Zune-era music visualizer set to return to Groove Music for Windows 10?

Microsoft may be recreating the famous Zune app for Windows with Groove for 2017. At least, that's what it looks like with the latest Groove update build 10.17071.1321.0, which came out recently for those in the Skip Ahead Fast Ring for Windows Insiders.

The new visualizer feature spotted in Groove.

The new visualizer feature spotted in Groove.

Spotted by OnMSFT, there is now a new Playback > Visualizers area found under the Groove app's settings. Unfortunately, clicking it reveals a notice that "the visualizer feature is currently unavailable on your device" suggest the feature is not quite ready for testing by Insiders.

For those who need a refresher, the old Zune app both on the PC and the player itself had a favorite feature called visualizer that was – at the time – a modern spin on the screen saver. The feature had different forms including one that displayed all your album art that could twinkle in and out, another with the artist's name and album in text slowly scrolling across the screen and another with trippy line art set to the beat of the song playing.

You can see the old Zune visualizers in action in some hilariously dated videos for an idea.

Presumably, Microsoft is updating the form of the Groove music visualizer, so it will be fun to see what they come up with and whether they will allow the original Zune-era style one to return as well.

Build 10.17071.1321.0 of Groove is only available on the Skip Ahead Fast Ring. The current regular Insider Fast Ring, Release Preview, and Production build of Windows 10 are on Groove version 10.17062.1411.

Everything you need to know about Groove Music for Windows 10

With the recent addition of a dedicated video section for artists and the "like" feature returning Groove Music is gradually returning to its roots and we couldn't be happier.

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