All KIN sales being stopped, being sent back tomorrow (July 18th)

We already know that Verizon and Microsoft have pulled the plug on the whole KIN series (see our review), the question then becomes what to do about existing supplies?

We're getting word, confirmed though two sources, that anything and everything KIN gets sent back to...wherever...starting tomorrow. What happens to them is anyone's guess.

That's right folks, we may be on the verge of a fabled E.T. game situation for the KIN-they will perhaps be dumped in a big landfill, where 20 years from now, rare NIB KINS will fetch for thousands of dollars on eBay.

The geek inside of us wants to run out and buy one to keep next to our big-head Han Solo action figure; the analyst in us sees Microsoft trying to erase this mistake from history and think that's OK.

[Thanks, Jason Cipriani, for the tip!]


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All KIN sales being stopped, being sent back tomorrow (July 18th)


I hate Verizon. i just talked to them about taking 1 of these of their hands before tomorrow if they would give me the 9.99 data plan. They said No. I guess they dont mind being stuck with thousands of these. Morons

You're the one who doesn't understand how this works.

I can't go to AT&T and tell them I'll take an iPhone 3G they have laying around for $20 because no one else will buy it. Things cost a certain price, things use certain plans.


Once again, the fact that they never released a GSM variant really sucks. Despite it's limitations, i'd pick a GSM Kin One up in a hurry. At least you can still stream the Zune service over Wifi.

best buy on saturday still had mock kins on display. maybe you can get one there?

If I recall, the ads for Kin highlighted online "social" services. Well, if there are only a few thousand (or maybe just a few hundred) Kins out there in actual use, how long is Microsoft going to pay the expense of running such services? How long is Microsoft required to run the services, based on the contracts with the wireless carriers? Maybe Microsoft should just recall all the Kin phones that were sold and give a refund to customers. What a huge mess... Fortunately for Microsoft, it will all be forgotten by the time Windows Phone 7 is launched in a few months.

Saw this coming a 1000 miles away. The WinMO platform is DEAD. You are all sinking with the ship. There are 3 viable life rafts. RIM, Iphone, or the best ANDROID. God Speed LOSERS!

The devices were to ugly. In this day and age your phone is part of your look, just as much as the clothes you wear and whatever else you have on.

Unfortunately, i made the mistake of buying this phone because I liked the keyboard and i have an ipod tuch for apps and stuff. I have the KIN 2. What the hell do I do now? I had no idea this happened until today!