Zombie Derby 3D for Windows 8 scores as the myAppFree deal of the day

Zombie Derby 3D is a Windows 8 game of survival that tosses you in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world filled with Zombies. The game puts you behind the wheel of several tricked-out cars that are ready for Zombie combat and a variety of guns to take out the undead.

Zombie Derby 3D normally runs $.99 in the Windows 8 Store but over the next twenty-four hours you can pick up Zombie Derby 3D free through the myAppFree campaign. We have taken a look at the Windows Phone version of Zombie Derby and found it to be a fun time waster of a game. In just tinkering with the Windows 8 version, it comes across as an entertaining game for our larger screened devices.

Zombie Derby 3D

While not a universal app, the Windows 8 version of Zombie Derby 3D plays out just like the Windows Phone version. There is support for both on-screen controls or keyboard controls and I have to say that the game plays out nicely on an 8" tablet. Tilt controls on your tablets will help control your car's balance as it goes airborne on the bouncy roadway or hits some of the makeshift jumps that are scattered about.

Zombie Derby 3D

The game is one of survival where you race your car down an endless road to see how many Zombies you can take out before you run out of gas. There are five cars available and each has various upgrades you can purchase through the coins you earn during game play. The upgrades include fuel capacity, tires, engines and plenty of weapons upgrades to enhance your Zombie slaying abilities. Zombie Derby 3D includes five levels to tackle and has joystick support. In playing the Windows 8 version of the game, we are reminded that the game is a fun time waster.

Zombie Derby 3D typically runs $.99 in the Windows Store and through the myAppFree deal, you can pick the game up free over the next twenty-four hours. Again, Zombie Derby 3D is not a universal app but if you prefer gaming from the small screen, the Windows Phone version is customarily a free gaming title.

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