Yrgo - Fully Customizable, Gadgetized “desktops”

There's no shortage of contenders out there for fixing up the Windows Mobile interface. Into this crowded space comes yrgo, which brings some unique functionality and it actually quite impressive. What's new? Well, yrgo basically gives you four 'desktops' to which you can add 'gadgets' like new message notifications, program links, calendar appointments, and so on. Not much new there, to be honest.

What is new (and pretty darn cool) is that these gadgets are customizable in the extreme. The customization interface is intuitive and chock-full of options. Take a gander at the above video to see exactly how it works.

If you want a Today Screen replacement (four of them, actually) that looks exactly how you like it and you don't mind spending some time making that happen, yrgo looks like a great option. It's $10 donation-ware (update:) shareware.

[via My Today Screen]

WC Staff