Get 100GB more OneDrive cloud storage with Bing Rewards


Microsoft has actively given away terabytes of OneDrive storage to consumers over the rebranding period already, but fear not if you've missed out on previous promotions. The company is giving away 100GB of storage through Bing Rewards. Whether you store your massive photo collection from your Windows Phones or enjoy collaborating and sharing content with others, this extra space will come in handy to many.

Currently consumers who open up a Microsoft account receive 7GB worth of cloud storage for free. The 100GB of extra space can be exchanged for just 100 credits through Bing Rewards. This increased amount is valid for 1 year from redemption. Note that you have until June 30th 2014 to redeem the offer.

​Think of this as Bing's way to welcome OneDrive to the family.

Source: Twitter (Bing Rewards); big thanks to everyone who tipped us!


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Get 100GB more OneDrive cloud storage with Bing Rewards


I just redeemed 20 times.  I noticed you can give the codes to other people.  I'm going to give 10 years to my wife and 10 years for me.

I'm from India. Can you just post your redeem code here so that I can extend my expiry date. I am having 50GB of onedrive which is sufficient. Its expiring next year. 50GB is sufficient for me.Can somebody do it ?

So, I tried to redeem 12 but they aren't going through. However, my wife sucessfully redeemed 3. Are you saying she can just forward me the emails with the codes and I can redeem them on my account? She doesn't need 100GB but I do.

I thought it said "Limit of one offer code per Microsoft account – codes cannot be combined," though? Well, we will see. I just redeemed it 12 times. That should give me 100GB until 2026 if it goes through.

Oh, wow. I tried twice and was looking for more storage and, of course didn't see it after redeeming the codes they emailed.  :P But you're right, it adds years. I hope they don't view this as an exploit.  Now I have a use for my points that, until now, I had forgotten.

"valid for 1 year from redemption. Offer code must be redeemed by June 30, 2014. Limit: One offer code per Microsoft account. "

But, I do hope it works out for you guys

I can only use my code once. Says this code has already been used, try a different code.

Too bad they don't have a windows app to keep getting points as I do most of my searches on my phone. I guess I'll do a few searches on my laptop to get into the 100gb fun.

Do what I do. I load up the browser on my phone and use the Bing website. It would be nice to use the app on the phone, but since it doesn't give you any points at this time I find the website to be an alternative.

I do that also. Desktop is all that seems to work for me though. The mobile view takes me back to the built in Bing search.

That works for you? When I go to bing.com on IE on Windows Phone it automatically opens up the Bing search app even though I have IE settings to only view the desktop version.

Set Bing as your default search at work and watch the points pile up. I actively search a lot frequently max out the amount of points from searches I get.

Exactly. Bing has been my main search engine at work for 4-5 years. I have reached my limit so many times. Plus Bing is very good at finding tech stuff. Much less crap in results than Google.

+1020  Is this 100GB offer only good for 1 year or is it permanent storage like the 3GB for auto uploading pics?

I have a 1020. I've used about 26GB on my OneDrive and not all of that is photos. I have about 4 hours of video uploaded, too.

I have 30, I get your point but in reality not everything needs to backed up. I wish everything could be though. Shit, my 1020 and dng is filling up that space quick.

Its like a drug dealer, first one is on us.

Oh, you're out of space now that it expired? That's too bad. We will gladly give you another 100 GB in return for you giving us $50/yr.

What happens to your stuff when the time expires? Do they just hold your content hostage until you pony up the cash?

No...if you have 100GB space, and use 75GB by the one year mark. They let you keep what you have...and take away the left over 25GB

Ahh makes sense. Id probably just upload a huge amount of redundant, duplicate data and then delete some stuff when I need to get some legitimate files on there.

Then you will loose 25 Gigs. Once the time has expired and you remove a file the amount of space that file was taking up disappears, so you can't deserve a lot of space with useless junk and then later, after your time has expired, replace with files you wish to keep.

Sweet just got me some cloud storage normaly I get Starbucks gift cards with my Bing points but I can earn 100 points in a couple of days 

You know what else is US only? Bing Dictionary!!!!! which is triggered by define keyword. Why would anyone want to restrict dictionary for any region? Google search delivers all services for all region at the same time.


I have to agree with you; sanity is not exactly Bing team's strongest area!

I'm sure there are some laws and regulations regarding giving things away for free and such.  Don't just jump the gun and blame MS.

I did a proxy thing, made an account, got some fake address and phone number (i just had to get a wp store gift card so it just needed email, but it wouldn't work without address). And yet, after i purchased 1.25$ with my hard earned 275 credits, it mailed me after an hour that my order got cancelled, and i checked again to see that they even deactivated my rewards account. so no use trying rewards outside usa,

Makes you wonder how things are going to work with those Nokia x devices relying solely on Microsoft services....

Just search using Bing. Make sure you're in the "program" tho. Sin up page is on Bing.com in the menu. After you gained enough points, redeem them for a multitude of things.

This is a good description but I want to add on that it is an awesome program.  I have gotten a lot of Amazon and Windows Phone gift cards over the last couple years.  It is one of the rewards programs out there that is really worth it.

Plus with Bing Rewards coming to our phones (eventually) getting points becomes even easier.

You get points for using Bing to search and doing daily Bing challenges that you can use towards gift cards and sweepstakes.

Search and earn, in short. In practice, I have been using it since it was Live Rewards. Currently I just click on the 4 hover points on the homepage and whatever search headlines they have on the bottom. Plus they usually offer something in the upper right so I will click that, and there's half my credits for the day. Usually capped at 15 credits/day, usually earn half a credit per search. I end up with a $5 Amazon gift card ever month or two.

+720. This stupid technique is preventing them from developing new things specially bing services to rest of the world.

Those Nokia x devices are going to be such a fun experience with their lovely MS services that work best only in the US.....

Why should we use a proxy though, Windows Phones are way more popular OUTSIDE the US yet MS neglect us outsiders!!!

You just answered your own question. It is precisely because Windows Phones are NOT popular in the US that they make this a US exclusive as incentive for US customers to join the Windows Phone wagon or any of the Microsoft services.

Not really. Bing rewards is already US only ever since it stand, even before WP existence. AFAIK, that is because of different country has different regulations (tax, etc) regarding of giving away something (that can be converted into monetary like gift vouchers) to other entities like users. Same like WP marketplace which has alot of region to cover the whole globe since it involve monetary transactions. And since the reward program itself isn't mandatory (unlike the bing product itself), maybe in their calculation, providing the reward program likely will cost them more than the benefit they get.

Really? Even though it says "Limit of one offer code per Microsoft account – codes cannot be combined."?

I tried two to start, and it seemed to add a second year.  My expiration is Feb. 28, 2016. 

So I redeemed it seven more times-- still waiting on the code emails but I am hopeful they will each add another year. 

I KNEW there was a good reason I was saving all those points... LOL

I redeemed 12 of them about 4 hours ago and  not a single one has been accepted yet. All still say "in progress". Hope they don't nix them before I can redeem. I don't think they intended for this to be cumulative.

I just ordered 4 of them.  3 now say "cancelled" and the other one is still "in progress".  For the 3 that were cancelled, they better give my points back to my account.  I was saving them for the $5 Amazon gift card.

Well, it took about 20 hours but it seems all 12 of my orders went through. I got the emails, but I haven't tried to redeem them yet. I think I'm going to wait till it's closer to the June 30, 2014 redemption deadline, because I'm not in a tight spot for more storage space at the moment (although that might baloon in 2 weeks once Titanfall comes out: "Xbox, record that!").

I ordered 12 of them 8 hours ago and haven't received a single email yet. If I go to Bing Rewards and check the order status they all still say 'in progress". However, I redeemed 3 of them on my wife's account 1 hours after I redeemed the 12 on mine and she promptly received 3 emails with redemption codes. I wonder if I can use her redemption codes.

But, yes, they absolutely better give back the Bing Rewards points if they cancelled the order.

Only for USA. The only people that matter to Microsoft, it seems. The irony is that we Latin Americans shoot WP up to second place.

Cool...OH WAIT! It's only available in the US! What a surprise.

And some people still wonder why the vast majority of users, including WP users, still prefer to use Google.

Through Bing Rewards, that's not really a clever move is it considering most people in the US probably use Google anyway!!!

This is OneDrive and Bing colaborations. Does not have anything todo with WP other than WP use OneDrive as cloud storage (oh wait ... Android now can use OneDrive as cloud storage to ... and Nokia X too ... :P).

So did I. I was using and promoting Bing, but the truth is that outside the USA, Bing plain sucks. We had to go back to Google search. They need to have a broader vision than that.

Yea, only one year...I still have 25gb on mine and only use about 1gb..

I used my bing rewards to get $5 off gamestop game and I pre-ordered Titanfall for the xbox one...

If you have the time every day, log into bing rewards, do all your searchs from bing...and you can get up to 30 points per day (gold member If you do 150 searches a month or silver only 15 searches)

You can use Bing Rewards in other countries using a US proxy....dunno if it's the right thing to do, but it's possible.

How? Please tell us HOW! Which VPN did you use? I tried proXPN but it just said that I could not create a Bing Reward account.

I don't like this "only good for one year" stuff.  My box account is 100 GB for life...

I missed out on couple of previous deals because I never received the email. Why would I not receive the email? Been using hotmail since the 90s. I have 28gb now, but I can definitely use more space :)

Use 100 for this and keep saving for Amazon. Maxing out on points per day means you'll have this recouped in 6 days.

It's not one or the other, it can be both.

the same here in Czech Rep., Bing Rewards not available. I like MS but  I really dont like how  MS doesnt care about Europe ? Why only in the U.S and Canada was MS giving away Surface and Dell tablets, discounted Lumias, gigabytes of OneDrive cloud storage, Introduced Lumia Icon for Verizon (USA and Canada), .

europeans can take the rests, whats left, who care about Europe. Looks like we (Europeans) want MS services and products but MS doesnt care about us so much ... 


Bing Reward is not available in Canada...cmom, MS, where is the brotherly love for the big white North?

I wish they let us keep the 100 GB forever instead of just one year. But I guess that's asking for too much :p

Stuck on 10 GB till I die... :P
Doesn't care really, have 1 TB on Flickr and 15 TB on my desktop so even my 1020 gonna use good time to fill it up...

this is terrible. another offer for US only customers. Offers not being available in the UK or other countries worldwide is really starting to piss me off

Bing Rewards it's not available for my country. As isn't Smart Search. It's sad that for not living in the US I get only half Microsoft.

And you know what. The US gets all the features and they are their market share is a lot lower than Europe and (possibly) South Africa (whole lot of 520's here!). C'mon Microsoft! Get your sh*t together

That's because Microsoft couldn't give a shit about those markets because they're already buying the phones, this tactic is to draw people to their services.

Of course over here in Australia we just don't get it because no one thinks it's a viable market "too small".

I had earned my gold status in Bing rewards a couple months back and had a lot of points saved up, then suddenly my account was deactivated and the support team wouldn't help me at all. I was very disappointed. :/

I don't see why I'd want all that extra storage it it's not mine permanently. They give you 100gb, then you utilize it, then they take it away, what do you do?

Why does Microsoft get so much flack on things? This company is AMAZING and customer-driven. Google and Apple just don't have it down....this is AWESOME!!

I agree, i love all my Microsoft products but it does piss me off that they have no idea that there are people living outside of the US.

Is this 100gb of permanent storage? Because before when they gave away 25gigs it was for only a year...?

To quote the article:

"The 100GB of extra space can be exchanged for just 100 credits through Bing Rewards. This increased amount is valid for 1 year from redemption. Note that you have until June 30th 2014 to redeem the offer."

Now if only Microsoft didn't treat the rest of the World like a second class citizen maybe I could utilise this offer.

Much wow. It took me 650 credits to get just $3 of free apps from the Windows 8.1 Marketplace and they're giving 100GB for only 100 credits! I have a feeling they're doing this because people will have to pay for the storage once their offer expires.

They are definitely fixing the stacking. 3 of my 4 got cancelled and my last one is still "in progress" womp womp

Edit: Just received the 300 points credited back to my account.

I'm trying to do them just one at a time.  After I submitted the promo code for the one and the 3 got rejected, I put in for another promo code.  Maybe they have caught on to people doing them all at once, but maybe I can squeak them by by doing them one at a time.  I'll update this if it works

Weird, I redeemed it 11 times, 5 at once, then like an hour later 6 more times. I got the redemption emails like 15-30 min after redeeming them through bing rewards and they all worked. Another weird thing is I don't think they subtracted teh right number of points. My order history says I only redeemed it 6 times AND I have 300 more credits than I should have. Not that I'm complaining of course...damn I'll be 33 who knows where by the time this expires.

I have 12 pending, but my wife got emails for all 3 of her attempts. Can I use her codes or are they tied to  her account? Because she definitely doesn't need 100GB for the next three years. But I totally do (Xbox Game DVR!!!)

I'm from India. Can you just post your redeem code here so that I can extend my expiry date. I am having 50GB of onedrive which is sufficient. Its expiring next year. Somebody please do it :(

I have a code I can give you, give me a sec to pull it up. Do u have a forums account set up so I can DM you?

Same here. Google and Bing should realise that there is a world outside the US that uses their services!

I can understand that they might not be able to offer local promotions in every country, but at least online services could be offered (like OneDrive storage) to all of their clients.

I love MS I love WP8. I hate all these offers of extending the Onedrive/Skydrive storage for a limited time. Everyone is all crazy about trying to get in on the offers, but why become dependent on it? It goes away. then what?  Your stuck for what ever the going rate is in the future. MS smiling at all this I guess. 

Why isn't OneDrive storage just always part of the rewards program?  Let me get like 500MB for 500 points.

Awesome! But when will any of those promotion or Bing (and XBox One) services be avaliable in my Country/Region?!? I can't take part in any of them!!

Do you have to wait until the email is sent before you redeem again? I tried redeeming six times and all were cancelled except one. Confused?!