You will soon be able to buy Surface products directly from the Store app on Windows 10

Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft began rolling out an update to the built in Windows Store that rebranded the app as "Microsoft Store." At the time, outside of the rebrand, not much else had changed within the app, making the rebrand slightly odd. As it turns out, Microsoft is planning to sell more than just digital content via the Store in the near future.

Spotted by WalkingCat on Twitter, typing a command into the Windows 10 Run dialog box (WIN + R) will bring you to a currently hidden dedicated Surface area within the Microsoft Store app that allows you to buy Surface hardware. It works much like any other area of the Store, including a buy button and Microsoft account integration with Windows Hello support for purchases.

While this function isn't public on the Store front just yet, it's definitely clear that Microsoft wants to unify its purchasing experience on Windows 10. Bringing hardware to the Microsoft Store app is the next step in its One Store vision, where a user can come to the Store and buy anything they want, outside of music of course.

There's no ETA for when this will be ready for the public, but if you want to give it a try now, you can type the following into the Run dialog box: ms-windows-store://navigatetopage/?PageName=ShopSurface

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Hopefully a better advertising team is behind this category, had enough with the worst advertising for Lumia...
  • Maybe they'll add Lumia Phones too. That's why they've changed the Store name.
  • 😢😢😢
  • Good joke
  • not selling them anymore
  • Jokes are still flying over your head though
  • Not sure about the Lumia phones.  But you might be able to get your first Surface Note if there is one. :-)
  • So holding out long enough and one might be able to buy a Surface Note from my Lumia making for a smooth exchange ☺
  • but the idol 4s, hp elite x3, 2 acer phone
  • The last best thing I will do on my Lumia is to get Surface Phone on Microsoft Store app.
  • I knew it! I said this would happen!
  • That what happens? MS selling hardware on the store?
  • Yeah I don't get what the big deal is. You can buy a laptop right next to candy crush expansion packs, or whatever. Neat?
  • One Windows means 1 store.... Just like I said, you pathetic trolls!
  • The marketing division has been the achilles heal for MS over several years. MS just doesn't seem to learn it seems. We shall see.
  • Ha ha ha....+1 ads13!  
  • This is where you'll buy your Surface Note.... And, your Surface Note is where you'll buy your Surface Note 2.
  • Microsoft should buy Spotify 😝
  • ...and cancel it? Just like Groove, and Nokia Music? Nokia Music was great, still miss it.
  • Yes! Yes they damn well should!!! But, Daniel Rubino says that Spotify said something about never settling with an American company.... I think that's BS. Never say never. Money talks....
    But, honestly? I don't think MS can afford a single purchase on Spotify. Some figures say that Spotify is now vauled at $20 billion, and could soon be worth $100 billion!!!!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲 HOLY MOLY!
  • you are right but Microsoft is in a position where it can't compete in some areas. like the band 1
    & 2. Microsoft should have bought fitbit and released the band 1 & 2 and added their fitness platform under fitbit. if they can throw $26b on linked in why not on fitbit, spotify, etc. a lot of exiting fitness stuff should be available for wmr. microsoft needs to strengthen their grounds.
  • Hummnm. I think you may be right. I'd love that terrific Spotify service with great MS design... Of course, MS wouldn't make a new Windows app, but at least iDroid fans would benefit😃😃😃😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • Think of it like the skype purchase. They bought skype and integrated msn and Microsoft account
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔Ok... So, when do we do this? I'm in.
  • I guess all you can do is. Pray 🙏 for now
  • Skype... bah, it's down the pan right now and the current iteration just reeks cost saving measures. Because instead of a constant connection to servers, users are only connected when they open the app "theoretically". I say theoretically because it doesn't work like that - you have to send a message to establish an active connection. Therefore it means anyone using Skype to relay SMS will experience lost messages, lost Skype IMs and people will think you are ignoring them so if anyone's relationship revolves around skype as a communication platform - better switch to something more reliable or that too will end up down the toilet like skype. Plus users who set themselves as away or busy on the win32 desktop app appear as invisible / appearing offline.
  • I think as long as the integration is done well then it's really not needed for MS to buy them.
  • Why? To piss off their shareholders?
  • Surface phone dec 2018?😔
  • SOON™
  • Prayers.
  • Microsoft are done making phones. If you're looking for a Surface 'Phone' you'll be dissapointed.
  • Well, it's more likely to be a cellular PC. Probably the same size as a Lumia 950XL but with pen input and only support for Skype calls, I would also guess that it will have a dock to connect to a screen, keyboard and mouse to make it a full SD 835 based PC.
  • So basically a 950XL.... with a pen.
  • There be no phone...but a 'DEVICE'.  Like the Surface Unicorn - having all the features of a small computer that fits in a pocket, but the availability of...a Unicorn...
  • It will just be like the website. Wont except purchases beyond the boundary of Trump's imaginary wall.
    Be a good idea if it did though
  • Uh, I have bought several things from their webpage.
  • +1 here. on desktop app / web, on droid app / web, on win store, etc
  • You live in Indiana...🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
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  • Between countries in the union.
  • Yes that's true but don't you see the trend here? Many of those countries used to be sworn enemies, constantly at war with each other less than 100 years ago, and now they broke down their borders with each other. Point is, borders and nationalism are slowly becoming a thing of the past. In other regions of the world, other countries are striving to achieve their own versions of the EU. The US is also an example of several independent colonies coming together to form a single union with a shared currency and no borders between states. One day, borders will completely be a thing of the past. We're already heading in that direction with the UN too.
  • I guess you don't like individualism then the idea of "one of us" mentality disgusts me.
  • No there's a difference between individualism and nationalism/xenophobia. Every nation joining together to become one big global nation doesn't wipe out individualism. Did the 13 colonies joining together to form the United States wipe out individualism? Nope. Each state still has their own laws and leaders, much like how the EU works and most likely how a global UN government would work too.
  • Long or short period, I lived in US, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, etc.
    Sure, there're some discrimination but most countries are kinda multicultural...
    Well... If you want to migrate to Japan, you'd abandon your past nationality plus, you'd have to change your name. Generations later, your descendants will become pure Japanese...
  • So I could buy in Rubel?
  • 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆.... I read that in your accent. Lol
  • But, yes. You can buy your Surface Note in GD Rubels.. Like 8 million of them😆😆😆
  • My accent? I have a very strong accent but German not Russian accent. 😄
    No I meant the old trick to buy stuff with another currency in the Xbox/Windows Store with gift cards. Rubel is worth nothing compared to euro or US dollar so the prices are very low.
  • I guess it's good to finally be able to sell your own products in the app. But I question the value. I think music would have made more sense, but this will likely stop by 2018. EBooks is limited to only a handful of markets and makes no sense. Videos and apps are a great feature in the store.  I think at this point in time, to save any face and value of the windows store, I think microsoft needs to think out of the box. I think they should at least integrate an ebay, amazon, Weibo, and other regional online big stores to make the store a valuable asset within the ecosystem.  
  • other retails might not want to share profit...
  • One store to rule them all. One store to find them. One store to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them - all kill them 😂😂
  • They really need to reorganise the store first before adding new content. Hardware thrown in will make it even more confusing to find what your looking for. Hopefully this will be next on Microsofts to do list.
  • reorganize in what way? There are different category headers..apps, games, music, movies and tv, and books. Wouldn't it just be under another header called devices or something?
  • The headers isn't really the problem as they are straight forward to use. It's more the search options and the way content is organised that is confusing for some users such as myself.
  • Yeah I agree the search/organization could be improved upon, but I think that's a somewhat overlapping and separate issue. I don't think they necessarily need to wait for that in order to add hardware
  • This was pretty easy to foresee when they renamed it to "Microsoft Store". Let us just hope they don't act like...well, like Microsoft, and make this a "US only thing".
    There's no reason for it. (That f*cking ugly logo needs to be changed though. It breaks the entirely iconography of the OS).
  • Yeah that logo doesn't match the OS at all, and it's hideous.
  • That's your complaint? The logo? Who cares???
  • Seriously? The logo is fine
  • No. It most definitely is not.
  • I wanna see upcoming HP DELL MS Phones..Pls microsoft I dont wanna use my J7 android phone full of goo ads so comeup with surface phone ASAP.
  • Rebranded...ah...ok. For Microshaft, that is the first step towards cancellation.
  • 🤣
  • Microshaft - funny! But I still have hope for MS to amaze!
  • Microshaft!!!!!!!! lol you made my day. 
  • Just got my Windows Store => Microsoft Store update today and the Run command works! Would really love to see third-party OEM hardware on go on sale soon. P.S. And unfortunately the in-app purchase only works in the U.S. for now.
  • All well and good adding new things, but if no one knows where they are, I am in the UK, I like to think I am IT litirate but for the life of me I have yet to find an ebook in the store.
  • Probably the ebook or the ebooks you're after are in the US only section... soo no dewey numbers for you lol.
  • eBooks are US only at this point, they may arrive in the UK but who knows.
  • How pathetic. Apple and Google have their book store available in dozens of countries...but it's Microshit we are talking here. those morons can't do anything right :))
  • lol can u imagine all the accidental purchases by your kids  when they borrow your surface to play games and when its automatically billed on ur CC.  Then a week later, a giant box of Surface Studio shows up at your door.
  • Not hard to imagine since they got rid of Kids Corner... based on telemetry... smh.
  • Doesn't the Store require a password/PIN entry any time a purchase is made anyway?
  • Not necessarily, you can set an option to never require a PIN for purchases.
  • Well in that case that's entirely the users fault. By default, Store requires authentication to make purchases. If you're giving your kids access to your device without authentication in place, that's entirely on you.
  • 100% agree
  • I can already picture all the accidental $3000 surface book purchases made by kids much like all those accidental app purchases.
  • Biggest issue is that the Microsoft Site is the more expensive choice every time; never a real reason to choose it over a standard retailer, who'll sell the same product, be it a Surface Pro or an Xbox game, at 10% less...
  • Not anywhere except the US, as per usual.
  • US have UK currency too?
  • It´s funny.... English and Portuguese mixture: "incluindo IVA" means VAT included....
  • well...they gotta have something in the store. If apps are gone, what else is there left to put in? :))
  • Lol nice.   Yeah you need hardware to run all of the non-existing apps.  
  • good idea!
  • Finally
  • ...The Rock has come back to....