You’ve got your Xbox One. Now what?

If you have stopped to read this article, there is a good chance that you are now the proud owner of Microsoft’s latest generation gaming and entertainment console, Xbox One!

We want to give you a quick start guide for getting that superb piece of hardware out of the box and under your television.

Getting Started

To start, once you take the unit out of the box, make sure everything is included and nothing was left out. You should have your Xbox One console, the Kinect sensor, an Xbox One chat headset, an HDMI cable, a wireless controller, a power cord, and your power supply.

If you aren’t setting up a cable box with the Xbox One, it will be like every other Xbox Console you have ever used. Simply plug the power supply into your outlet, attach the HDMI cable to your television, and make sure the Kinect cable is nice and snug in its port.

If will be using your cable with the unit, simply plug your cable box’s HDMI cable into the “HDMI IN” port on the back of the Xbox One; this will allow your Xbox One to access your cable box’s video stream.

Let’s also make sure to setup your Kinect sensor correctly; it should be no higher than six feet off the ground and no lower than two feet. The sensor was designed to have about five feet available in front of it, so if you can – push your couch back. If you are having issues with your sensor, make sure the unit is completely plugged in and that you have removed the plastic film covering that was included during shipping.

Once you have your unit setup, turn that baby on! You are going to be prompted to complete your Day One update to get the system working. The update is a little over 1 GB and you have two options to obtain it, you can either let the Xbox One grab it from the servers or you can manually download the patch from Microsoft’s website. More details on the manual installation can be found here.

The Xbox One’s Kinect sensor plays a big part in this generation of the unit and instead of fighting against it, take some time and try to embrace how easy it can make your life. We have included a chart showing all of the various commands you can use with your system.

Getting Games

You now have a choice of how you wish to obtain games for your new console. You can either purchase physical disks at your local gaming/electronics store or you can download all your content digitally from the Xbox LIVE marketplace.

There are cons and pros to both physical and digital content. Grabbing physical content means you can cash in your games when you are done for some extra money. In addition, physical disks can be lent to friends and might be found at some stores for under the MSRP. Of course, physical disks can always be lost, scratched, and damaged.

Virtual content means it will be super easy to grab the latest game as soon as it comes out – no need to run down to the store and stand online outside till midnight. Virtual content will also be saved to your Xbox Cloud, so no fear of ever damaging it. You can also bark commands at your Xbox One to change games without ever needing to get up and change disks out. The downside, of course, is that you won’t be able to sell the games when you are finished or loan them out to friends. You are also locked into whatever price is set on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Once you download your content, you should be ready to go and Microsoft has even included a decent headset to use with the console. You will notice that the Redmond team has placed controls at the base of the plug (where the headset meets the controller), so users can easily mute their voice out of a conversation or adjust the volume of their headset. The new design is a welcomed addition to the old fashion scroll wheel and we are happy they have placed the controls right near the actual controller – makes sense to us.

Proper Care

If you burn through games like a child eats through candy, then you will probably being seeing a lot of dead AA batteries in your future unless you grab a rechargeable pack – so, go ahead and do that. The Microsoft rechargeable battery is a good option, but can get a bit pricey. I personally recommend picking up energizer’s Xbox One charging stand, which includes two rechargeable batteries and will run you have the cost of the Microsoft option. The Energizer charger also features a quick placement design, so you can set your controller in the holder and it begins charging – no fumbling with a USB cable.

You will notice that the Xbox One is quite a large console and is that way for a good reason – air flow and ventilation. You can check out my editorial from yesterday in which I explain that it may prove to make the console more stable and longer lasting than Sony’s PlayStation 4.

That being said, for proper ventilation, keep the area around your Xbox One free of clutter. Don’t even think of placing anything on top of the unit or turning the console vertically. You paid a good amount of money for this hardware – let’s not shorten its lifespan by having the unit overheat itself.

Troubleshooting Issues

Let’s talk troubleshooting for those of you who have plugged in your console and are having issues. It is important to note that you need a television that supports at least 720p HD – nothing below that will work or be compatible.

If you are having an issue with your controller turning on, make sure that the batteries are inserted correctly. While the design of the controller makes it appear that both batteries go in the same way – they do not. In addition, if your controller isn’t auto connecting to your unit out of the box, you can use the sync button on the back to manually pair it.

A few reports are coming in from users who say that their consoles are featuring hardware problems. When a company sells such a large number of consoles – it is expected some will fail, so don’t feel you have to avoid the Xbox One because you know someone who has an uncle who has a friend with the issue.

Unfortunately if you are having hardware issues with the console, you will most likely have to send the unit in for repair. Issues being reported include broken disc drives, random system shutdowns, unusual sounds, etc. We recommend contacting Microsoft via the Xbox Online Service Center (opens in new tab) to have any issues worked out – and yes, you will probably have to ship your console out for repair.

Alright, why are you reading this? Get back to your television and boot up that Xbox One – it is game time!

  • Awesome article! My Xbox should be arriving soon!
  • Got mine last night!  AWESOME CONSOLE!!!   So fun to use.  Voice navigation is Epic......when you figure out what to say.   Loving it so far,  Forza is amazing,   BF4 looks and plays great.   Love the snap feature and IE has no limitations that i found,  i could go to any site i could on my pc.   Enjoy it!
  • I ordered mine directly from Microsoft, annnnnnnnnnnd it's not here yet.
  • You ordered it? Why not just visit the store .. I was at the Chicago store last night and they had over 100 consoles.
  • I live 300km from the nearest store, and I'm self-employed. I need to show up for work.
  • Not everyone lives near a Microsoft Store.
  • Maybe it's the way I speak, but I find it amuzing that the voice command has trouble when I say "Browse To Google", but has not issue with "Browse To Bing".
  • Perhaps you are mispelling your voice commands too. :)
  • Got mine, but it says my code has already been used for Forza
  • Who wrote this????
  • God.
  • Anonymous wrote it, although, it could be someone else since it's unverified.
  • Don't ship your console. Why would you? Just go back to the store and exchange or return. I would never ship my new console for repair only to have it opened up. Chances are, they will receive new shipments on Monday.
  • Microsoft got it right with the XBox one,there is no comparing it currently selling my PS4.
  • Really awesome bro :DD
  • How much for the ps4?
  • You sir are an idiot, why did you even get a PS4 when already know how good the Xbox one is? Also couldn't you wait for a week before getting your PS4 to see which one you might like?
  • Wtf is wrong with you? Ps4 destroys the bone
  • I really have to stop reading these comments.
  • just skip on by the trolls, luckily there are not that many here - and they are rarely fed as much as on other sites.
  • darknight is a dumbo.   i think its the same dumbo who said "if its not nokia, its not WP"
  • Wow I got my own stalker! Beat it kid or I am gonna mess you up in your boy vagina.
  • I will ignore the troll bait, any reasons in particular?
  • Been playing mine all day. Best £429 I've ever spent.
  • Best £620 I've spent!
    The games are great and GAME's Dual Charge dock beats the need for a USB cable charge kit
  • +ONE, I'm at work now suffering from withdrawal. The console looks and feels better than pic & videos I saw before. My daughter's playing CoD:Ghosts right now, after calling me from school today begging me to come take her out of school early. Kids.
  • I'm more curious to if the dish hopper will work with it.
  • As someone who knows a lot about them(trust me when I say this)...The Dish Hopper support should be fine plugging in the Hopper to it... BUT, you cant access the DVR side on the xbox one..unless you use your DVR remote..
  • Just to get your drvd programs. The Xbox One should still be able to play/pause/rewind/fast forward/stop once you select a dvrd show...
  • #teamwindowsphone.. #teamps4 lol (here come the comments)
  • Mine was defective when I opened it....sigh #doa
  • Main reason I wait a minimum of 6 months to buy a new console.
  • your not the only one :( i have some friends who got a doa as well, and a couple others who have gotten the disk drive failure. this is why i dont buy consoles right out of the gate they have to many bugs, issues, and problems from the first until they put out patches and update hardware.  both consoles look awesome though :)
  • waiting for mine to show up via UPS *tick tock tick tock*
  • Are you Canadian too?
  • Mine is stuck in Richmond waiting for customs clearance after a late plane arrival. It even says that my delivery is "rescheduled".  What is worse I was at the Vancouver launch party last night and I watched all of the other people pick theirs up.  I pre-ordered it in June and it doesn't even arrive on release day.  I should have had it shipped to the store :( Thanks UPS...
  • You'll get it at 7:59 like the rest of us!
  • I'm up and running! This thing is truly impressive! "XBOX on"!!!!!
  • Now release the damn Xbox Video app for Windows Phone...
  • Mine was delivered and is ready for me when I get home from work. Here's to hoping no issues. ;)
  • Game On!
  • Yeah I suggest to those who are having issues to just take it to your nearest Microsoft store and they'll replace it right away. I know they let my friend keep his controller and headset too! so now he has two of each lol So far the two main issues I've heard of are the machine getting stuck on the green Xbox one screen and the one where you enter a disc and the machine starts to make this weird chainsaw like sound lol the green screen of death :P I actually experienced myself with my friend. But hey, that is a risk the PS4 and XboxOne fanatics take when you buy that first launch batch. I went with 4 friends and one just happened to get the faulty machine. Sucks cause we waited in line forever -_-
  • Does anyone know in which language voice command are available?
  • Bought NFS, it's downloading, anyone knows at what percentage it will be ready to play ?
  • 50%
  • I read somewhere that you can start playing at 50%
  • Too poor to afford one at the moment, but I'm super excited about the launch today! ;;;;;;;;;;;
  • 499/6months=83 a month. That's how I purchased it.
  • Ahh crap too late now. :(  Math You failed me again!!!!!  :p
  • Yeah, I should have done that. Will have to wait now. Asking everyone to give me money rather than gifts for Christmas :D
  • My pre order from Microsoft store online is still shipping won't be here until today. Grrr great job microsoft
  • I've ordered from them so many times and its always the same story. Happened with the Surface RT pre-order and most recently a laptop back in May, which still says it's preparing for shipment. Anyways the point to my story is... though the website's shipping notification sucks, everything was always delivered. Surface RT pre-order arrived that morning even though I thought there was absolutley no way it was going to. Same with my laptop, which was delivered two days later, but the website still says its 'processing' ... So... if you pre-ordered, it will likely still get there today even though their site has no info for you.  
  • Now just learning how to use it. Really looking forward to getting the Dolby update. Right now it's not true 5.1. But so far I'm extremely impressed and love how it synced all of my music. Thank you Playstation for a great 10 years of gaming. But for now, this one better suits my needs. I do miss the PS controller though. Now to learn to be comfortable with the Xbox one controller.
  • I've always preferred the xbox controller over the ps controller, just feels more natural
  • First I have heard that it wouldn't work on any tv that isn't 720p or higher.. My daughter is still using an old crt from 2001. Seems stupid it wouldn't work with Standard Definition.
  • ?!?!?!? Holy snikies
  • It only uses HDMI for video output, so it kind of goes without saying.
  • The ps4 is the same way. This is the first true HD generation. No old standards to cater to/hold back the platforms.
  • You bought a $500 machine for a 12 year old tv? Better choice would be a 360, or upgrade the tv. You could find a very cheap HD tv, particularly if you went with the min rez.
  • What if I have a my cablebox hooked to a receiver? Do I simply hook it to the XBox One and the XBox One to the receiver? I heard that I'd have to still connect the cablebox to the receiver to let it use the hometheater speakers. Help appreciated.
  • Enjoy your Ones and play nice. Ohh, what a long wait ahead before Finland launch.
  • Just got mine from Amazon. Later!
  • My achievements are not updating in the Windows Phone game hub with the new achievements for the One. Anyone else having this.
  • Yes, I am having the same issue as well.  I cannot see my achievements from Windows 8.1 or any other windows device.
  • I am loving my console and everything worked like a dream.  That said, Ryse is not bad at all.  Thinking about downloading CoD4 later today.  Can my friends try CoD4, if I download it from the MS store for free as stated over the sumnmer?
  • Now wait months for some decent games.
  • You are very bitter aren't you? Who cares what console they buy? If it gives them joy and they are happy with the current games that is what matters. Why detract from that?
  • So this just in... apparently some Reddit users that had the same weird noise coming from the disc tray left the game in there long enough and the game eventually installs itself, and the sound disappears after 10 minutes or so. W T F lol how weird
  • Cool info. Is it possible to convert a physical game to a digital copy, so I no longer would need to find the disc to play a game? Are game discs locked to the console? I expect that to be the case, and then when I want to sell the game, have the disc unlocked from my console and sellable?
  • No, the cry babies ruined that....
  • +1
  • But how do you really feel?
  • Disc based games install automatically. Not sure if you can run it without the disc. I'll have to try that when I get home.
  • No, you cannot. Only when purchased digitally. MS tried to do this but the ol internet got their panties in a bunch and MS backed down. A shame really. Still looking forward to my One (waiting on UPS right now) but that was very disappointing that they backed down. But...what were they supposed to do I guess.
  • They did say they still plan to do it tho, but just not yet. I for one hope we see something implemented, that was going to be one of the best features
  • So buy everything digitally and quit crying about it.  I for one am glad that I can still do what I want with my discs.
  • Agreed in most cases, but you have to realise that many countries still don't have internet speeds to make that viable. It would still be great to have an option where you can buy an disc that then activates and installs a digital-only copy. You pay a little extra, but get to save the bandwidth and wait time.
  • I do realize that.  It's one of the reasons I don't want to go all-digital myself, because I don't consider my own internet viable for that.  However, it doesn't mean I consider the little benefits they were trying to promote were worth the price of the freedoms they were taking away.
  • Sorry, I sort of reacted to the first half of your comment without digesting the second half :-)
  • Glad I canceled my pre-order. Actual I'm broke. But better to buy at store than online. If broken, you go back to store and get new or refund. Anyway got my huge ass 1520. Trying to get use to it.
  • What color is your 1520? I like the yellow one it look nice. Too bad T-Mobile is not selling it or I will get it too.
  • Got my second controller and NBA 2K14 by 11am thanks to Best Buy (Canada). Unfortunately the console itself was preordered at EB Games and that has been pushed back to the second wave of shipments, can't give any hints yet when that will be. Which is why I'm reading this instead of playing away and tinkering with the media functionality.
  • Ordered from Microsoft, not here yet :(
  • still waiting for ups to drop mine off arghhhhhh  
  • got here about 10 minutes ago...updating software now  
  • Good luck! Have fun!
  • Still waiting for UPS :(
  • So what features on this thing will not work in Scandinavia?
  • Not I....
  • You forgot in the contents of the box, it does come with batteries....good ones too..   I can't use the Kinect when it comes, I need a cable longer than 9", so it will be disconnected till I can get an ext cable for it, I wish they used a standard or Kinect 1.0 cable...   I have been trying for over 2 weeks between tweets, facebook, emails, Microsoft support to see if could buy a cable in advance with out ANY LUCK AT ALL.   After release they still are not there... Oh, well..
  • The cable on the Kinect is stupid long, you most likely will not need an extension cable.
  • Some one said that you have to have kinect connected for the first setup. Not sure if this is true
  • Anybody have a link to the Energizer rechargeable battery pack that was cited in the article?
  • Not sure if this is it...
  • Only problems I had was the cable tv. It sounded like crap and the audio would crack through the tv app. It doesn't do that through the regular connection. Besides that, initial boot up took a long time, be patient.
  • Picked mine up last night at the Microsoft Store midnight event. It glorious, amazing and all that stuff. Picked up Forza 5, Dead Rising, downloaded Killer Instinct and bought Ryse. Now judging by the reviews Ryse wasn't all that stellar. However, something told me to just go for it. I'm glad I did. This game looks ridiculous, the combat is great fun, it is gory ir just bloody, but if you've seen Gladiator its no worse. I have no idea what reviews were saying or how they judged this game low. I've been at it for 5 hours, yes enemies are duplicates, but the overall experience is awesome. Enjoying everything about the console.
  • I agree with what you said about Ryse. Not fantastic, but a bucket load of fun!
  • Waiting for UPS, 3:31PM here and they dropped off my games but no console?
  • I think they took the ability to update by downloading from the web down...can't check from here, but I think I read that
  • Ordered mine at midnight. Hoping it won't have the disc drive of death.   Ordered with - 12 m XBL Gold + Forza
  • My day one patch was only 500MB. I like that voice commands actually work now. Unlike the 360 kinekt. Haha.
  • Mine was only 500 as well. I wonder why.
  • Got mine sick last night and have been home all day...picking up kids from school then setting it up. Hope all goes well.
  • The update is NOT 1GB. It is about 500MB (this makes a huge difference in expectations for how long it will take). At least it tells you how many MB are remaining as it downloads :)
  • Anyone know what apps are available in the app store for the Xbox one?? Is there a marketplace like we have for windows 8? Any cool apps??
  • Still waiting for that release date in Netherlands MS!
  • I got mine fews hours ago. Very disapointed that no one talks how useless the unit is unless you buy gold.
    Nothing works. Please in future make people aware of this. Yes i know you can find it if you look hard. Don't this basic win 8 function should be a charge. I now want to sell my box
  • What, you cant play games on a game console without gold? Not sure what you expect, theyve always limited most of the good features to gold..
  • U can play disc games, i was referring to the rest of the hype which appealed to me more.
  • It $60 for a year...thats $5 a month for an excellent service. You are probably paying 20x that for your cell phone service...did you complain when you got that and realized it was non-functional without?
  • Its a cut down win 8 for a subscription. Im saying make it clear so people like me won't buy it. Samsung don't charge for smart tv, Microsoft do.
  • Got mine yesterday in Australia. Update took twenty mins, was happy with that. Kinect is cool, and the Xbox is so quiet. Played with it for about seven hours and am truly impressed, and I keep discovering amazing things it can do. Love this console! :)
  • Got mine in UK absolutely great nothing wrong setup is quite easy and recognises me instantly when i walk in the room tested blueray and games and voice all working great really please cant wait to get forza, ryse and battlefield 4 :)
  • Mine is still out for delivery. Hurry up UPS! :)
  • I just receive mine at work, so I will be hooking it up in a while. After reading all the reviews, I had it in my head that both the unit and the kinect were GIGANTIC. People saying, where am I am going to put thing thing? They had to be on shrooms, this thing is not big at all, and neither is the kinect. Maybe I am the only one who thinks it looks really nice, but I do. I like the clean look and it looks premium. The controller feels super nice as well. Looking forward to getting this up and running.
  • That XBOX ONE T_T
  • Called Gamestop 2 days ago and said they had a new shipment in and stop by at 6 to prepay for it. Got there at 530 and got the last Xbox! Went back at midnight and been loving it ever since. Only problem  is it would lose the signal on my DVR (Comcast) when the Xbox went to sleep and turned back on.
  • Best XBOX ONE unboxing :-D