Zombies, Run! races on to the Marketplace

Zombies, Run! has hit the Windows Phone Marketplace. It is listed as a fitness app that plays out more along the lines of a game.

Zombies, Run! has you listening to a story line or mission while jogging or walking. As you progress through the audio adventure you collect supplies that are used at your base township, after your run. The supplies are used in turn to support township growth and as your town grows, additional missions become available.

The main page of Zombies, Run! has options to view the chapters/missions, check you township, view the people/places/special items/supplies you've collected and access the app's settings.  Settings covers turning on/off zombie chases, how item pick-ups are confirmed (speech/vibration), run the app under the lock screen and unit measurements.  To start your run and the mission, just swipe up from the bottom of the main page.  Once your run is complete, you'll get a summary screen highlighting your run and items collected for distribution.

Zombies, Run! contains thirty missions and over forty runs. In addition to making your runs more interesting by avoiding Zombies, collecting supplies and building your township the app also tracks your fitness progress by displaying your distance, time and pace for each run on the summary screen.

Zombies, Run! is an interesting exercise/game concept that may make those morning runs a little more exciting. Who knows, it may give you enough motivation to run more often.

There is a free trial version available for Zombies, Run! to let you try things out. The full version of Zombies, Run! is currently running $7.99 and you can find it all here at (opens in new tab) the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, Vanessa and Adrian, for the tip!

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  • I know it is awesome, but is it really worth 8€? :O
  • That's what they've been charging on other platforms, so that comes as no surprise.
  • Wtf 6.99€ in ita :S
  • Been waiting for this one.
  • Insane! pretty expensive!!
  • Come on guys, not everything can be free! I'm sure they put in a lot of work and investment in to this. If I remember correctly there were several best sellers in the Apple store that were priced about 10 dollars; NOVA being one of them. At least we have a trial phase unlike Apple.
  • I saw this on the Marketplace (US) on Monday and it was priced at $6.99, and now it's $7.99. Still, seems a bit pricey, regardless of platform...
  • Good, I think it's worth it; $7.99 to give me some more motivation to run and prevent CVD in the future. Endomondo alone nor Sportstracker get me to 'like' running, so maybe this will do it.
    P.S. I believe these are signs that WP has now truly become the third ecosystem. Just saying.
  • Zombies are such misunderstood creatures....
  • Haha awesome idea, definitely going to try before I buy. Too bad I have so much data on the excellent SportsTracker app
  • Oh man....think I'm going to give it a shot. I usually do my running after work when the sun still up. I might wait til it's dark to do my running now. :)
  • One of the most cleaver ideas to come along in a long time. Yes, I'm copping it. Only thing I can say is, IT BETTER upgrade to Windows Phone 8. I don't want to hear, well, because of the major changes in the kernel, Bob and Larry had to spend an extra 4 days without sleep, eating 3 day old tacos and drinking warm beer so we have to charge for it again. I'm not going to be happy dudes. But, I like the concept and it should be fun.
  • Oh no, its not free or a dollar! :O
    Sometimes I think about making an app. Then I remember how entitled/ungrateful/cheap people are. I don't envy mobile developers like I used too, but I do appreciate their work.
    Let me run the trial of the app so I can make an informed decision...