New AFL Live app brings live Australian Football League matches to your Windows Phone

AFL Live

Are you looking forward to the AFL Grand Final next month? Then you're going to want to check out the new official AFL Live app for Windows Phone. AFL Live brings the Australian Football League to your Windows Phone and gives you match highlights, live scores, live video games and so much more.

Here's what you get with AFL Live for Windows Phone:

  • Match highlights & press conference videos
  • Access to an extensive video archive of AFL programmes
  • LIVE scores and statistics for each player and team
  • LIVE official AFL game expert commentary
  • Breaking news, match previews and summaries prepared by the AFL's official journalists
  • AFL fixtures and ladder

AFL Live

Purchase an AFL Live Pass (more info on the AFL website) and you get the following additional features in the app:

  • LIVE video stream of every Toyota AFL Premiership Season, Finals and NAB Challenge game
  • On demand full match replays
  • AFL.TV 24 hour channel
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Multiple device compatibility

AFL Live

This app is published by Telstra, which means Telstra customers won't need to worry about data charges when using AFL Live for Windows Phone. Data used by AFL Live by Telstra customers does not count against their data.

Anyone glad to see AFL Live finally join Windows Phone? Even if this season is nearly over? Sound off below!

Thanks for the tip Brentz!

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Reader comments

New AFL Live app brings live Australian Football League matches to your Windows Phone


US fan of AFL. Awesome that phones support footy before major tv network here in the US. Been trying to get regular matches for a while. I did the Big Pond subscription but it was hard to not see the scores before watching the match on delayed stream a few days after it took place. Go Bombers!

Go to watchafl.afl.com.au. Buy a pass (not too expensive) and you can watch all games live in HD stream. Really good service which is only available to international IP addresses.

Lol, 10/10 I will bite. Aussie Rules Football is older than Baseball. Is Arena Football even still around? If so, it is less popular than the WNBA.

Now I have a couple of kangaroo-riding-bush-babies friends. Wow. G'day mates!

Seriously tho, I find that Aussies are some of the nicest people in the internet. ;)

The NRL live app (all the same as this but for NRL) is also out.

It's a pretty good app and it's just great to have an official option on the platform.

FWIW, I've been sending Telstra feedback through their website and every rep I speak to and on their Twitter to bring all their apps to WP for like a year now. They're slowly coming around, to their credit. I don't think the other carriers support WP at all.

Thats fantastic news!  Ive been waiting for this and was believing it would never happen.  I wonder if they'll get it on Win RT next. Im with Telstra so NO DATA fees.  love it.

Surely Foxtel is around the corner?

Go Bombers.

Been waiting for this, for like ages. Downloaded it asap. Shame that after registering that it does not recognise my details. Also disappointing that the promo code "LUMIA2014AFL" doesn't seem be recognised either! Great to have this app on WP though. GO HAWKS