Yet more features added to TeamViewer in the latest update

TeamViewer for Windows Phone enables you to take control of remote computers using your smartphone. It's a neat remote access solution and allows you to connect to a PC when not physically near it. The app has been bumped to a new version and includes numerous new features.

Here's what is new in version 9.0.1:

  • Wake-on-LAN to switch on your computer remotely.
  • Two factor authentication to improve access security to your account.
  • The connection history allows you to quickly connect to TeamViewer IDs you have already been connected to.
  • Support of portrait mode during a remote session.

You can download TeamViewer from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: TeamViewer

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • If I'm not mistaken, I think you can take control and offer support for someone else's Android phone with this app. You can see their screen on your screen.
  • I am actually waiting for a proper support by Microsoft for all that. MSTSC for WP would be awesome - both ways
  • This
  • They'll probably put it on RT and wait for WP to switch to RT :)
  • Hmm, I just downloaded this on my Android to try but I seem to not be able to screenshare.  I get into a dashboard but no screen share from my GNex...  Is that all it can do?  People in the reviews of the app say they're able to play Sims through it so I would like to think otherwise...
  • I am certain that you can share your host Android screen to a remote PC using TeamViewer, as I provided support to a family member this way. I used my mouse to click through the screen as if I were there using the phone. I speculate that this would work if your remote device were a WP instead of a PC, but I've yet to try it.
  • I tried on both my computer and my phone to connect to my Galaxy Nexus. I couldn't connect on my phone and I could only go to the Dashboard. Didn't get to screen share for some reason on my computer :(
  • I think it might be the "Quick Support" version of the app that you need.
  • I am using that with the Samsung addon too but no dice
  • Nice!
  • sweet, seriously one of the best services ever. having my full w8 desktop accessible from my wp and surface rt is so sweet
  • I agree. Thank you so much TeamViewer.
  • Yep, I use it heaps, amazing product!
  • Does it need to install any service in my PC?
  • I am actually waiting for a proper support by Microsoft for all that. MSTSC for WP would be awesome - both ways
  • Copy and paste much?
  • Depends - when you want to access it any time it has to run as a service. for one time access you can just run a file without admin rights and give the created ID(PC based ID) and pin to someone to access it
  • <p>what do you mean by run a file</p>
  • You know, the thing that happens when you double click a file, an executable in this particular scenario
  • Teamviewer has a host software you need to run/install on your computer. Check their website for the downloads. It is free and a nice way to access your computer remotely. (I'm a regular user)
  • Just used it for the first time two days ago. My gf's brother downloaded office 2013 on my computer from his tech support site. Super sweet!
  • I stopped using logmein and switched to team viewer. Lmi needs to wake up.
  • Almost same story, except for that I haven't refused lmi, it has some totally unique features
  • I left LMI a long time ago for Teamviewer and glad I did. I can now easily help with family members remotely. Can't wait to try out the new features.
  • Same here. Once I moved to windows 8 I have used the teamviewer app, and it works great.
  • Am I the only who finds annoying that every team viewer session removes host's desktop wallpaper? And then that removal syncs across all windows 8 devices of one account via SkyDrive settings sync? I hate that behavior!
  • You can tell it to display the wallpaper. By default displaying the wallpaper is turned off.
  • Where? Official support told me that's unavailable and may be invented later!
    Upd. Now it's there, thanks developers, the app and service are almost perfect since this version :)
  • This is an amazing remote software tool. You can run the software without installing when you want to remote in to another PC. I use all the time to connect to my home PC from my work PC.
  • How to do that ? I have installed in WP. How do I connect to my PC now? It asks for my partner's ID. I understand this means I need to install some TeamViewer server software in my PC?
  • Teamviewer has a host software you need to run/install on your computer. Check their website for the downloads. It is free and a nice way to access your computer remotely. (I'm a regular user)
  • Look at the Team Viewer website for instructions. I would detail them here but the instructions would take to long to type out.
  • Teamviewer is available for windows phone??? :O Cool !!!
  • My fav feature update? Well now it uses its own color for the tile (not the theme colour) Just makes it look more legit and when people look at your phone they recognise the logo!
  • Mine always had it's own color and logo... Nokia 520
  • Amazing app, use it often for work purposes, just this weekend we had a serious problem with a broken link and I managed to fix it promptly while drinking my coffee.
  • It doesn't show the Wallpaper of the PC, just a black Background. :-(
  • Go in the settings and un-tick the "Remove wallpaper"option
  • Open the team viewer app, go to settings and uncheck Remove Wallpaper. if On the desktop TeamViewer, when remoted to another computer, click view in the top toolbar and click wallpaper.
  • May I ask, what is it specifically, that you do on remote computers, using Teamviewer on your Windows Phone? What are some "use" cases? Just looking for ideas. Thank You.
  • IT support. ex. If i need to help my mom with her emails on her laptop, i can just remotely connect to her desktop on my phone! my WP looks like her desktop with teamviewer's interface. quite amazing. so i can be on the phone with her AND show her what to do. also when i want to download a movie, i just connect to my PC at home and start the download. possibilites are endless!
  • They need to add the teamviewer vpn functionality that the desktop version has.
  • Is this a free service?
  • For non-commercial use, yes.
  • Why do people fall for this all the time ? Do NOT use third party software that gives access to your computer EVER. Do not use third party online password storage solutions either EVER.
  • I'm an IT professional, and have been using Teamviewer for many years, without issue.  I have also used LogMeIn extensively.  Not all remote access apps are bad.  Yes, they all carry some inherent security issues, but the legit ones typically don't involve any more risk than one would experience using email on the internet.  Honestly, I couldn't begin to do my job in any reasonable fashion with using remote access software.
  • Great....Works like a charm.
  • I would be happy if this app would work. I can connect to my PC, and I can move the cursor, but when I click nothing happens.
  • I think there is a bug in this app,I installed it and it turned my WiFi off,I had to uninstall and reset my phone,Lumia 820,some one els got the same problem?
  • Will it work from WP8 to WP8 phones? My spouse needs help often.
  • Wake-on-LAN sounds super convinient. How does this feature work though?
  • Has to be enabled in the bios if your motherboard supports it
  • We have around 1,000 PCs with Teamviewer installed. I still prefer LogMeIn for its reboot features. Apparently this app doesn't connect if the host computer has older TeamViewer version.