You can stop wishing for a Venue Pro II now (or any Dell smartphone)

It’s been a little over two years since Windows Phone landed in the market. One of the first devices at that time was from Dell. The Venue Pro was one of the most unique handsets at launch, it was the only device with a portrait-oriented slide out QWERTY keyboard. That device had a small, loyal fan base for being really great at pounding out emails the old way. If you were hoping for Dell to release a follow up to that stoic phone, it’s time to move on as Dell has no plans to reenter the smartphone market.

Jeff Clarke, global operations president for Dell, told ComputerWorldUK that the tech company has no plans with smartphones and instead will continue its focus on the PC market. Here is the pertinent quote about Dell and their smartphone free future from Clarke:

"We've been really clear about smartphones -- we're not going to do smartphones. We're not going to be in the smartphone hardware business. We're going to provide smartphone solutions, we're going to be the preferred BYOD provider of solutions in the marketplace."

When Dell looks into their crystal ball, they see a future where customers will increasing bring their own devices into the workplace. So Dell has decided to focus bridging the gap between home and work computing.

My first Windows Phone was actually a Dell Venue Pro and I loved it. Sure the device had it's share of issues, like WiFI sucking, but it was a solid first showing. The keyboard was another great asset at the time, coming from BlackBerry I really enjoyed it and was always looking future devices like it. How smartphones aren’t a part of this technology future for Dell is a little confusing for me as well, but that’s the direction they have taken.

Think it’s a good idea?

Source: ZDNET, Via ComputerWorldUK; Thanks, Kyle, for the tip!

Sam Sabri