it didn't take long until I realized that. So to others out there. Don't knock it til you try.
  • I am with you. When I decided I wanted a bigger phone and took the plunge for the 1520's 6" screen, I was a little scared. But now, I want the same size screen in my new phone. MS better just give us 1520 users a sweet killer upgrade and a 4k display :)  
  • +6" :)
  • 4k battery drain display? No thanks
  • hey someone else who gets it!
  • StevoPhilo speaks the truth. 4K is completely unnecessary. 2K or even 1080p would still look GREAT, although I wouldn't mind a 720p display either in my next phone.
  • ive comparted mjy 1520 and 920's screens a lot, and honestly, dont see a difference in sharpness.. not unless i bring them up th my eye in an unrelaistic way, and compared my 1520 to a display model of the lg g3, and actually found the screen a step down from the 1520, saw no difference in sharpness (not even if i put it up to my eye) anmd saw a more washed out screen on the g3.   high res screens is now a gimmick people, 720p is all thats needed on a 5" device.., anything else is jsut a specsheet gimmick that drains batteries faster..
  • Totally agree. I've been using my 920 as my Windows 10 test phone, alongside my 930 daily driver, and I'd basically forgotten about the difference in resolution until reading your post, so little difference it makes in actual use. I'm looking at my 930 screen now and cannot see any pixellation at all, so I'd be grateful if someone could explain what benefit a 4K display would bring to any device with, say, a sub-12-inch display.
  • Bragging rights and hand warmer. No need for anything higher than 1080p unless your an insect
  • Your comparison is fatily flawed. A store version of a phone is not what you should be looking at, but what the majority of people have. A properly executed 1080,2k,4k screen will always look better than any lower resolution screens when viewed side by side.. and just because you can't see the difference doesn't mean that there isn't any, only that you don't. Microsoft is doing something great with all of this and in all probability what we will see on our phones for resolution will be also seen on the larger screen ergo 1080 on the phone transmitting 1080 to the larger screen and hence the need for new chipsets in the phone.... Also just because you have a higher resolution screen doesn't automatically mean your going to have worse battery life.. The m8 has proven this false and so to will the newer chipsets once the software has been tweaked to utilize the newer chipsets. The only issue I see that will happen is the same argument that has been said in the past... Microsoft is abandoning us xxx users.. Except this time it will be really necessary to make everything work. I think that has been their plan all along, to get everyone who has one of their past flagship phones to hold off until these newer versions were available and to get all of those who bought the low end phones to move up. It won't set well as long as they keep selling all of the various low end ones but it never does... Microsoft has a great opportunity to capture the high end flagship market this fall and will be going head to head with the iconic ones that are coming out.. The Note and the iPhone and possibly the new LG... This new technology goes far beyond what is on what is considered flagship... provided everything else is a premium experience. I hope they succeed
  • Hell, yes.. Now you're talking.
  • I'm loving my 6" 1520. I carry a 1020 too. Boy does that 4.5" feel small.
  • Exactly,,, well said.... Give us a 6.2" Lumia 1540❗
    And, since the surface pen is sold separately now, make the next 1520 with support for the surface pen, or a pen specifically designed for the 1540.. Whatever, you know what I mean.. Make it special, do something the others don't.
  • Seems like the rumors of the 6core and 8 core phones might be true.
  • I agree. I've had two Lumia 1520 devices (red & currently green). I won't settle for a flagship WP with less than a 6-inch screen. Microsoft cannot ignore the Lumia 1520 users & refuse to release a successor 1530-1540. However, the rumored forthcoming 940 & 940 XL devices are only 5.2-inches & 5.7-inches, respectively. This suggests Microsoft may not release a 1520 successor this year, or even next year. Maybe it's retired this device permanently.
  • Sure MS can and will ignore the 1520 users...just like they did the windows phone 7 users, the 1020 users (MS h'aint gonna make another camera centric phone on the scale Nokia did), and the present group of high-end users by NOT delivering a new flagship on 2014.
  • How are those devices getting ignored? They are still getting Windows 10, just not continuum, which is understandable. We can't speculate off rumors. I'm sure the new phones released this fall will be great.
  • Read what I wrote, then read again...slowly. The devices may get updated, but specifically in the 1020's department, we will not see a NEW version of the 1020, a camera.centric phone.
  • The two rumored devices are great, and I'm glad MS is making them....
    But, I seriously DOUBT if MS has decided to NEVER make a device over a measly 5.7"... There's a market for Lumia's into the 7" range if they are designed, and marketed right... Surely MS isn't that foolish.
  • i think the 5" smartphone is enough
  • I think it is to small. My hands are huge. I bet I could pick you up one handed from the to of your head. Like a basketball.
  • You could just get a Surface 3 when they stick cell service on it.
  • Lol... MS should make a 6.5" Lumia, and get Shaq to advertise it... That would sell a lot.
  • And that's your opinion. It's truly not a fact!
  • Pretty happy with 5", bigger might be nice but not necessary for most users
  • Some people think a feature phone is enough.. So, if that's enough for them then why don't you use a feature phone❓
    I just don't understand the point in the kind of comments.
  • I definitely agree with you!
  • Me too, that's what i carry now, however, I might just keep it because it'll have Nokia brands which will be a classic
  • I personally can't wait to get a Microsoft branded phone so I can get rid of the junk Nokia brand name many people feel are throw away phone i ask my friend the other dah if he heard about the new Nokia phones running windows and he said you mean them 20 dollar throw away specials.
  • I agree... Give us a real 5.99"+ device to accurately replace the 1520, or go home..
    A 5.7" is terrific, especially for adoption, but there's those of us who don't buy products based on what everyone else has, rather than what we need, and like, and we need, and like, larger devices....
    For an example.. I'm a technician on a major train system at the airport, and I currently store a lot of electronic diagrams, maps, and instructions, on my device... Mostly word, and Excel documents, but the system is huge, and I have to move fast on foot... I don't have room, or time, to carry a tablet, or laptop, because it's a very mobile job.... In order to see some of these diagrams I have to pinch to zoom, and the largest screen I can fit in my pocket is a huge help... When I'm on the run, with limited time to fix problems, I don't have the time, or patience, to fiddle around with a "tiny" average smartphone screen..... That's why I wish for even larger devices, 6.2"-6.5", even 7" Lumia's... These are practical devices, there's a market for them, and MS should take advantage of W10, and the market for mobile productivity...... People that think that "Phablets" aren't necessary don't understand that not everyone uses a smartphone for just Facebook, and checking sports scores.... Some of us seriously use these devices for real world applications, and productivity..... A Lumia 1520 isn't just a toy, and I hope MS understands this....... Ill tell you what,, if MS is the only company selling 6"+ smartphones running W10 then they got that market sowed up.... When you look at it like that, it seems as though it would be dumb for MS to not make larger Lumia's....... It's all about catering to EVERYONE'S needs... That's how you make$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • A bezel less Lumia with 6.5inch screen ,is all what I need.
    Edit: Within a glass unibody and 4gb ram if possible :P
  • It's .3 inches differences lol
  • .3 is a lot when it comes to screen size.
    Do you ever tried 730 and 830 side by side ,difference is very less only .3 but you can easily notice what you're missing when it comes to day to day life :)
  • Well, it's like a 920 vs a 930.... Most people who use the 5.0" 930 would hate to DOWNGRADE back to the 4.7" 920's screen size..
    But, as selfish as they are, just because they don't care for larger devices they expect for us not to care about a .3" loss.... That's hypocritical and selfish...
  • What size device do you use today❓
    Doesn't sound like you understand how big a difference .3" makes.
  • 5.5~6.0" is fine, but once I got my 1520 for a year, it's hard to go back smaller screen size.
  • I had a 1520 and went the other way back to a 930 and couldn't be happier. Each to their own obviously! I think that Continuum may change a few minds about screen size though. Maybe a smaller, more pocketable phone for on the go and then you can plug it into a screen when you want to watch movies etc. Of course there isn't always a screen available when you want to watch media, so this wont be for everyone, but id bet this is what Microsoft's focus will be in the marketing.
  • Like I said up ⬆here.... Not everyone needs, or prefers a lager screen for media... A lot of us actually need a pocketable device for productivity, and it helps with work... Having to resort to another device is working backwards.. Continuum is awesome, but it's no substitute for an all in one solution, which are larger smartphones... There's no reason for anyone to justify why MS might not have a 1520 replacement right off the bat, rather let's just hope they do at some point.
  • Same here
  • if 5.7 is tiny, the thing that you'll want is something called tablet. They range from 7 - 12 inches
  • No I need a phablet which is at least "6 , did you hear me mention a tablet?? And yeah a 5.7" is small for a person who has been using a 6" for a year now and it feels very comfortable in my hand(one hand)
  • I know what you meant. I was just trolling with you.
  • Does it have messaging, and calling, apps like a smartphone❓ Does it have imaging capabilities like a smartphone❓ Because, nobody here is looking for a workaround, rather people just want what they want... And, there's nothing wrong with that..... Show us a 6.2" Lumia tablet with everything a smartphone has, and we'll agree with you....
  • Here, take a chill pill. I was just trolling earlier
  • Lol.. Well, that's some damn good trolling, because you did it just right...
    At least we see you understand that's the most frustrating comment ever...... Chill pill taken. Thanks.
  • Hey guys, just to be clear, Continuum should have been able to work with current hardware ;)
  • Not it shouldn't
  • How❓ Current hardware isn't capable of doing this... Like literally not capable from a hardware stand point.. It's not a decision MS made, rather they had no choice.
  • And Windows phone 10 should have allowed all phones to use LTE, even if they don't have the hardware. Damn those Micro$oft greedy bastards!
  • Yea, and they probably should have turned the camera flash into holographic projectors.
  • I have a Verizon 928 i finished paying for on contract it's now my backup smart phone until Verizon gets a Windows10 smart phone That has contium now verizon does not have a Windows 10 smart phone with contium GOOD bye VERIZON.Verizon already hurt it's Wibdows smart phone customers bad when it discontinued sedlling their "ICON". I have no Windows smart phone on the verizon network I can upgrade to unless I can buy a good used Verizon "Icon". Now I wont even buy the ICON i wiill wait for the Windows 10 flagship smart phones.
  • I don't think we can define 5.7 as tiny. I had the 1520 and, even if it's the best phone of the world, it's too big and too long to be used on a daily basis. Since my experience with a Note 3, I'm convinced that a good phablet must have 5.7 inches.  The QHD screen of the Note 4, with Surface pen capabilities and the design of the 930 will definitively forget you the 6 inches size. For finish, I'm convinced that Lumia will not go on the XXL screens, especially because Microsoft W10 licence is free on screens till 8 inches if I remember well, so I'm pretty sure the others hardware partners will develop alternatives for XXL power users
  • That's fair. I want a new 940XL anyway....
  • Can I have your old one?
  • I don't see how this is news. He said it right on stage.
  • This^
    I'm surprised some folks seem to be debating the issue.
  • It will replace a pc, so it really is a cost save. Upgrade and sell your current device when the tech arrives and ride the pathway to minimalism.
  • It's true.... It looks like this is replacing the PC.
  • It won't replace a PC except perhaps for the simplest of tasks.
  • Idk about that, you can get a pretty good laptop or tablet in the $600-700 range. It's more about convenience and mobility.
  • That's exactly why I'm waiting for the flagships. I also hope Microsoft wises up and offers some sort of trade in program. Don't they know you can increase market share that way too? Why do you think Apple offers trade ins
  • It makes sense between the processing and graphics power needed and that it would be a great selling point for a flagship. I think people have to accept this fact: A new flagship Windows 10 phone will be able to do things your current phone cannot do. People will have to deal with that and move on. I mean, if a new flagship couldn't do anything new and it was just a new phone, how is that even remotely interesting. But, Windows Phone fans...they always want it both ways ;)
  • So they had to make sure that some one or two major features won't work with even the premium phones to get many to upgrade! That's bs from them... I thought my phone would support everything upto like windows 20
  • This is good however... we need more users for this platform to survive and Microsoft just showed plenty of reasons why you should choose Windows instead of Android or iOS. They have to make something enticing to get those people to switch as well. I JUST got a Lumia Icon and I'm thrilled with it and will be even more thrilled when Windows 10 is available for it. Continuum will not work on it but that's not "b.s' it's simply technilogical progress. There will always be a next big thing.
  • Really, thank you for your comment.
  • So you will go straight to the L950 with SD830 next year while we stuck with our old L940 for a while then.  :-)
  • "So they had to make sure that some one or two major features won't work with even the premium phones to get many to upgrade! That's bs from them."
    Well, clearly you know more about this technology than Microsoft does. I suggest you go work for their engineering team to show'em how it's done. I have to admit, it is weird that a new flagship phone with a brand new OS would have features older phones could not do. Clearly, this is an unprecedented happening in technology. /s
  • Do you think the hardware required to do Continuum on Windows 10 phones will be limited to flagships or will it trickle down into mid-range or even low-range devices? Not sure how expensive it is.
  • Really wish the 840 comes with a snapdragon 618/620, I think these processors will be able to support continuum.
  • No use trying to elaborate. Maybe some guys would attempt to run full windows 10 on their Pentium III pc with 128 MB of RAM. And probably complain if it doesn't work.
  • Planned on buying a new phone once Win 10 for mobile was released anyway. ;-)
  • Yes Kevin. And please give your solution to this?
  • Which misleading part in the "needs new hardware" or "select premium devices" did ever exist?
  • "Solution is pretty easy: stop making misleading statements about what w10 "can do", and stop making outright promises that you have to backtrack on. -wpkevin"
    The only one here who is being misleading is YOU. Let's quote Microsoft back in January about upgrades, shall we? Or will that be too much "on the record" for you?
    "Like any upgrade to a new platform, not every phone will upgrade or support all possible Windows 10 features, and certain features and experiences will require more advanced future hardware" -Microsoft
    Guess what? Continuum is one of those features. Ain't life funny like that.
  • The app runs either way - that's the Universal part. Whether you can run it in a "desktop-like second screen from a phone" is a feature, not a fundamental promise of the platform.
  • Continuum has little to do with universal apps. It is a technology heretofore not seen, allowing a phone (not a tablet/laptop) to drive two independent experiences on the device and an external monitor. That allow the user to interact with a desktop-like environment with keyboard and mouse, with apps that look and react like full desktop apps...while still having full use of the phone device. Nothing about continuum changes anything that was said about universal apps. You would still have universal apps without the concept of continuum in this context. It is, a feature of Win10 OS on phones.
  • You didn't even know what Continuum was until the keynote. Now, ask of a sudden they are required to either make it work with $40 phones that are previous generation or you find fault? Let me know when an OS is capable of meeting your requirements.
  • Universal apps is a core. Continuum is a feature. Aren't you the one who didn't pay attention?
  • Similar in scope to Microsoft who took care defining RT. Then with it came out folks struggle to accept what it actually was.
  • What's misleading? The fact that they clearly state that new hardware is needed? Or that only flagships will get continuum?
    Nothing misleading about that. You just need to understand that a low end phone will never have the same features as a high end one hardware wise.
  • I didn't hear them say anything about low or high end, unless it was in one of their sessions. They only said new hardware, which could also mean new low end phones.
    Anyway, my point is I wouldn't rule it out for other new range of phone released later on, say a mid range one etc
  • Ask Daniel, he confirmed it. M sure he has more sources than us. Obviously they would never say they had a flagship in the works. But new hardware means new technology. And you very rarely get new technology, especially dual screens, in a budget phone, imo
  • I've just watched the day 2 continuum session, and they specifically point out emerging markets, which is no surprise considering MS has been very vocal about targeting them. By default that means lower end phones.
    MS has said that there will be a flag ship phone, but that's just as much to do with the chorus of people being vocal about wanting one. That doesn't mean that's the only new device they will have, either at the same time or very soon afterwards.
    And my point was more so, that this is not a flagship feature, it may just debut as such because that may be the first phone with the required hardware. Could probably look up if there's already soc's out that can already drive multi displays, but not used in WP, or supported in os/or disabled in hardware of other phones. So far that's the only actual new requirements I've heard, not saying that its the only one though, it may need 2gb for example, they've not released that information yet.
  • From a very quick look for snapdragon(don't know if that's the only one their going to stick with) the 805 soc and up seems to support dual display
  • I see your point but anything with a snapdragon 805 or higher is not mid range low spec. Its flagship. The galaxy note 4 and nexus 6 both have 805s, and the highest spec WP we have ATM is the HTC one m8? Which has a snapdragon 801. So I can see your point about them targeting emerging markets and stuff but this feature is not needed on low end devices, its more of a business / work oriented feature which the average user may not need. (some will but definitely not all)
  • Snapdragon 618 up does Miracast. So they may have the continuum experience on the dual display ones, and something like call it connected devices with the others, connect keyboard, mouse, display, and apps run full screen, but you don't get using the physical phone at same time etc. I'm sure that would fulfill a lot of peoples requirements.
  • Good idea
  • I find it almost comical. First, everyone is bitching because there is no new flagship phone out and now, that we know it will be coming, people bitch because their old phones won't be able to do all the cool new things. Talk about not knowing what they want. I will jump on Win 10 as soon as it is out and get a new flagship phone as soon as that is out (and hopefully has dual SIM). This is just how this works in technology.
  • +1 Goes to show you why some people think WP fans are crazy. Some are.
  • Not sure if I'd go as far as crazy. But certainly "increasingly complicated" :)
  • I'd say outright insane IMHO :-(
  • Its great that the article is getting a lot of visits though. Continuum is effectively a hybrid device done right!
  • Crazy fans are on all the platforms Daniel. Stop agonizing WP lot. These are the ones that are sticking to a lost cause. Most have stuck for nearly half a decade. Give them some credit.
  • The fact is simple, if I can do and have in a low end phone what an high end has, what's the point on making a flagship? Who's going to pay more money for the same thing?
  • I dont think ppl bitching are of the same
  • I dont think ppl bitching are of the same
  • Oh come on. Stop that bs. Give us a break. Thats just too childish.
  • I can't agree. There is not a chance that anyone of the types that frequents sites like this, would actually want MS to base their future technical direction on old tech. The vast majority of features available on W10 will be available to all. Indeed, nothing that a WP phone does now will be removed from 10. Us tech types have demanded newer and better features. Stuff that the competition does not have, and MS have given us a glimpse of that. They have also been courteous enough to let everyone know that if you plan to upgrade within the next 6 months, be aware that some of the future tech will be unavailable unless you are rocking the latest hardware. I'm not a dev, and seldom see build as my main revelation event, but day one had me grinning from ear to ear every time I refreshed my WC feed. As it happens though, I suspect that a launch flagship will not have the hardware needed. I am of the opinion that the need an 820, and that moves the continuum phones to after November/December.
  • Agreed!
  • That's what I call, double-standard. When Samsung, LG, Sony, etc did this to any other lines (other than flagships), people fine with it and bought them anyway. But when Microsoft did this (albeit they stated that old WP8 devices still get Win10), suddenly it's Microsoft didn't learn their lesson. I wonder why people hate Microsoft that much.... :p
  • Agreed
  • And yet so far every it looks like every WP8 and 8.1 Lumia is getting W10. And people somehow think advanced features like Continuum should work on older phones. I have a Lumia 820 and my brother has a Lumia Icon. Neither of us are surprised Continuum won't work on our phones.  
  • I have the Icon also and I know it won't support dual screens but I'm hoping it will still support Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. If Office apps will rescale to my TV while connected with Miracast, I would be totally satisfied.
  • Are there Apple fans complaining about wanting Apple Pay on their iPhone 4?
  • Did anyone complain that Apples fingerprintscanner does not work on their older iPhone? If manufacturers haven't been putting out new hardware and software features that does not work on older models we'd still be using 2" screens with buttons below and no camera on the back.
  • I read this and said to myself that I am not even trying to reply to this one. You be sad ok?
  • No they didn't. Wp8.1 devices will get windows 10. Only 2 features will be missing because of HARDWARE INCOMPATIBILITY. That's not their fault. I'm my opinion, they're doing everything they can to bring as much of the features as possible in w10 to all existing WP devices my Lumia 920 is gonna get win10. Not all features, Bu hey, its hardware from 2012. In comparison, the Samsung galaxy note 2 (also came out in 2012) will not get lollipop. End of. At least Microsoft is updating it's older Lumias with what it can.
  • I know exactly how you feel man.  I went to my local Toyota dealer today and demanded my 2010 Camry have the same features of the 2015 model.  How the hell can they make a newer version of the Camry and not ensure my previous model to have the exact same features. /s 
  • There is a parallel in there somewhere when you compare your new Wife to your exWife..... Good analogy btw
  • Ewwww, a Camry? Really?
  • Lol!! That made me laugh :)
  • By creating innovative new experiences they are not attracting customers, developers, companies or journalists? Non-upgradeable? Where are you getting this stuff from? Hardware can't magically support everything that comes out after it ships. I'd love Bluetooth 4.0 on my 3 year old phone but the hardware won't support it. BUT IT'S BLUETOOTH! It should work with everything!! I'm never buying an HTC again, with their "non upgradeable strategy"!! /s Your device will get Windows 10 if your carrier says it does, if not be a Windows Insider, but it won't get features that it CANNOT support.  
  • Can't understand why you keep giving attention to him. Every single comment he gives it's to let down, always complaining, never happy about anything. By his comment we should be able to run Win10 in a battle axe, and yet he would be complaining because it's a steel axe and not a stone axe. Come on wpkevin, time to cut the crap. That is what happens when you try to run an Homo Sapiens Sapiens software in a Neandertal brain!
  • I'm not missing the point. I also had an L800 and moved to an Ativ S, so i know what you mean by need to get a new phone to get the full experience. But in this case all phones will be upgraded as they stated. My Ativ S and your Ativ S (if you still have it) will be upgraded. The problem is that you're seeing the Continuum as the core functionality of W10 when it's not. The core experience in W10 is the universal apps and the unified OS as you mentioned above, and that's what you'll get in every phone. Are you not? Did they mentioned that X or Y phone wont get that? I haven't read it so far. Now, if the phone can do it in an external screen with a "somewhat desktop experience" or not, it is a different extra. As someone else tried to explain to you above. You can't expect old hardware to be capable of that. It's like if you have an old crt TV at home, you'll still be able to upgrade to premium TV pack with all the channels you want and watch all of them, now you can't expect it to show the content in Full HD.
  • As mentioned before Microsoft has previosly said all devices will be upgreadable to Windows 10 and on the same occasion they said that ALL OLD DEVICES WILL NOT HAVE ALL NEW FUNCTIONALITIES that new phones will have due to hardware restrictions. How is this misleading or some kind of mistake on Microsoft's part? Should Google only make features that all previos phonemodels support on every version of Android? Should we stop hardware and software development alltogether because someone is offended that his old phone won't have all features that a brand new one will? Continuum is not the keyfeature on W10. Universal apps are the key and that means that software scales up. Software that was made for phones also works on tablets and desktop pc's, and they scale up so the usability on software is always best for the screensize it's been used on. Continuum is premium feature that takes advantage of this on devices that support Continuum.
  • Once agian you don't understand every phone will Be upgraded but won't get all the features due to hardware limitation Microsoft ain't making it unupgradable just that the older phone without the new hardware will not get certin features. You know why?? Becouse the technology used for the new features to work was not invented when they made the old phones so therefore couldn't be used in the older phones. So unless you think Microsoft has a time Machine and could've went into the.future and get the new hardware and then go back in Tim and put it in the older phones you argument is invalid as for you talking about four differnt windows OS's there is only one windows 10 windows phone is dead like it or not its just windows 10 now on pc/phone/tablet/xbox/hololens. One OS to rule all devices not four.
  • I think it really depends on a lot of factors, whether or not someone is okay with that.  Most tech savvy people understand the limits of software versus hardware... For instance if the current devices don't have a sd card slot you probably can't expand the onboard storage.  If the phone doesn't have a fingerprint scanner, it's not going to magically appear with a software update. Of course you always have those that say "why can't they give it to me for free?" or "Why don't they shove every tech advance for the next 20 years into my 30$ device? (and then give it to me for free :) )"  I suggest we start linking them to something like this to help... That said... I CAN'T WAIT!  I've already started showing the continuum clip to my co-workers, I just hope this new MS follows through with this and it doesn't become another great thing that someone else beats them to market with.
  • Great comment, I was gonna mention the finger print scanner myself, but you beat me to it :)
  • I don't even show upcoming new features to people anymore, got burned playing the waiting game...i hope this time it will be different. :)
  • Yet more reasons why the current far too old flagships just aren't worth 24 month carrier contracts and a lot of my windows phone friends are jumping ship to get new flagship devices. The 1520 is just old, and the 930 is pretty much the same specs. In 3-6 months owners of these devices will be told "what do you expect? New features, you have a two year old phone", but right now they're being sold at full price as the current premium flagship.
  • No phone is worth a 24 month contract. You're likely not going to get every feature of any OS for those two years.  
  • Those two phones aren't being sold at "full price". Both phones have dropped significantly in price since they were released.
  • On premium flagship spec 24 month contracts is full price. As for stand alone, lets not pretend they wouldn't be half their current price or being discontinued at this point of their lifecycle if a properly timed replacement had been released.
  • I agree and have no issue partying with my beloved 1520 aka,"The Green Mile"! And Daniel sometimes I feel you should have name this site cry babies anonymous
  • Well this is turning your phone into a desktop. That's something often asked and wanted. It should mostly definitely be a flagship feature. They're actually going a step further and serving up two different processing threads here, that's a lot of processing power, for a phone, to drive the phone version and output a desktop version externally at the same time. This is getting into Tony Stark's phone from Iron Man 2 territory.
  • I'm waiting for this feature to come on my L520, in India of course.
  • Totally expecting the newest features to require a new chipset.  I actually commented on the new device rumors that we were talking about the continuum phone. ...and I want one.
  • Maybe they thought ahead by flooding the market with budget phones so people will be more likely to upgrade if such a program is offered.
  • A trade in does not increase market share. And good lucky trying to get an iPhone6 for your 5S with cash at an Apple store..
  • No, it doesn't increase marketshare but it would help hold on to the pathetic 3% it has now.
  • So... New flagship?
  • Microsoft has stated publicly since January that new flagship phones are coming "later this year". They have since reiterated this point many times. No mystery here.
  • Hi Daniel, Do you happen to know from eyeballing it what model of phone he received the call on in this video? It is Verizon branded, but looks nothing like the Lumia's they've had other than the Icon (this one seems smaller). Also, Verizon hasn't announced any other devices yet, right?   Edit: Upon a second and third glance it looks to be the Lumia Icon. I think it appeared smaller to me because it has the hardware soft key area as well as the on-screen soft keys from whatever build of Windows 10 he is running.
  • That's what I also thought, "what is that phone?"
  • The L928 was a VZ exclusive slightly smaller than Icon. Was essentially a squared-off L925 I believe. Sounds like what you're describing.
  • Looks almost EXACTLY like an ICON
  • It is an Icon, my guess is that it'll be released for the 800 chipset but its gonna miss some features. Anyways I do hope Microsoft makes something like the Asus padfone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Doesn't the icon already have an 800 - like the 1520?
  • I wouldn't expect it to have been intended as a hint at the standard of device required. Indeed, I suspect that any phone could have been used for the simulation.
  • I thought it was 928 when I saw it Tuesday. I was going to watch it again to be sure
  • Yes, and they have also stated the flagship will come with Windows 10 which means W10 for phone/mobile/whatever they are calling it will make it into the world as well.  I imagine that they probably want to target the holiday season for phones, the back to school seaso for PCs.  I have no fact to base this on but if they were going to stagger the launch those seem like the earliest upcoming best times of the year for each (there's also tax season in the US which just recently ended) where people are actively out looking to spend "disposable" income (such a funny term).  Granted MS has for a while marched to the beat of it's own drum so it may do any number of things but that's what I suspect.
  • Well done explain. Some websites likes to get so "attention"
  • Well, I hope the new upcoming flagships come with microSD card expansion up to 256GB. Otherwise, I'm sticking with my Lumia 830.
  • I'm sure you need 256GB right?
  • Don't question what other people need. Just because you don't.
  • sdxc standard already supports the 200GB cards Sandisk announced. The reference to 128GB was due to that being the highest you could buy.
  • Uh, what are u gonna do with 256 GB's memory?
  • 640Kb should be enough for everyone
  • Haha
  • If he is going to spend over $500 on a new device, then it better be a freaking beast. A ton of juice in the battery and lots of memory for Xbox Video, Games, Pictures and Videos. I want MicroSD slots too
  • Amazing concept of price. "If he is going to spend $500.....". A 16G iPhone 6 is $649 (no SD slot). A 32G Galaxy S6 is $685 (again, no SD slot). Those prices are where they start. But by golly, if I'm gonna spend $500 on a Windows phone, it better be the best thing available and make toast too. $500 is a lot of money, but it doesn't come close to what you would pay for the competition's flagship starters. If you really want a FLAGSHIP, expect to pay for it. You aren't getting a dual SIM octacore, 128G device with an SD slot, a 40Mp camera, and QHD video and 3 days of battery for 500 bucks.
  • It better have an optical drive or I'm outta here! Better be BluRay, too.
  • You will not get a new flagship phone anywhere for $500. Sorry, buddy.
  • You and your pal SvenJ, above, must be really blind or illiterate.. I said "If you're going to spend OVER $500" OVER.. OVER.. OVER.. MOTHAFUCKIN' O.V.E.R.. Dammit
  • Settle down, Beavis.
  • Wow. Missed the anger management class again?
  • No memory capacity is enough nowadays, that's why cloud storage has come to the rescue!
  • What rescue? It is not even close to being able to replace normal storage yet.
  • On the Windows 10 tech preview, it's getting pretty close to replacing regular storage :P I don't have a single picture on my phone, yet I have over 600. It's all on OneDrive. I don't have a single song on my phone, yet I have over 2,000. It's all on OneDrive.  That leaves plenty of space for my apps and games to be installed to the phone.  
  • Well, maybe it's better on Win10 but on WP 8.1 Whatsapp fir example does not support sending cloud-photos anymore, then they are sometimes quite slow to load for me and I sadly have not unlimited data usage (although its pretty high at 3GB. But before that I only had 200 MB.)
  • Local storage is replaced by bandwidth to the cloud.
  • I don't think that's any of your business. If he wants to be able to have 500GB of memory on his phone, why shouldn't he? Leave the "you don't know what you want, WE know what you want" attitute to Apple ;)   (By the way, he may want to have his music library or video library always on the go with him, for example. If the phone has a 1080p screen he can carry 1080p films with him. Those take up around 4GB per hour of film. Just two examples.)
  • If he can afford a new flagship and a 256Gb card he can also afford 2x128Gb and a fast LTE connection to a unlimited cloud storage :p
  • And why carry around 2 128GB cards and swap them around if he could have one card with 256gb? ;P   By the storage...not everyone is a fan of it. I'm not. I don't always have access to the cloud as I don't have my phone constantly connected to the internet (You know how much Vodafone charges for extra internet on their Extravaganza plans. I ain't paying for that =P). So if I can keep my files locally, I'd rather do that instead of cloud storaging them.
  • True, but we don't want to set this country as an example, do we? :p
  • Not everyone lives in the USA. we don't have unlimited data plans. plus I'd rather use the battery to watch the video than download from the cloud.
  • It's true that cloud is pretty useless if you don't have internet access. And it has to be fast for the 1080p videos you mentioned, even though you wont see much difference on 5" phones compared to 720p. I don't have 1080p even on my old PC.
  • Use 1080 for awhile then look at a 720, you'll see the difference even on a 5".
  • I'd take the same 20mp raw image of a square of sidewalk outside my house and copy it as many times as needed just so I can satisfy those people who say I'd never use it.  May not use it for anything "useful" by another persons standards but my use for it would be to solely deal with those people so I'd find it extremely useful. Although I'd probably use it when I go on vacation so I don't have to sync my phone to my pc or have 200+GB of cloud storage when I'm taking pictures...  Maybe I'd shoot some 4k video of my trip this summer, etc...
  • You will have 1TB OneDrive storage soon, why do you need 256GB?
  • Apps, 4k video, etc
  • Because using cloud has a cost to upload your own stuff and then a cost to re-download it - some people don't want to have to keep paying to access their own stuff. And then there's security. Either way there's plenty of reasons not to go cloud. I personally don't touch any cloud system unless I can encrypt my files in a way I'm satisfied with.
    And 1080p movies are huge. Downloading that from cloud? Hmmm. Personally in not convinced. And, from a business point of view, they're are many more valid reasons for sdxc. Those raw camera images will take space, as will games etc. If people want cloud - great. Not everyone does.
  • Got to agree. There are some things that to me just feel better stored locally. Not a fan on this assumption that I would want to spend all my time downloading stuff from the cloud.
  • Because cell data isn't free. Pulling from memory is.
  • The video looks like continuum works wirelessly... But is there confirmation that it will... It would make sense and be especially awesome that way
  • It is wireless.
  • Awesome...I assume cable still works too then.
  • Interesting -- they seemed pretty consistent in only mentioning HDMI during the keynote and promo videos. Did they confirm Miracast later? If so, it'll be interesting to see how they fix the latency issue. Miracast is pretty unusable as a working primary screen at the moment due to the delay, which seems to be even worse on phones.
  • Build day 2 showed Miracast.
  • Is it actually miracast...or new tech
  • He said point blank in the article that it's not Miracast.
  • That's what I thought
  • I watched the demo from day 2 and he says Miracast. They actually were proud how great the video playing looked on the monitor from the phone was. I'm guesding Miracast is not enough here. The GPU on new phones will push this for full screen apps.
  • There was a breakout session during BUILD that showed three main hardware scenarios. The first one is the wired connection using HDMI, the second is miracast where the screen is simply mirrored and the third is the DIAL casting which is the technology protocol that Google uses for their Chromecast that allows you to offload the processing power once connected. During the breakout session they had just recently (a matter of hours) gotten the code to do live demos of the feature instead of just a simulation.
  • But will the receiving screen be rquired to be WiDi chipped?
  • I would assume, unless you are using a wire, the screen will need some sort of receiver. Those are not hard to come by, and if you can plug in an HDMI cable, you can plug in a Miracast receiver of some sort.
  • Fingers crossed for USB C as an option too. Or they may release a wireless hub to compliment it.
  • Yes! I'm open arms to any new flagship with this feature.
  • Ideal opportunity to launch Microsoft Surface Phones to distinguish which can & cannot use Continuum. Leave the Lumia Phones for lower end only. Launch stonking new super flagship Surface Phone ... Yeah!!
  • That would be incredibly confusing. While the numbering system is far from perfect, people generally understand that if it starts with a 4-6 it's less powerful than one that's starts with a 8-9
  • Have the high-end devices called "pro" editions, like the surface line. The current Lumia numbering scheme is not ideal for consumers to understand :P
  • Why would Microsoft give us what we've been asking for for years? As soon as the Surface came out people have been asking for a Surface phone.
  • I'm dying for Microsoft to actually release a Surface Phone...and then PRICE IT like a Surface phone. Just so that you can all come whine at how expensive the phone is compared to the competition yada yada yada.
  • Now you are just being mean! Ha ha... Seriously though, if they do attempt an uber premium Surface device then the thing would need to be cutting edge level. The best battery, the best screen, top RAM, top connections, top materials. Incidentally, I hope what ever devices come, come with qi.
  • maybe Continuum requires 64 bit SoC
  • My hunch is there are a few contingencies that this tech relies on.
  • So which device they are using in this live presentation?  
  • That was simulation I believe
  • Simulation. Was not real. You do not really think Joe Belfiore could not get a phone that could do this for the keynote, but a regular engineer could, do you?
  • You have not watched the video from the beginning, am I right? He said it specifically that it is not simulation like in Belfiore presentation. I do not think he was lying, watch the video, it was real. Belfiore did not want to take the risk so this why it was simulation, I think. (Maybe some prototype device, but it has on it "Nokia" logo so I do not know what it is)
  • Yes I see bad...but now I'm even more confused... Miracast, or not... New hardware,or not
  • Thank you for linking to that session.
  • It was real. The relief they showed when it all worked was real. Watch the whole session.
  • It was a live demo Dan, but it wasn't ready for such a big demo. They hardly got it ready for the small demo and it was buggy as hell.
  • It was real. They said that was the first continuum live demo. ;)
  • Nice link R_Michael.  The device being used does not have to be a current production device. MS has built their own demo and reference devices for years. We likely have all seen Windows Phones and even old Windows Mobile device, demo'd on stage with a cable allowing output to a projector or big screen. Not many actually marketed with such an option. The second screen here was clearly Miracast, I have that same Actiontech receiver and the connect screen is quite familiar. The phone however does not need to be a current production device, though it could easily be in a production, or production looking, shell.  I think this clearly shows that the capability will be supported over Miracast, but don't take it to mean there are phones out there now that could do it.
  • Which ones Dan? Think only an 820 Snapdragon could do it, or possibly the often derided 810?
  • 805 can drive two separate screens.
  • And sick docking solutions. For me, I want it to sit on a qi wireless charging pad with inbuilt speakers underneath enabled by nfc which also trigger the wireless display and other wireless peripherals (e.g wedge). Put it on the qi pad and go full desktop!
  • Thank god. This means new flagships will not use snapdragons that have been on the market for a year
  • Microsoft already said earlier this year they're planning to use the Snapdragon 810.
  • Didn't think the 810 could do this - thought they needed NEW Qualcomm tech for continuum - the 820 perhaps?
  • The 810 would be new for Windows Phones. Maybe they meant that.
  • If they meant 810, they could have easily had a prototype done by now and Joe Belfiore could have tested it at Build
  • Hopefully they'll meanwhile realise what a bad idea that'll be and since they're only releasing the flagships later in the year, they'll swap those for the 820 already, thus skipping the nightmares the 810 has given.
  • I'm hoping the same - though that would put the device in the latter end of the year - perhaps Oct our Nov. They'd better keep marketing and generating hype as that's a buzzkiller delay. And we know msft and marketing can be... Odd.
  • I wouldn't be expecting the WP flagships much before that date, honestly. If anything, at best, Microsoft could present them at IFA in September.   Windows 10 for PCs is scheduled to release in the Summer. Somewhere in the Summer. Summer goes until 23rd of September. So, even if Microsoft releases Windows 10 for PCs in August or even July (which I think it's being REALLY optimistic), they've said Windows Phone 10 wouldn't be out at the same time. Which if we assume WP10 is one month behind Windows 10 (I believe it's actually far more behind than that though), with Windows 10 released in August, WP10 would be presented in September with the phones released precisely in October-November.   This is all specullation of course, but the numbers do add up. People waiting for WP flagships won't be thrilled though but if they waited this long I think they can wait a bit longer. :P
  • I expect new phones at IFA. Microsoft exhibiting for the first time. I expect there to be some good stuff with it.
  • Yes - I agree with you and DJCBS above. Hopefully the devices can get to the market soon after their announcement. There's a lot of competition around that time - note 5, new iphone and other devices. A massive shadow to shine through. Hopefully msft can hype up and stay relevant in all that noise...
  • I'm hoping so too. But I personally am hoping for an 820 based device. And by being the first to use it, the really do put the others on the back foot. We would actually then have the type of flagship processor spec that all of us really want.
  • If showing around September it could well be the 820. That would be awesome, the spec sheet for that chipset is fanatic! And universal apps to make use of it too...
  • It's times like this I wish I believed in prayer!
  • It would likely push the phones to next spring.
  • AFAIK, Snapdragon 810 is not capable of this. just went through the data sheets again
  • Hopefully the 800 series can pull this off. I just bought my 930 January, and I don't plan on switching anytime soon.
  • No ... "new hardware" means "new hardware".
  • Wasn't he demoing this feature with a 1520? That's why I still have hopes :P
  • No. One thing is to Miracast your screen and work from there. You can already do that with Update 2 (which allows you a bluetooth keyboard). Another is this continuum.   This of continuum kinda like the Asus PadFone. (YouTube it if you're not familiar with the concept).
  • Thanks! I'll youtube it. Oh well, I hope I don't like this feature so much, or else I'm gonna have to buy the new flagship, lol.
  • You'll probably not really be using this. How often do you ACTUALLY create word or excel documents on your phone? This is the kind of feature that could be useful for enterprise but to the average consumer will really mean nothing as what the average consumer does on the computer isn't the same as they do on the phone.
  • Excellent point! Thanks, dude.
  • No problem. Enjoy your 930 ;) Hopefully Windows 10 will be able to bring you a lot more apps which should compensate the lack of these kind of more enterprise-y features.
  • That really depends, if Office stays free on the phone and a Surface Pro could serve it up... That's a subscription fee saved for this consumer.
  • Did you read the article?
  • They said new hardware why do you still hope that it will work? You will be disappointed. 
  • Word. After listening to the keynote I knew it would need new hardware for Continuum. Guess the Hulk 1520 will serve as my new backup once the new flagships come about later this year.
  • Bring on the NEW hardware! We're way overdue anyway.
  • I am eagerly waiting for flagship widows 10 phones. Hope to get within the end the this year. I really love windows phone
  • Yep, like other commentors, I will be waiting for a flagship that can offer this function :)
  • Continuum for phones looks very interesting. I will support Microsoft and get a new flagship when they offer it and when my contract is up in December. (though my 1.5 year old Lumia 1520 continues to meet my expectations!)
  • So my recently bought 830 is useless when it comes to this feature? Bummer :/
  • Correct. A feature that it never had when you bought it and was not included in the price of the hardware will not be available ;-)
  • Like Denim?
  • Hehe yep like denim
  • Wigig- that's the answer.
  • Thing is, does that mean newer than what is on WP or newer than what Qualcomm has? Will the SD 810 work, or will we need a SD 820, possibly even a customized version of that?
  • I was hoping for an Intel processor...
  • I'd be amazed if it doesn't need an 820. Otherwise they could have pulled together a real example rather than just a simulation. I'd love it to be so as I can then set my sights on an 820 based flagship.
  • That assumes the demo was a hardware restriction and not sure to unfinished software. Also, we're likely a year from an 820 SoC flagship, maybe 18 months. I can't keep my 920 another year, haha.
  • Oh, I assumed they would be in December/January devices... I'm on the 920 boat at the moment. About ready for a new device.
  • Watch this video! Continuum seems to be running on "old" hardware. Starting at about 4min.
  • This dirty game is not new to me, I am used& I will just play it... The fact is a new hardware is needed so no current WP device will support this feature. Forget about that video
  • Or, you know, it could be a simulation. I just don't see how we should ignore members of the damn Windows leadership team telling you that you need to new hardware. Or that Belfiore himself could not demo this on stage.
  • Personally I think memory is a key part of the Continuum requirement. If you think you have dual frame buffers, larger xaml rendered pages etc. Possible expectations of editing bigger files etc. 2GB is likely required for a good experience. Which might explain reported 3GB memory on recent rumors. Time will tell anyway. It's always good to have a motivator to upgrade to a new flagship anyway, and this looks to be one of those neat features to drive that.
  • Yeah, I totally agree with you but its interesting anyway. I think the Windows 10 version, that Belfiore was using was an older one and Belfiores promotional video was produced way before the build keynote. They said in the channel9 video that they just got a brand new build where Continuum actually works and it  isn't a simulation. But they also said that there will be no EXTRA hardware needed. No words about new or old Windows Phone devices. So I think that it could run on old devices but it wouldn't be "daily-use-stable" because of low performance, RAM or too high power consumption of the old hardware or any other reason. Or its just a marketing strategy for the flagships, what I would totally understand. We will see, when its here. But this is prerelease time so its time for the weirdest speculations  We should keep up the good time            
  • They said that was the first live demo and NOT simulation;
  • Dan, who says what they are using has to be a production phone? Watch the video. He says it is live, not simulation. He doesn't hold up the device and proclaim, 'here on my Nokia 1520.....' In fact he doesn't really display the device much at all. MS has been making their own test devices for a long time. I've seen many production-like devices that had an HDMI connector on the side to do demos. Those things never made to the consumer. I am sure they are building their own devices to be able to test and demo this. They certainly aren't setting the production of new consumer hardware in motion, coding the capability on virtual machines, and hoping it all works when the two efforts finally meet. Is it surprising they did a simulation at the keynote and had a real experience at the session. Not really. Had the demo not worked for Joe that would have had wider impact. Might actually not have been ready, but also might have been way more risky.
  • That settles it then. I'm holding out for whatever flagship comes already preloaded with Windows 10 and a working version of Continuum. None of this fake Denim update and carrier delay crap!
  • But, but, but, , , there's no reason why the dual-screen feature would work with Miracast. It already works like that I Windows 8.1. It could require the referred new hardware anyways.
  • Miracast has a certain lag to it that would make using all of this impossible ...
  • A few milliseconds of input lag makes this impossible? How so? What makes you think Microsoft's implementation wont have input lag? Anything wireless will have input lag. Anything.
  • I don't know, have you ever tried to play a game through miracast? There you will really become aware of the lag miracast has. Ok, I know, this is about productivity, not gaming. Sure, but you will notice that lag when using a mouse. And it will be horrible. Maybe not unusable, that may be an exaggeration, but horrible.
    I don't know what technology Qualcomm and MS are going to use, but there sure are some with way less lag. Miracast is not amongst them, however.
    Don't get me wrong: Miracast is great to watch a movie (as long as you don't hear the sound through your device but the screen you are casting to), show a presentation, or to mirror your screen in general. But everything that requires fast in-/output? Hell no. There is a reason, why there are PC Monitors and TVs: TVs often have input lag. And so does Miracast.
  • No miracast does not work like that. It is only part of continuum. Continuum allows you to display out to a second display wired or wirelessly and operate that display with keyboard and mouse while continuing to use the phone for telephony, email, text messages etc at the same time
  • I'll be waiting for this proper flagship then...
  • Éste Belfiore es un vende humo...  
  • ¡Larga vida al Rey Belfiore!
  • Microsoft should just stop releasing phones until windows 10 is launched to make sure all released devices can partially take advantage of most of these features. How cool would that look if a low end phone could do what would take a high end android phone to do
  • Impossible. Parts don't mysteriously cost less money because it's a Windows Phone. And Microsoft isn't going to have a low end priced phone that has the parts of a high end Android phone.  
  • Seriously I really hope MS handles this Continuum thing better than the whole Denim with Lumia Camera 5 fiasco. I can see it now, 4 more phones come out this year, some are capable of running Continuum, some are not. Continuum is not ready yet but some new hardware already on sale will get it later after carrier testing. Customer confusion and aggravation set in. Nothing new...
  • You HAVE to buy the phone, but you DON'T HAVE to buy it from your carrier, you know?
  • Depends. If it doesn't have LTE bands for my service, or Glance like the 930, or built in wireless charging, then I'm not interested.
  • Yes, me too. But I don't buy it from my carrier, even if if get's updates before the OEM version (wich usually is the case!)
  • This technology has got a lot of people interested I windows phone. Microsoft should make it work for as many apps as possible, even allow phone apps to run in a window. This with a decent phone with a great camera and windows hello will be a killer. We are already getting a lot of android and IOS apps :)
  • I think the reason why this is even a topic is because the guy in the Continuum session at Build said that they got asked a lot about it and that his answer is that continuum for phone "does not require new accessories or hardware". Maybe he was talking about the peripheral hardware, not about the phones, but the way he said it was pretty confusing. Also there has been speculation that current phones might support one-screen scenarios (where only the large screen is used), but that might have been pure speculation. Maybe it does work on current hardware in some way, technically, but it's not going to be enabled in the final build for whatever reason. It seems like Microsoft has been communicating two contradicting messages about this, but I guess Aul's and Belfiore's statements are more reliable.
  • You're right. I saw that video too.
  • Surface phone, same finish, same build quality, USB type c, pen support, continuum, and Surface branding. It would sell well to anyone that also has a SP3
  • Agreed!!!
  • So now we got the idea that running apps from phone on PC requires new hardware. What about incoming calls and SMS? Are they part of continuum or action center?
  • so our money gone for nothing? continuum and usb otg required a new hardware and there's low end android devices that supports usb otg! . Microsoft are u like buyback?
  • Who said USB OTG was not available?
  • Your money went for what you bought. No-one promised it would miraculously get new hardware in the future. It didn't have OTG or Continuum when you bought it, which you must have known. True at least for OTG, which does have hardware requirements. You couldn't have known your device wouldn't support Continuum because that wasn't even a thing then. So it didn't support something you knew it didn't support, and something that didn't even exist, when you bought it.
  • Does your phone do what you need it to do right now? Yes? Not a waste. No? Yes, a waste.
  • What was miracast? And difference between mairacast and continuum?
  • Miracast is a protocol  to connect an external monitor to a device via WiFi. For example, I can send videos from my PC to my LG smartTV (running webOS) without any dongle because Windows supports Miracast and so does the LG TV.   Continuum is more than projecting screens, it's almost as if you transfered your device's screen to a larger one, added a mouse and keyboard and have a new tiny PC. It's as if your phone was a very very tiny Windows PC that at any time you can plug into a larger screen and turn it into a working PC (think about the Asus Android PadFone. When you put the phone on the tablet, the phone screen is enlarged and you can then use it as a tablet. This is sort of the same but it runs Windows and can be connected to monitors etc).
  • Continuum allows you to continue to use the small screen of your phone for other things while running something out to the second display (wired or wireless via Miracast) and navigating it with mouse and keyboard. If you prefer or need to you can send an app out to the second display (wired or wirelessly) and use your phone display as mouse and keyboard
  • So you're saying there's a chance Continuum will work on my old phone.... :troll_face:
  • So I can play modern combat on my PC?
  • Yep that icon in the video but that for show
  • It would be cool of current phones could still do this but without powering the phone's screen. I'd be completely happy with that. But ... whatever ...
  • Something like that may be possible. I can already miracast, or cable my phone via Project My Screen. With the addition of BT HID enabling a keyboard and mouse, it is close. The question is how Win 10 would scale the displayed screen. Continuum is clearly more than just a mirror of the phone, as it seems to allow the phone screen to be seen as sort of a start menu on the larger screen, and still allow use of the phone independently.
  • I'd be totally happy with something like that. Although I guess miracast has too much lag to be capable of doing this. However a cable could very well work! But is it possible to connect multiple devices via Bluetooth at once? Like a mouse AND a keyboard? Never had that scenario ...
  • Absolutely. Been doing that for years, on multiple platforms, including Pocket PC, Windows Mobile and Android. BT has a lot of 'profiles' that are intended as wire replacements. It was designed to replace the wire for things that were traditionally wired, like headphones, serial connections (old GPS receivers), keyboard/mouse. The Human Interface Device (HID) profile does support keyboard and mouse, simultaneously. BT can typically support one connection of each type, so you could have stereo headphones (A2DP), keyboard/mouse (HID), speakerphone (HFP), and others all at the same time.  Normally you can't have two instances of the same profile running, like connecting two sets of stereo headphones to the same device at the same time. (There are ways around that of course, with additional hardware.) What a particular device can and cannot do, is dependent on what the OEM lets it do. Take a look at for all the things that BT could do. 
  • Ah, I see! Thanks for the info :)
  • I hate that there isn't enough Windows Phone news to go around on Sundays... lol Am I the only one? Can't wait for these phones and features!
  • LOL no, I feel that way every weekend. It's frustrating! I open the app repeatedly even though I know there won't be anything there haha.
  • +1.. The first app I open when I pick up my phone is Windows Central.
  • Getting kinda bummed out over buying an 830 a month ago. Not that I had a choice, since my 820 broke down, but still...
  • You'll still be able to use the 830 after WP10 flagships are out. And until those arrive, you'll have a long wait ahead of you still. I, however, understand your pain IF you actually bought the 830 in this country at the ridiculous prices they charge for it here for it.
  • That wasn't the point. The phone will probably get Win10, but it will be with less features. The continuum feature is something I've been dreaming about for a phone for the past two years. And since I'm the kind of person that uses his phone until it gives in (which usually means two or three years, sometimes more), I'm in for a major disappointment for not being able to use continuum until I get a new phone.
  • ...but when you DO get a new phone it will have more advanced battery tech, processor, features like Continuum, etc... and everyone else will be using their aging "flagship" from 2015 LOL. I'm kidding but there IS some truth to that. I want a new phone just as badly but cannot upgrade for some time :( 
  • Blackberry has their own wired version of basically what Continuum does, running off its S4 Pro. The S4 Pro... Lol. Sure, its only wired though. For years, I might add...
  • Except it isn't Windows. And it's not that great.
  • Just saying, old hardware can be capable if they want it to be.
  • Meh, MS is really starting to lose me on WP lately.
  • Let me guess: You want Microsoft's new premier flagship phone to be able to do only the things phones from 2014 can do. And this would be good for the platform, Microsoft and you in the long run. Newsflash: Flagships by design are cutting edge. That means NEW technology. If you cannot figure this out, you should not be worrying about your device.
  • + Lumia xxx
  • XXX content isn't allowed here.
  • It's from WMPoweruser, the notorious site.
  • ?!
  • IMO a ploy to boost sales of new devices.
  • Strategy maybe, but not a ploy. I don't think they are trying to get over on anyone here but actually just getting ready to release a really good product. Don't you want Microsoft to sell more phones? I do.
  • Yes. Don't add non existing hardware to phones when there is no use for it only to add it to new phones when it does exist and there is a use for it all just to sell more phones later rather then now. Definite ploy
  • I think there was a session about continuum on phones at build. I saw it on live stream. There they demoed continuum with working demodevices. They were really happy after all that everything worked how they wanted it to work.
  • Yeah, except half of this is misleading. I mean, once again, two members of the leadership team are telling you otherwise.
  • Probably because they will artificially disable it to compel you to buy new hardware. I don't see which part of the feature is so hard-core it can't ever possibly run on, say, a 930.
  • The S4 Pro is capable of displaying two separate video streams, so yeah. That's an old chip, by today's standards.
  • You said it yourself, demo devices. Nothing says those are current production devices running new code. MS has been building demo and reference devices for years.
  • Then bring on the new hardware already!
  • What about Intel?
    Maybe then we could even download x32 programs from the store to the phone (with limitation that it would only work to use them with big screen connected)
  • They already announced the ability to port x32 Apps to the Marketplace. Adobe is already on board. :)
  • So Lumia 930 will not get this feature?
  • Again, No.
  • This is getting more and more confusing... I don't know whats going on... I'll just wait unitl all the details are finalized and there is hard facts set by MS.. until then I'll leave the speculation I think....
  • New flagship: Killer surface design, all the new features demoted at build, battery life a week long lasting, camera Zeiss, windows 10, amoled 5 inches, clear black technology, ten colors, speeeeed, durability, and finally there you go your REINVENTED PHONE(headlines on newspaper's: WOW, JUST WOW AND THAT'S A PHONE)
  • I think it's not the only windows10 feature that require new hardware anyway you want the latest and greatest get a new phone, as for me I'm fine with what I have all I care about is getting windows 10 upgrade on my Lumia :)
  • I'm also hoping for the phone continuum feature can also stream Xbox One as well. It will end up sealing the fate of Valves Corporations steam link
  • Thanks for coverage of Build. Have to say that this feature alone will motivate me to upgrade to a capable phone later once they're out. So much good stuff coming in Windows 10! Printing too I saw in a Build session video.
  • So continuum needs a chip that can run 2 different resolutions at the same time? Well why not give older phones an option for one screen only? I mean once you hook up your phone you will use bigger screen only anyway so we could at least get that option. I would love that on my 930 for office stuff...
  • Older phones even have the horsepower to drive two displays, so this is interesting... The chip in the 920/925/928/1020 can do this already. Maybe not wirelessly...
  • Not sure the single screen option won't be an option. You can kind of do that now. With a WP8 device you can Project My Screen. If you turn the phone landscape it will fill the big screen, though just stretch what is there to fill it. There aren't any real new 'Universal Apps' in that sense to see what they do, and of course you don't have keyboard and mouse support on but a few new devices that have GDR2. I don't have one of those.  On Windows 10 preview currently, you can also Project My Screen, and you have a few of the brand new Universal Apps, like Mail, Calendar, Maps (not Here, just Maps). When you rotate the phone Landscape though the Miracast projected screen doesn't rotate, like it does in WP8, so you can't tell what sort of resizing might happen. I'm sure that will change. There also seems to be a difference between Project My Screen, in the Settings, and a new option in the Quick Action settings called Media Connect. The later was what it appeared was used in the demo. It doesn't do anything in the current Win10 Insider preview build. There is still alot coming. I wouldn't rule out being able to do a single screen thing, though I wouldn't hang my hat on it either.
  • Can't wait for this... And really what is there to complain about? I realize some people may have just recently got a Windows phone but the higher end phones are pretty dated by now. No one can blame MS for requiring new hardware to execute these kinds of features when their beefiest devices are almost two years old, and anyone buying an older phone should have known what they were getting into. No one who buys and iPhone 5 on the day the iPhone 6 launches  should expect the same experience. I haven't owned a WP since my Samsung Focus, but I'd be willing to come back to the WP camp if this kind of feature is all its cracked up to be.    
  • Whe​n Joe was on stage, didn't the phone he was using look similar to the 920? Or was that just me?
  • That calling UI looks diffrent
  • Btw why not pack in 2 SoCs?
  • Cant see the point with continuum on a phone. Sometimes, sure. Maybe. To me the platform sync is more important. Sending videos, messages "seamless(ish)" to and from my devices. But! Will be awesome on hybrids!
  • I'm guessing a new flagship will arrive, exclusive to some carrier I don't have.
  • LOL Microsoft Shaft strikes again!  Too bad for my 1520.3  
  • I don't understand why Microsoft won't use the same chipset in the SURFACE 3 in there flagship phones.
  • As a user of 1520, i felt dissapointed
  • This is one of the reasons there have been no flagships. I would pissed if I bought a recent flagship then didn't get this feature when I upgraded to Windows 10.
  • Even I could wait for this and im super impatient!!
  • The entitlement is strong in these comments.
  • Why can't it use Miracast for continuum?
  • It can be. The second display can be wired or wireless
  • Miracast is a software solution. They're talking about a hardware solution. Hardware solutions are a lot more stable.
  • In his Continuum preso Joe Belfiore highlighted the Levnovo ThinkPad 8
    - an 8 inch tablet with an x86 processor (Atom).  I won't buy any new Windows Phone hardware unless it comes with an x86 SoC. 
    If I want to enjoy the full Contiuum experience and everything else that Windows offers it's got to be an x86.  I am done with ARM. 
    x86 or no deal.  
  • So, I guess I will be holding on to my 920 for quite a bit longer than I thought....
  • Hope they will be have affordable ones for the less privilege, like me. Having a computer in my pocket, cool just like the Sharp with basic!
  • It will take a year or 3, but that will happen.
  • It makes no difference what was the phone in the demo. It was a demo. A simulation. Not an indication that there is a currently existing device which can do that.
  • Welp, this solves the should I buy a Lumia 1520 question for me. Better to know now than later. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I think that's what everyone who watched build understood.... just saying. But thank you Windows Central. Thia feature looks really good anyway. It sucks it requires new hardware. .. but anyway. It will e good feature for new phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol, I don't think so.
  •  If and when I upgrade to a new Windows phone flagship, it will be for the flagship itself. I don't yet see continuum as a compelling reason to get a new phone. At this point, I'll have to see continuum used more.
  • Continuum has some use cases and for most it will do the job. As most generally browse the web, play games and socialise via social media. However the ability to drive dual screens is nice, you can cast to most smart tvs so you could watch a movie streamed off your phone and use whatsapp for instance. Would be interesting if you could play two players on a rom - one person on a big screen other on the phone.
  • even i try to get ,"what perticular hardware" require for Continiuum feature from Gabeaul,i think they dont have any info to share yet,even in build demos the devices that they use doent seems to be high end(With respect to Ram),i think they use an unannouced Qualcomm Processor ,it may be >Qualcomm 808 or >820.
  • As a video editor and content creator I can say emphatically new hardware is required. Someone's frustrations can't change the fact newer chipsets with the capabilities are needed. We should be looking forward to exciting new features made possible by new phones.
  • Lumia 2520 uses snapdragon 800 and it can do all kinds of multiple display without any difficulty , I think they need this feature to support there new flagship phones , and if they advertise it right it will blow every geeks mind
  • Lumia 2520  can do multiple display fine ,but even Lumia 2520 with windows 10 cant do Dual Diplay processing   like phone or device running one app where second screen is playing video or working on other app that is the feature of continuum ,not just dual display./mirroring it shares and farwords data or commands between two displays here "touch enabled screen"  /  "miracast display with keyboard and mice"  act as a pc ,processed through phone.
  • The hardware is beyond capable. They just haven't implemented it. The Blackberry Playbook has had this ability since it was released and it uses an S4 Pro, same SoC in our 920/925/928/1020 devices. I can't remember what BB calls it, Presentation Mode or something. You can absolutely have two different displays going showing different content on those old chips. Granted, that is a HDMI only feature. Miracast wasn't adopted back then.
  • The 2520 can absolutely do dual screen with different things running on each screen. The device has an HDMI port which can drive a second monitor, in mirror or extension mode, just like a regular PC. It has the hardware to support that second display independently of the built in screen. So, having a processor capable of managing both screens is only half the battle. I can tell you the 2520 can do two screens, but if used with Miracast for the second screen it really struggles.
  • Well I hope people don't start clamouring to run hyper-v on phones lol so they can run Visual Studio lol :P. Battery tech ain't their yet.
  • Battery isn't relevent. If you are using a 23" Monitor, keyboard and mouse, you aren't mobile. Plug it in ;) Don't lay it on anything flammable though.
  • How is Microsoft going to attract people from other OS
  • i try to get info about , what hardware require to run Continuum feature from Gabeaul,but they don't hava info to share yet,all demo handsets doesn't seems to be high end with ram and display, i think it require Snapdragon 808 or higher processors to support dual working screens to process
  • Dammit! My Lumia 930 is two months old and I'll have to think about upgrading to have continuum!? My god!
  • Your Lumia is lying her age.
  • In all seriousness, do you expect to use it that much to warrent buying a new phone? For me, I will definitely be buying the new flagship to update my aging 920, but it is not because of this feature. That being said, for the people who actually will have a use for it, it is great. For me: It is an awesome feature that I can show in my phone to friends and maybe use it when travelling once it is enabled with miracast (and my fire tv stick).
  • Same here, how much are the taxes your side of the planet?
  • Wen new hardware? Been waiting and waiting.
  • OEM  race for highend windows phone started..........
  • I just hope WP doesn't turn out to be the new Android. Microsoft is releasing new devices every now and them. I kinda hoped they would follow the traditional of iPhones.
  • Now its been 2 years between flagships. That's uniquely Nutella.
  • Game changer!
  • Will the BLU Win HD LTE work? I know my current BLU Win HD won't.
  • I hope with this Continuum feature we can have the full-fledged browser experince when connected to big screen over our phone data connectivty. Since the office experince will be more aligned to the corporate or work related personals and minimal to the normal users. So i think if we are able to use the desktop kind a browser on a big tv then it would be great.
  • Yes your right
  • Last feature before RTM? Guess that means all that gesture control and actionable live tile talk was just, well, talk.
  • I need my 1520, to support this. I don't want to divorce
  • Sensing more lies from these two again. Snapdragon 800 is definitely capable of this..... Actually I know the old S4 pro can also do this.... Albeit not windows 10. If this was some kind of 3d rendering device or their hololens I'd understand.... Guess its hurts less to ask u to buy new hardware when there has been none for so long..... Only new hardware I can see that is needed is a mini hdmi port not new soc's
  • Great reasoning Einstein....
  • The feature is really appealing but I just bought a 930.
    And with %33 taxes it's an expensive purchase. Will it come with fingerprint reader as security or Will I have to wait for the next model? I'll probably have to wait...
  • I guess that 1540 will be a 6.5 to 7 inch device.
  • The fact that Microsoft is planning to launch the next Lumia flagship after windows 10 is launched means that some major hardware change is on the way
  • i prefer maxmum screen size of 5", i wish if MS could make a high end phone with 5000 mAh, maybe a few phones with these battery size for those who doesn't mind the weight, G-Tel has done it and the phone is not so heavy but the battery last for more than 5 days without being charged.
  • Meaning WP users will have to ditch their current phone? Sucks!
  • Guys My advice to keep your old nokia/lumia phones in use as long u can. Dont replace it with new ms phone if they are still working. I have 820 (Excellent camera and hardware) and 1520. 820 from very begining and 1520 purchased recently. (I wanted to keep 1520 as last afordable Nokia top notch phone as a memory. The production already stopped). I dont believe ms going to produce quality hardware and camera phones as produced by Nokia the great. Ms can come with high quality softwares. By the way I have a galaxy s4 but android can not perform as windows plateform. I doubt even s6 can. What you say?
  • New hardware?i call this shit... Even the n8 had hdmi and the n95 had tv-out via jack connector
  • Yeah, and even Canonical showed us that Android phones back in 2012 could run a full Ubuntu install on a second screen. The new hardware requirement is bullcrap :p
  • So which current WP device has HDMI or video out capabilities? I guess the N8 and N95 didn't have any hardware to enable those things. The capability is just inherent in any phone.
  • And what current WP has either HDMI or video out. I'm sure Nokia did nothing special to enable that on the N8 and N95. They just built a phone and discovered, hey look, it can do video out.
  • My contract end this month. I Will take a SIM-only til a new flagship arrives.
  • Wonderful! But I do hope these new devices have 2 USB type C connectors, USB on the go, a true network capable file manages and easy Wi-Fi and USB printing.
  • New hardware? Interesting that Canonical got this (or even a more advanced version of this) working back in 2012, with that years high end processors, while Microsoft seems incapable to do it with processors from 2013 or even 2014. One would think that Microsoft has more resources than Canonical/Ubuntu at its disposal. Easier to force the few customers they have to buy new phones at every OS upgrade though..
  • Exactly
  • It's a neat function, continuem on phones, but I'll never use it.I'll just use my pc for this. But I can see potential for this usage in corporate settings for employees who use ms office, be mobile and when they walk in to there offices it automatically syncs up via Bleutooth to there mouse, keyboard and monitor and function as a lite desktop pc. It's a great solution for small businesses and for enterprises. Microsoft just killed the iPhone in the enterprise. Compared to a Windows 10 smartphone the iPhone is nothing more then a shiny little toy in corporate settings. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah. Miracast is like "duplicate" projection. Continuum for phones is like "extend" displays. The latter needs more power. I wonder if the current snapdragon 800 lumias can execute this, or "new hardware" literally means "tomorrow's tech"?
  • ..and WP fakes declined even further when MS told people to not to buy a new phone yet.
  • Maybe we may get lucky and get a 6.5" Surface phone as the successor to the lumia 1520 product line. To really show off the continuum feature.
  • -wrong place sorry- edit whoa this was the correct place, although this seemed to become a reply to another thread... My helmet, or Chrome, or gae, or - whatever 
  • I can't seem to understand what Continuum on phones is... Is it connect phone to TV or monitor + mouse, keyboard etc. and run phone apps in big or bring phone display to PC and use phone apps like PC apps (or actual PC apps?) to work on phone data (files, emails, text messages, pictures, games) or both or neither... I guess #2 could, at least to some extent, be done entirely in software using USB/BT/WLAN comms between phone and PC. But maybe then it would not be Continuum but something else (everyday magic). Nope, I didn't view the videos, sorry. I did read the live blog and articles though 
  • It's #1. Universal apps would naturally scale to the external monitor or TV, much like they would when running on a tablet or PC.
  • It's a bit more than #1. I can pretty much do that today with Project My Screen. Continuum seems to virtually run a second instance of the phone on that second screen, as you could still use phone functions, answer calls, respond to SMS on the phone, while running another app on the external screen. The new Universal apps take care of the scaling and UI arrangement based on the screen they are running on, but it is the same code, and in fact is 'running on the phone' with the external monitor as the screen.
  • Comment 401
  • -ignore dunno why it posted here :S -
  • So what's the difference between continuum and what Ubuntu is doing with phone? It's weird that it requires new hardware to act like a computer when connected to a screen.  I suppose it's hard to judge without knowing more details though - which I don't - though I would have assumed it would only need a couple of things.    The ability to connect input devices (kb+m),  and to automatically change the scale of the UI - probably the bit that needs the hardware. Interesting regardless!
  • I find this feature useless. They should have worked on continuity features with Windows OS. Like real time call handoff between PC and Phone. Anyone who uses an iPhone with a Mac or MacBook (I recently bought both, and still have a Dell Notebook) is not going to go back to Windows Phone because they won't give up those features. Of they had done that I'd have given up my iPhone in a new York second, but being able to text on a full PC without using a third party service and being able to move phone and video calls between them when I'm moving around the house is just too useful and way too convenient to give up. I can hook my full laptop up to a TV with HDMI and use full Office Apps. I don't need this on a phone. What we need is better I retool between the desktop and mobile OS for core services like Phone calls, texting, and video calls. Not to mention I'd need to buy another monitor because I'm not tying up a television to use any phone or PC on it when I have a Mac with a big screen sitting there already... They need to use some Apple devices to see just how much of a killer feature that is.
  • Folks I think we will see new Mid range and High end Windows 10 smart phones with a micro HDMI port slot on thier smart phones cases. Windows smart phones will therefore be very close to a small tablet in design. Would any of you folks be interested in  buying  a Windows 10 tablet that runs Windows 10 universal apps and windows smart phone apps but does not have any telephones Transciever in to make any calls on except Skipe calls  imagine a 7 inch e-book reader, surf the web, Net flix, Hulu Plus, flash video note taking device. that do not run desktop soft ware. it woud be like Windows RT in that it doe not run windows desktop software. would it sell in the market place ?
  • I have two of those now, an ASUS Note 8 and a Dell Venue 8. The Venue is running Win10 (not Mobile though) If you look at the universal apps that are out for the Win 10 previews on the phone and tablet/laptop, you can clearly see they are coordinated, if not actually the same code. The Office app previews are very functional on my Venue, and I am looking forward to seeing them on my phone(s), 635 and 920 running the 10 preview. So yea, a 7-8 inch tablet that can run full sized production apps either natively, or on a bigger screen would likely be interesting to many, as long as MS explains it correctly. Only thing wrong with RT, IMHO, is that it wasn't explained well. Writting this on a Lumia 2520, and RT device, that really is quite capable.
  • I had never heard of Continuum before. This is pretty damn exciting, and the first way I've seen that the "One Windows" paradigm makes sense from a user perspective, rather than just for the convenience of developers. Really want to see what the new phones will be like now.
  • "To be honest, we are not sure why there is debate about this topic." The debate was when they did the presentation on Continnum, the demostrator said that Continuum doesn't require new hardware but rather a docking tool to use Continuum.   He was able to use both screens doing two different things. It wasn't a simulation. He was probably using a Lumia 1520 or 930
  •     People kill me with this expectation that a phone that they paid $50 for off-contract is going to give them all of the features of a phone that’s $600 off-contract. Microsoft has said several times over that lower end devices will not get all of the features of Windows 10 but every time an article like this comes out everyone gets outraged. It is clearly stated in this article that new hardware is required, "And with new parts from Qualcomm, we have processors that can drive two screens separately in these new phone devices. And that is how we enabled the phone screen to work independently from the PC screen." Most WP8 devices came out in 2012, meaning that Microsoft is still supporting the devices three years later. Not a lot of companies are doing that.
  • I hope the 5.7" is just speculation and truly hope MS doesnt piss all their 1520 customers off by dropping 6" I felt the 1520 was almost the perfect phone. To replace it I just want a 6" screen with a slimmer bezel, 64gb storage, improved battery and maybe if they can squeeze that 41MP shooter and keep Qi & SD support, i dont think it could get much better than that. I dont want to downgrade my screen to a smaller size and dont care about 4K as its not required on a phone especially at the cost of battery life.  
  • I saw the video in which Continuum was demonstrated and Belfiore used a L1520.  
  • Continuum NEEDS new hardware or
    rather because of New Qualcomm ARM CPU Microsoft developed Continuum
    Minimum CPU is Snapdragon 805
    Miracast is mirroring the same screen,
    but COntinuum allows two separate screen memories and resolutions => external screen = Continuum
    If I remember correctly - the external screen resolution goes like this
    Snapdragon 805 = FULL HD
    Snapdragon 808 = QHD (RUMOR=used in Lumia 940)
    Snapdragon 810 = UHD (RUMOR=used in Lumia 940 XL) 
    About the 41MP sensor...
    It's clever software that makes it possible on a lesser ARM CPU
    Naturally it's better to have direct support, which would be faster