Zelda-like 'Moonlighter' hits Xbox Play Anywhere on Windows 10 PC [updated]

Moonlighter (Image credit: Windows Central)

Moonlighter just appeared on the Windows 10 store and is possibly an Xbox Play Anywhere experience. The Zelda-like adventure appears to be the latest game to hit the service. You just have to buy it once and can play it on Xbox One or Windows 10, picking up your saved game on either platform. Even though the Xbox Play Anywhere banner is missing as of writing, we purchased the game on Xbox One, allowing us to download it to our Windows 10 devices without a second purchase.

Update July 5, 2018: We confirmed with 11bit Studios that Moonlighter is indeed Xbox Play Anywhere with save syncing between Xbox and Windows 10 PC, enjoy!

Moonlighter is a role-playing game with "rogue-lite" elements. It follows Will, an adventurous shopkeeper who secretly dreams of becoming a hero. During an archeological excavation, a set of "Gates" were discovered in Rynoka, a small commercial village. People quickly realized that these ancient passages lead to different realms and dimensions. The portals provide brave and reckless adventurers with treasures beyond measure.

Aside from the standard adventuring, you can put items on sale, set their price, manage gold, recruit assistants, and upgrade your shop. The title is a hybrid of an old-school Zelda-like action game and a business simulator. However, some shady individuals may want to steal your precious wares so you have to take on thieves and other swindlers.

Getting to know Rynoka's residents and understanding their needs is crucial. Some people may have special quests for you, requesting rare items and offering massive rewards in return. There's also an in-depth crafting and enchanting system essential for progress.

Moonlighter costs $19.99 and initially launched on May 29, 2018. We knew that a Windows 10 store version was coming, but didn't expect it to also support Xbox Play Anywhere.

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