Access FTP links easily on Windows Phone 8 with FTP Enabler


FTP Enabler is a neat little app that adds the ability to Windows Phone for the loading of ftp:// links. As it currently stands, if one opens an FTP URL from an email, loads it up in Ineternet Explorer or from another app, an error message is displayed. The user is asked to look for an app on the store to carry out this command. The only issue is there aren't any apps listed, until now.

Linked files are downloaded in FTP Enabler, which launches an appropriate app for that particular file type, ether it be a .docx, .png, .pdf or .zip. It's a small app, but proves useful especially if you have an FTP link instead of HTTP. It would be great to see Windows Phone handle said protocol without requiring a third-party app, and one could simply change the link and use http, but where's the fun in that? Note that FTP Enabler is not an FTP client.

You can download FTP Enabler from the Windows Phone Store (listed for Windows Phone 8 only) for $0.99.

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Access FTP links easily on Windows Phone 8 with FTP Enabler


My my my, Christmas on April?!  Microsoft earnings, and Nokia sales all in one day.  Third time is a nail in the haters' coffin.
I'm loving these apps!

Oh, this gives me a thought, an article on the best FTP clients for WP7 and WP8 (assuming there are any) would be pretty cool and very useful if you were to put one together! :)

Once again, the people who helped Microsoft get a foot hold in the marketshare with windows phone are being left out in the cold.

Hi Winning Guy,
I'm Glenn, the author of FTP Enabler. Currenty FTP Enabler will only work with direct links to files i.e. ftp:// links that appear in web pages that you're browsing in IE10, or that you've received in an email.
Ordinarily Windows Phone 8 doesn't know what to do with ftp:// links, and asks if you'd like to find an app that can handle it for you. If you say yes to finding an app, Windows Phone will automatically find FTP Enabler in the store for you. Of course you can still search for and download it the normal way too.
FTP Enabler isn't feature complete by any means, and I can certainly add in a facility to browse and navigate FTP directories, and download and launch files when clicked on.

You can add download & launch functionality?  That's fantastic!  I didn't think that functionality was available in WP!  Can you launch xap files?
Would it also be possible to link to skydrive so you can "download" from an ftp to skydrive?

And no FTP Client in the Store?
Why? Another crazy OS limitation?
FTP and VPN are 2 protocols needed for work. Wake up MS.

If you've clicked on an ftp:// link in a web page in IE10 or your device, or in an email, you'll easily discover FTP Enabler, as Windows Phone 8 will search the marketplace for you.
If you install FTP Enabler the manual way i.e. searching for it in the store and downloading it, FTP Enabler will enable ftp:// links to work in browser pages, and emails.
What you cannot do with FTP Enabler, is paste an ftp:// link into the address bar in IE10 mobile. That doesn't work. It's just the way that IE10 handles the ftp link and address. If the ftp:// link is hosted in a webpage or email then it will work fine.
One user who has reviewed the app tried to paste an ftp:// address into IE10, and of course it didn't work. However he created a one note entry, pasted it in there, and it worked when tapping the ftp:// link from the one note page.