Xperia panels now working on the Touch Pro 2, Diamond 2

Funny we were just talking about this 2 podcasts agoMobility Digest is reporting that forum whiz Herg has successfully ported those swanky Xperia panels to Touch Pro 2 and Diamond 2 devices (specifically the Pure).

Mchapman007 at PPCGeeks has confirmed that this is working on his Verizon Touch Pro 2 as well, noting it works "perfectly" and "...The Fish panel worked for me.. Also the main screen or home panel is awesome, all of the variations that go into that panel seem to be working."

You'll want to grab the .cab here and head to XDA to experiment with more panels.

Besides custom ROMs, seems like a whole new can of worms for UI choice has just opened up, offering an unparalleled selection for Windows phone users.  Nice work Herg!

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Yeah, the fish panel worked for me!!!
  • is this the same project that was going for the touch hd? that project failed miserably after it started breaking things on peoples devices... or is this a completely new project started from scratch?
  • I started with the touch HD version and did some research on the panels from the touch HD port. As I did my research I improved the panels by reading Sony ericcson developers page so all in all it started with the touch HD version but grew into a completely new port as I figured out the corrections needed to fix the panels to correctly work.
  • cool - good job, so this won't cause any problems that a simple uninstall won't fix?
  • Nah, it doesn't really "take over" anything in the OS. You just run it like an App. Easy install/uninstall and it is optional to run. Does take 20mb of storage memory though, so heads up there.
  • Yeps, it works, it's not bad, changing the panels was easy. The included panels worked perfectly. Runs nicely with TouchFlo3D.
  • I have a T7381 Touch Pro 2 running on the Telecom New Zealand HSPA 850Mhz network.
  • Silly question. I downloaded the herg62123 cab, so this is the latest build? date on the post says 2008 so I am assuming the creator has update the download file right? Also do you think it'll work better if I turn off TF3D so less CPU is used?
  • Well it definitely works...once I'm in a panel is there a way to get back to the "panel switcher" ? Also has anyone installed the additional panel cabs from xda? Are those simple uninstalls if needed also? All in all...not sure how useful the experia panels are (especially with TF3d to use), but cool to mess around with for a bit.
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