App update roundup: Beats Music, MovieJax, Theme+ and more!

App update roundup

Apps! We love apps and love them even more when they get updated. Before we send you all off to enjoy the weekend we’re going to check out some apps that have been updated today. Let’s find out what’s new with Theme+, MovieJax, Surfy, Beats Music and more!


Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see Theme+ at version 1.3. This update brings the following features:

  • New setting to preview all patterns and color combinations
  • Allow up to four colors per background.

Since we last covered Theme+, the app has also picked up a few other updates that did things like add circular patterns and a ticket system. Theme+ is a great app to make killer Start backgrounds for Windows Phone 8.1.


MovieJax is a brand new video editing app for those on Windows Phone 8.1. It’s already one of our favorites and has just picked up an update. Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see version 1.2 with the following features:

  • Delete project button now working (was disabled in previous release)
  • Improved support for low memory (512MB) devices
  • Capture experience bug fixes
  • Improved handling and messaging around unsupported media

Don’t forget to check our hands-on with MovieJax if you need a quick primer on how it all works. Let us know what you think of the update below in the comments.

Beats Music

We’re looking at an update to Beats Music today. Dr. Dre has updated the app to version with the following new features:

  • We're giving props to our playlist creators by showing their names across the app.
  • We've also improved your music listening experience, made the app even faster and fixes lots of bugs.
  • Want to let us know about an issue you're having? Hit "Contact Support", send us an email and let us know.

We really like Beats Music and are happy to see the Windows Phone version see some love. Any of you out there rocking with Beats Music?


Not liking IE? Then you’re going to want to test out Surfy for your web browsing needs. The Windows Phone app has just been updated to version 4.3 with the following additions:

  • Quick link page – Launch Pad
  • HTML5 Game section now includes games that don’t require data connection
  • Swipe gesture to quickly switch between next or previous tab

Surfy is a great alternative browser on Windows Phone. How do you like it?

Thanks for the tips everyone!


Reader comments

App update roundup: Beats Music, MovieJax, Theme+ and more!


Yeah, I think it works better to swipe up than left to right personally and it does load faster (Iknow, I know)

Yup, and this one's a much more than just bug fixes.

Swipe to change is back and next track playing is back. One of my big annoyances before, the top menu text taking up a third of the screen also better. I also like that the artist/track is now above the album again instead of below next to the play controls.

Now just need:

  • Get the store to be browsable again
  • Recent/new albums to display
  • Lock screen to show artist art
  • Live tile

the xbox music update is faster, can swipe to change songs, next song now shows, UI has been redesigned a bit, shuffle is now front and center instead of hidden

Thanks for the coverage, Sam! Just a correction: the update brings a new setting to allow up to four colors per background.

Also, if you guys download the trial version of Theme+, go to About > Free Ticket to take advantage of an offer that lets you use all features for free.

MovieJax is great! Has massive potential! Wtf is "beats"?
Super excited about the Xbox Music update! Microsoft has really been on it.

The video app also got updated,thanx Microsoft,after a week of not working,the video app is up and running again on my 720.