Yubico Security Key C NFC says hello to USB-C, works with Microsoft 365

Yubico Security Key C Nfc Lede
Yubico Security Key C Nfc Lede (Image credit: Yubico)

What you need to know

  • Yubico announced the Security Key C NFC today.
  • The security key offers FIDO-only support in a USC-C form factor and supports NFC.
  • The Yubico Security Key C NFC is available today for $29.

Yubico expanded its lineup of security keys to include the Security Key C NFC. The new security key offers FIDO-only support in a USB-C form factor and has NFC capabilities. Like Yubico's other security keys, the Security Key C NFC works with popular websites and services, including Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Twitter, and Gmail. It also works with many of the best password managers and some cryptocurrency exchanges. The Security Key C NFC from Yubico is available starting today for $29.

If your PC doesn't feature USB-C, Yubico has a similar security key with USB-A. Both of these security keys support FIDO U2F and FIDO2 Web Authentication. Yubico claims that FIDO-based authentication beats out other forms of multi-factor authentication because it is "the only method proven to protect against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks."

Here are the highlights of the security key, according to Yubico:

  • Works out of the box with Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and hundreds of other services.
  • Supports FIDO2 and U2F
  • Enhanced injection molding process leads to strongest and most durable security key to market
  • USB-C, NFC

Yubico also makes the YubiKey Bio, which includes a fingerprint reader.

The Security Key C NFC by Yubico does not work with LastPass. To use LastPass with a Yubico security key, you need to use the YubiKey 5.

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