Amber now live for the Lumia 920 on EE UK

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Nokia promised the world would get Amber by the end of September. There’s only a little over a week left in the month for them to keep that promise. AT&T customers still don’t have it on their Lumia 920s, but folks in the UK on EE/Orange should be smiling right now. Reports are pouring in on a little update becoming available.

Details after the break.

Navigate to the Nokia support page for the Amber rollout and indeed you will see the Lumia 920 on EE are getting it. We’ve been receiving reports for the past hour that users are seeing an update available and sure enough, it’s listed as available on the support page. This is on target with their promise a few weeks ago

What can you look forward to with GDR2/Amber? Lots of great things like improvements to Xbox Music, glance screen, Nokia Pro Cam, and more.

On EE with the Lumia 920? Go update and tell us what you think. And sorry to all the AT&T customers without it on their Lumia 920’s yet.

Thanks everyone for the tip!


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Amber now live for the Lumia 920 on EE UK


They say they are premier partners because they get the phones first. To be honest its like this on Android also it takes time to get updates if you don't have a nexus. This was types on my att Lumia 920 with gdr1......

I think AT&T's French has gotten rusty. "Premier" means "first". I think what AT&T meant to say was that they are the "plus d'un mois en retard" partner.

It would have been announced on here by Daniel or Sam so,it won't be skipped. Its taking longer than the other carriers to update that's all.

@damo579 It won't be announced on here until they've heard from at&t themselves. Seems like you're a little butt hurt, eh?

I'm not butt hurt. My point is if it was not being released don't you think it would have been reported on here. This is the best WP news site around you know.

It WILL be reported if they hear officially from at&t. Obviously they haven't heard such news yet since it's still anybody's guess as to when we will see the update in at&t.

Remember the 1308 update debacle? And the fact that 1314 still kinda sucks because they rushed to fix the damage 1308 caused? Yeah, I'd much rather they fully test it out and eliminate all of the bugs.

Given how little marketshare WP has in the States it amazes me how vocal people are about the lack of updates on AT&T. I'm sure the market share must be higher!

Yep. EE (Orange) get exclusive L920 for 6 months, hardly promote it, offer things like swappables to tempt you to change provider. Then they don't support updates (last network in uk to send it out), don't support swappable apps, and put your bill up 5 months into 24 month contract. Love the phone, not EE.

Its live on t-mobile uk. Also an EE network.

Is there any way to download an update without WiFi? I have unlimited data and no WiFi until Sunday :(

About the same as last year I believe. Unless of course its a leap year, in which case the number of days remains the same. Hope this helps...

Hard to find someone talking about the update here and not moaning about AT&T.

Too early to say anything definitive, but battery life seems much improved. I went to bed at 12, phone was at 99%. Woke up at 7:30, and my battery was at... 99%! This is with Glance on, Double Tap to Wake on. And no, it was not plugged in. How is this even possible? Anyone else seen battery life improvements?

Nope. Att will update with gdr2 on September 30 at 11:59:59 pm. xD
this is my GUESS, and I hope I'm right bec I don't want to wait any longer.

Obligatory AT&T apologist "just wait; aren't you glad they're testing so well?"
(Just kidding.  AT&T sucks.)

To add insult to injury, AT&T may have delayed it intentionally to avoid customer service issues overlapping with iOS 7 launch. They probably can't handle releasing to patches at the same time and delayed the one they have control over.

Except GDR2 has been ready for weeks. They should at least communicate to their customers why there is a delay because this is just getting out of hand.

This is probably what annoys me the most, not telling customers the true story. I'm not in the US, I'm in the UK but it's been a similar situation with EE. For weeks on end people have been asking EE about the update, but you never get a straight answer. If it's going to be delayed for X days or weeks, or there is a specific problem that's delaying things, then tell us. But fobbing off customers and never giving you a straight answer really gets to me.

More people need to get on twitter and bitch at att. I go through there everyday retweeting what I see which isn't much.

I have it on my 920, but that's because I gave up waiting and just got the developer ROM off of XDA instead.

I am sick of all these articles about Lumias and GDR2. Please make more articles about the LG Quantum. Jk girlfriend. Jk.

Wait is at&t actually the last carrier in the world that hasn't released it or are they just not mentioning others??

I think 2GB other storage is the norm for most smartphones. Its a must. The problem are the ones with over 4GB....esp on a 8GB phone.

Yes. I  think around 2Gb is fairly normal. My non-GRD2 920 hovers between 2-2.5Gb all the time. These files are not just unnecessary files. The problem was far more serious for many users with phones completely filling with Other space files.

This is what ATT told me when I tweeted them on Monday: @IamOrane Sorry, no date yet given. Working to make sure release works without flaws. Follow @ATT for updates. ^DavidO

Well bugger me gently. EE finally did it. There as quick as there 4g. Any slower and they will be going back in time

ATT just started selling the 925. 920 GDR2 is possibly a deliberate delay so as to not impact 925 sales. Not that that makes me happy. I bought the 920 on day one

Is att really going to ever update our 920's with amber/gdr2? I'm still recovering from my original Samsung focus 7.5 update debacle....hence my anxiety!

I imagine when Microsoft starts releasing the new Nokia phones, those would get the updates directly from Microsoft ... ? Or are the carriers going to continue twisting their arms? Microsoft needs to set their rules, direct updates period.  I flashed my 920 because I didn't want to wait last week, but it is disappointing to see WP hindered like this.

Is that what happened to apple? When Verizon tried this crap with apple, they went to Cingular. Apple knew they had a good product and insisted on their rules. Verizon sprint and tmobile came begging after.

Sigh. You have it the wrong way round mate.

The iphone was exclusive to one carrier per country. Jobs basically bullied whatever carrier he could into the deal. Then, when it sold like hot cakes the carriers were only too eager to get the phone. Even if it meant losing control of the updates. So apple strong armed and bullied until it won.

Do you honestly, honestly think for one second that ms have the power in todays mobile market that apple do? That apple did in 2007? No. No they do not.

Ms need the carriers more than they need ms.

Verizon was not interested in the iPhone. They were approached and didn't want it. Yes Microsoft can set rules today. Att was no longer iPhone exclusive, I switched to att for the lumias. And that meant me and my family lines. I was with Verizon for more than 10 years. They may not have as much pull as apple did but they sure can make demands and they do behind closed doors. They just didn't push this. Priorities fell else where.

They wernt interested because of the updates.

That's why they passed, that's why they would pass on wp if it did it.

They weren't interested because of the PRICE apple wanted (not because of updates) as well as other terms. For the price they wanted and the fact that blackberry dominated the smart phone business then, they were not interested. Microsoft is paying a price for not releasing the updates direct to the consumer. While I understand many people don't care about updates and many choose not to update, for people like us it is frustrating and it delays further releasing features that WP is still behind on. There is a point they will reach where they will be calling the shots, with iphone no longer exclusive and apple releasing nothing new, and apple sales declining, Microsoft does have a chance to get themselves better positioned. With the innovations of nokia, this is the time.

Because its not a good example. Its the only time in history its happened. Its like sighting Husain bolts world record time as a standard for how fast people should run.

Just talked to Randall Stephenson at ATT and the all important GDR2 update will be released Sept 32nd. Now that I know that I can proceed to solve the worlds other major problems.

I think its funny how iOS can get an update on every carrier, all at once but we are all still getting shafted and fragmented. #fuckcarriers

Funny that the rule only applies to apple isn't it. Its almost as if apple were the ones to make that rule. But as we all know its just google, Samsung, ms, Nokia, lg, htc, Sony, lenovo, hp, dell, huwai, oppo and asus being lazy. Nothing at all to do with the carriers refusing to stock phones they don't control. Not at all. Nope.

When we get it on ATT, it will be stripped of DataSense, which is my most desired feature. Who knows what they'll block going forward? There's literally NO carrier in the US with a "premium" Windows Phone experience.

Either you get a great selection, but slow updates and features blocked, or you get better update support and crappy device selection.

I envision all see of you in your flats downloading this while drinking tea.
I'm jealous of both. Time to warm up a pot.

Yeah i got the update a little while ago for EE/T-mobile. I even tweeted EE earlier today askin if they had a date for release and reply was they didn't know lol, left hand don't know what right hand is doing.

Good lord so what is every freakin' carrier's 920 in the world going to get the GDR2 update before ATT customers? WTH?!!!!!! This is getting rediculous. Might as well freakin wait until GDR3 and just download both at once.
O wait ATT won't prob release GDR3 until sometime in 2014....like Christmas 2014!

Even if at&t has to wait for gdr3, they could've told us long, long ago. Maybe that means we are getting Amber.

Does anyone have the page saying that they have an update but when you check there is none. Its been like that for about a month now for me. Pretty distressing

Installed the update now my phone is bricked - it had to happen to someone, why not be me

Still no amber love for my unlocked&unbranded 920............. Something clearly wrong here, my phone isn't linked to any carriers, it should have been one of the first to be updated >.

I don't understand why Microsoft/Nokia have to go through the stupid carriers to approve updates to Windows Phone. Why cant they just update it themselves like Apple does, they don't rely on the carriers to approve their updates. 

Maybe ATT will just push IOS 7 to Lumia. Flipping iPhone update went out on time without a hitch. Why can't carriers and developer's understand there are phones BESIDES Apple and Android.

AT&T claims they are evaluating GDR2 to make sure there are no problems on their network. That is bull, 925 & 1020 already have it.

Really, 8Gajillion iPhone users got their update, but the hundreds of us with AT&T branded phones, whether on their network or not still wait.
Just kidding about the numbers. Me, I thought it had more to do with their just releasing top-notch phones like the 1020 and not wanting all those with 920s or others ready to jump to the new phone to suddenly get the software that nearly levels the playing field.
However, when the rumor (any truth to this?) that we were waiting for the iPhone crowd to line up first hit, I then became miffed.

ATT victims some in the East still don't have the update, if that makes you feel any better...

920 users on AT&T (which I am till next Nov.) will NEVER see another update to our phones. It is not in the AT&T business plan to give older phone owners more than 1 update ever.  Join AT&T next and get your update with a new phone. Microsoft screwed themselves allowing the carriers to make the rules. They could have been like Apple and just update the phones outside of carrier approvals but no let's screw WP users yet again. I am done with both after this contract expires. 

Crap. I must have a damned bug in my Lumia 920!!! I just tried to set my calendar to remind me on the 32nd to update my phone, and NONE of my 4 calendar apps would let me enter the date.
Does anyone else have an issue with the length of September on their Lumias? Can't we just swipe another day from February? They'll never notice.

Amber roll out has been pretty shit. Brazilian Lumia 720 uncarried/unbranded here and still waiting.

still dont have the amber update...my phone firmware is still 1232.5957.1308.0004 and i bougth it in hong kong...the firmware 1314 already have the amber update...fuck nokia hong kong

Yeah, I saw that Hong Kong was one of the few places Amber hasn't been rolled out.  As an AT&T customer, I feel your pain.

"This is on target with their promise a few weeks ago. " That doesnt sound right! EE promised it in Mid Sep. 19th Sep is not mid september. That's acceptable, but what's not acceptable is their lack in communication and total ignorance towards their WP customers!

at LEAST 2 months longer than everyone else! because we all know EE stands for "Everything Evenlater" lol
bittersweet should be about mid feburary maybe Evenlater! 

Downloaded. It took an hour to install but im really happy with it. Love the glance screen and tap to wake, but surprisingly my battery life has also dramatically improved. Bonus!

So I got the Amber update on a 820 today (not yet with my 920).

I can confirm this did NOTHING to the other storage. It is still at 4GB. Still cannot afford to install any games. 0. All media in SD card. It's still a dumbphone and the only option is to do a hard reset. 

So much for those "improvments" huh Daniel. 

Bangladesh got the GDR2+Amber update yesterday for Lumia 620, 820 and 920 :)
but after updating my 920, I noticed a bit of a jitter (which wasn't there before) when scrolling under both normal and high touch configurations on both the homescreen and the apps list ... it's also noticeable in some apps.

did anyone else face this?

thanks for replying Simon ... it really is annoying ... unhappy this doesn't seem to have a solution right now, but glad I'm not the only one affected

I just received additional post Amber updates on my Lumia 920 in India. I am not sure what all has been updated. Updates in progress. Will keep everyone posted.