You'll be able to stream The Beatles this holiday season

The Beatles are set to arrive on various streaming services this week. Starting from tomorrow, Thursday 24, the group will be available for streaming on the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Prime Music, Tidal, and Groove Music.

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A side note worth considering is the fact that The Beatles will indeed be available on the free, ad-supported versions of said music platforms, including Spotify. It's a positive move, unlike those taken by the likes of Taylor Swift. Are you looking forward to jamming with the four this holiday season?

Source: The Beatles, Twitter (Spotify)

Rich Edmonds
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  • Cool! It will give me a chance once in for all to get into the "Beatles"
  • They're so amazing.
  • Yep, nice to see the latest content finally making its way to Windows Phone... :)~
  • A bunch of pedo benders if you ask me.
  • Yep
  • Why?
  • Hardly
  • Groovy
  • Erm... No.
  • I bought the stereo remastered set the same week I bought the Zune HD on first day. Today I punched all the tracks to the 200gb micro SD on my 950. Been rocking to them since 1964.
  • Finally get to listen to them on Spotify! #sohappy
  • Will they be on Groove?
  • Yes.
  • What does the article you commented have to say about it?
  • Groove isn't mentioned Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It is.
  • Yes and available now!
  • Finally! Good news for music though, the more tunes being available for streaming the better otherwise music just gets lost and forgotten.
  • The question here is whether it will be available for Groove. The single piece of information that needed to be mentioned to cater to the target audience of this website.
  • Spotify is on Windows too. Not everyone is Microsoft elitist.
  • But its US only. Indians are also fan of international music don't you( Spotify) know that?
  • Spotify isn't U.S. only. That's ridiculous. Spotify covers more of the world right now than virtually every other streaming service.
  • Spotify is a Swedish service... Not American.
  • Not everyone uses Spotify either, but I think it's more than reasonable to expect information about Microsoft services in a site that's specialized in Windows news. Which in turn would be naturally filled with "Microsoft Elitists" (a way to refer to anyone in this site that's totally uncalled for, but I'll let that pass). Also, they edited it to add a mention to Groove, so that legitimated my opinion.
  • WTF does elitist have to do with it? It was a completely valid question, given the omission in the articles first draft.
  • You didn't read the article now did you?
  • You probably don't know that when I commented the information about Groove was not present, and that it was added later. You can tell right now by reading the article snippet in the main page, which was NOT updated accordingly and does not mention Groove at all.
  • Wonder if this is why the one Beatles album (A hits album) was removed from Groove in the last week. Glad to see it's coming back
  • This is good news for Beatles fans. I am not one of those that care for them.
  • Let it be
  • , goo goo g' joob
  • Not in Groove yet.
  • it said midnight tonight .. as inmidnight December 24. 
  • And somebody spoke and I went into a dream
  • Day in a life
  • I can't wait! Love the Beatles! Grew up listening to them and Dylan and love them both! So glad we can get these guys soon!
  • Michael Jackson getting that Beatles money.
  • I've been able to stream The Beatles on Pandora for quite a while now. I wonder how much everyone had to pony up to get streaming rights.
  • I read the news today, oh boy....Let's see ANY modern music last this long with this huge of a following.
  • Good news, but you could have put their entire box set on your one drive and it would have seamlessly integrated. It even pulled down album art. Anyway, I hope there is more to find one they're up. Beatles are my favorite band.
  • I would choose Groove if it were a valid option in Costa Rica, but Spotify is available here, so I supported them since day 1. But the lack of UWP is a big disappointment.
  • Super! I was missing them on Spotify.
  • I'm not seeing Last Train to Clarksville?? Heh.
  • You're joking right? Isn't that the Monkees?
  • Meh...
  • It's amazing how hard it's been to find Beatles music (free) online until this. This is awesome!
  • Finally!! I don't listen to them all the time, but it will be nice to have them available in Groove for those times I do.
  • I've just checked and The Beatles are indeed now available in Groove Music Pass! #beatlemaniadaysareheretostay
  • Finally. :)
  • Surely!
  • Who's Taylor Swift?