AT&T to launch the 32GB Nokia Lumia 1520 on January 10

Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is the company's high-end "phablet" Windows Phone. The 16GB variant is currently available at numerous outlets within the US, as well as AT&T for direct purchasing. The mobile operator has yet to launch the 32GB version of the Windows Phone, but this could well change soon as we've learnt that January 10th is believed to be the day when AT&T opens up orders.


It's been known for a while that the 32GB version of the Lumia 1520 would be heading to AT&T in due course, and we're sure consumers who are after more internal storage than what's currently available will be pleased to see such a launch. It's also worth noting that both models come with microSD support, allowing you to add a further 64GB to the table.

We've attempted to reach out to AT&T for further confirmation and will update you accordingly. Are you waiting for a Lumia 1520 with more capacity? Sound off your thoughts in the comments.

Update: We understand that the Lumia 1520 will be DF (Direct Fulfillment) only, meaning you will have to go online to order and not via stores.


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AT&T to launch the 32GB Nokia Lumia 1520 on January 10


I just want QI charging, which I believe won't come from at&t w/o Nokia releasing a charging shell. I really hope they release one.

anyone know how to hack QI on to it? because im not rebuying charging plates and speakers to fulfill ATTs wishes

there is a way...I cant put links here. Google this: qi hack for nokia lumia 1520. Then scroll and click on wpcentral link. There is a detailed guide on how to do it. I am going to do it ..good luck.

I read this thread previously and actually have a couple of ideas to test with the 1520 shell. Worst case scenario, I'll pull from my 920 but hopefully won't need to.

Buy original equipment Nokia replacement shell (international) or buy 1520 online from Australian store

If qi was built in I may consider it. As it is though ill be on my 920 for a very long tome to come, or ill be moving to Verizon.

Exactly.  As far as I'm concerned AT&T just lost a contract.  Unless something changes I'm going to be buying the international version of the 1520 (which includes Qi charging) off contract.

+1520. Can't wait for Apple to promote this like they invented it, although it'll have been in other phones for years.

It's screwy when providers say they want a third OS to keep cell phones from becoming a duopoly, then do stuff like this.

I received my Qi back cover for the Lumia 1520 today :) gonna crack mine open and replace it so I can charge it wirelessly. There is someone in Spain selling them on eBay.

I would be content with a charging shell like the 925, 1020.  Not having Wireless Qi charging option is the worst part of the phone.  I can live with the 16gb (barely) but the lack of Qi wireless charging is the biggest letdown. 

Argh, I bought two wireless chargers and a jbl power up for my 920. I may just wait for my contract to get over with Att later this year.

Now if only they would release the red (or multiple) colored version of the Nokia 2520.

I came from the 920, which I had pretty much full after a year. The only (and major) change I've made to help deal with the (less than)16GB is to stream all my podcasts and most of my music. So far I haven't had to install a microSD card. If/when AT&T moves me off of my unlimited data plan, then I'll need to try a different approach.

I'm still only using 4-5 gigs. I'm on WiFi everywhere I go. But if I'm in a vehicle, I'm streaming a podcast. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Model number 1520.2. LTE and 4G works both in LA (where i live) and Chicago (where I've been visiting since Christmas) it took a little trick to get mms working, but other than that, works perfectly. I hope the RM-938 comes out. I want wireless charging bad enough that I'll sell this and get another.

I don't think so. I think Nokia did them bad by giving AT&T preferential treatment and this new T-Mobile won't take Sloppy Seconds.
Wished I could've gotten the 1520 when Microsoft had it for $450. Two of my mates from the UK were here for Christmas and just kept showing off their Note III.

I bought it from The MS store. Sent ATT a copy of the MS receipt and waited to know avail. So I had a friend on ATT call, saying the phone is theirs. The sent the original receipt and got the unlock code the next day. About a week later, I got the same unlock for the original request. So both processes work; only faster for ATT customers.

Know what I really want?
A Lumia *1021*.
It'd be an update to the existing 1020 with the 64GB option US got cheated out of, the processing power of the 1520...and a microSD card slot.

All since I stopped messing with 512MB phones, I've found that there's tons to install...so much that I had to cut down on music...and now that we have the raw image update I'm back in the same rut.

Yep... I'd instantly buy a 64gb model. 32gb + microSD would be perfection. It's a shame the 1520 is a ridiculous clown-shoe size.

+1021 to that, my friend! Give me everything you said plus a 1080p 5.0" screen and I'd be beating down AT&T's door to use my available upgrade!

Keep an eye out for the Lumia 1820. Don't know that it will have 64gb, but perhaps 32gb + microsd and the 1020 camera with a larger than 4.5" screen. Maybe even that 3d touch feature the new Nokia update is supposed to have.

THIS is what I want too, but it needs to support Qi. The 1020's lanyard, camera, and camera grip are now mandatory as well. Sadly I doubt AT&T will release a phone with all of these. Sigh.

I'm getting the international version to use on T-mobile, does anyone know if this phone will take the 64gb micro sdxc cards? Thanks.

^This. But when we get our next Nokia it will have Qi. Personally the 929 just won't cut it I really want the 1520 on Verizon.

I always get emergency calls from clients when I don't have my surface with me and the extra screen size would help out for remote work. I do like the 929 but need the bigger screen

It's not comically large to us Note 2/3 users looking to switch to windows phones... the small phones look comical once you get used to the bigger screens. I'm with Darth on this one... I am on Verizon for the coverage and will upgrade to the Note 3 from the Note 2 if they don't have the 1520 by the time my contract ends in November... I really want and like the simplicity of the windows phones, but won't give up my big screen to get it.

I'd actually prefer the 929 to my 1520, but I also prefer AT&T to Verizon. What made it a simple decision was that the 1520 was available. Who knows when a general consumer will be able to actually own a Lumia 929?!

Easier said than done theefman, and easy for you to say. I was forced into Verizon because of the terrible coverage/service I had on AT&T. I do not live in the boonies either, I am talking about not being able to use my phone, as a phone, in the heart of downtown Denver. AT&T may have superior device selection but in my area Verizon wins the superior network.

We should talk about that 1020 you're holding onto, I can help you out if you need to, I dunno, get rid of it :)

I had heard the rumors of the 32GB variant before I chose the 1520. I know how it works. Pretty soon the 16GB version will be down to $99. I won't kick myself for not waiting. I'm using the 1520 right now. Not wishing I was.

There hasn't been alot of interesting MS, Nokia, WP news lately. My most anticipated brain filler is who will be next MS CEO and his/her future plans and goals for MS. Secondly I want to know more about wp8.1, especially about the improved multitasking. Last of all gimme some more sony/wp news.

Have most apps I need and still have 7-8gigs left on my 16gig version. Not worried one bit since wp8.1 is right around the corner.

"Right around the corner" is a pretty variable unit to measure time. I'm not. Expecting the Blue update to the 1520 until the end of the year, or so. ...maybe fall.

Add photos and music to the mix and that's gone in seconds. I've had to remove all photos & music from mine and only have apps and games... I have 200 mb at all times, and almost daily have to cull apps to install new things

Photos I'm not worried about. As long as saved in my SkyDrive. Music, you can just use you micro SD. Though I do have issue with MS music playback features and how that I can't save my music from the cloud ota to MicroSD for play without using WiFi or data. The music features does not work. I can't even multitask without the music shutting off. Trying playing your saved mp3 music on SkyDrive while playing a piano app. Not gonna happen. There is no true multitask on WP! My rant. Either way, I never get close to 5gigs. I'm a gamer also but games on mobile phones ain't gonna cut it.

Unfortunately none of the flagship models (920, 1020) have microSD. All of the crappier models do, as well as the oversized phablets. The "top-end" mobile leaves us wanting more :/ I don't see the point of SkyDrive, I'd have to up my data plan from $5/month to use it effectively away from WiFi. It's like renting my own data. MicroSD has the highest transfer rate... 64GB in 1 second! That's the time it takes to swap a card loaded with data. You could have 1 filled with music, another with photos, another with movies, another with podcasts & ebooks. Just chuck in what you want depending on your needs.

I think everyone that was gonna buy a 1520 bought one already.. Lol.. Jk.. I'm gonna try to do a factory exchange for this bad boy. Wish me luck!

Saw the 1520 for the first time this past weekend. Absolutely loved it! But I got a brand new 920 for free in May and I'm upgrade eligible since June. Waiting for what comes out in April. :)

I was literally in an AT&T store yesterday (picking up a Lumia 2520) asking when the 32GB 1520 would be available. The sales folks were saying they hadn't received word on if/when the 32GB would be coming and I was very close to just saying forget it, I'll just grab the 16GB. So glad I didn't if this turns out to be true.

Already grabbed a 16GB version, and I'm quickly running out of space, especially with Halo: SA taking up a gig itself. If Windows Phone 8.1 adopts installing apps on the SD card, I'm fine. If not, I may have to trade up for a 32GB version, especially if developers keep churning out quality apps.

If they can do this for the Lumia 925 on T-Mobile I'm all in. Why the heck couldn't they do this in the first place? I'm tired of these dumb decisions by Nokia!!!! Another freaking exclusive deal with AT&T by the way. Do they really not have the resources to provide this phone, heck even the Lumia 1020, to other carriers? Hello! (excuse my rant, I'm just a consumer)

No problem, I've seen your stuff before and absolutely agree.   I'm not sure the dumb decision was Nokia's though, I tend to think it was T-Mobile's.    T-Mobile really needed to use the 925 as their tent pole for WP for their customers and carry two versions, a 16gb and a 32gb.   Then they needed to sell it for at least a year and support it.   A lot of us T-Mobile WP people are really sick of T-Mobile abandoning their WP products.   They have a long history of doing such then failing to update them in what any number of people think is an attempt to get people to move to new devices.    It's cheesy.   If T-Mobile really wants to remove "pain points" with their customers then they should do something like have a support contract saying something like "we will provide support and any OS updates for two years post launch for any of our products."     And actually talk to their customers about when updates are expected, other non-US cell phone companies do.

You see two of us can rant as well.....

Anyway I've just ordered a red 920 from AT&T as they are giving $200 for T-Mobile people to switch.  I have little faith that T-Mobile will actually update my HTC 8X to 8.1   (nor the 810 that I owned for a short time).   I figure that the 920 is a safe bet for an update to 8.1.  

I agree and the only thing that's keeping me with T-Mobile as a Windows Phone loyalist is the price and my good track record with customer service. Also my yellow, unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 which gets full blown LTE in 80% of my area helps a lot as well. I just want a sexy device from anybody that I can call my own with a 4.5-5" 1080p screen with an excellent camera and 32gb at least of internal memory on MY network.(the SD slot would just be icing on an already perfect cake) Is that too much to ask? Nokia? HTC? Samsung?

Yup, our criteria for phones is pretty similar.   Is that an AT&T 920 you're running on T-Mobile or a Rogers version?    Do you get all forms of coverage or is there gaps?   Meaning if you don't have LTE, can you get 3g or 2g as well on T-Mobile?

I was on T-Mobile's prepaid recently and I certainly appreciate that it was $50 with no taxes.   I rarely do much in the way of streaming so I never hit 500mb.   I had a HTC HD7 with T-Mobile then picked up an 810.   However I gave them back the 810 as part of that Washington State Attorney General case and went back to my HTC HD7.   Just a month and a half ago I picked up a new HTC 8X at a good price.   I've found 8mb is absolutely insufficient for an enthusiast and 16mb is the bare minimum.   I am definately looking forward to the 32mb 920 and am planning on using that for some time.   I rarely buy tech items at launch and often wait for last years flagship devices to drop to a reasonable price.   So I think I will be happy with the 920 and perhaps a year from now I'll look for a device like what you are talking about.    I'd like to see something like the 929 (Icon) become a new standard, like I view the 920 as (but yea an SD slot would make perfection).


I have the AT&T version unlocked for T-Mobile. Everything works except for WiFi sharing(it once did). I get either 4g, LTE, or Edge. I love being able to download a movie or game without worrying about what to delete first. One of my favorite things about the 920. The screen size and weight are perfect and the camera still does wonders. Can't wait to see what this year brings to T-Mobile or I'll have to look elsewhere or keep the 920 for a while. Can't really complain about this phone.

Huh, that's interesting, so no 3G.    Isn't Edge basically 2G?    Thanks for that information, I haven't done fine research on that issue yet.   Yes I am going to be super happy about having 32 gb, that means no more managing the absurd amount of games and programs I have installed.    I am happy to hear you like the phone, I expect I will as well.

I am looking forward to a five inch 1080p device, although it will likely be more than a year from now that I will pick one up.

Some of us are waiting for the 5.5 inch 1020 successor with 41MP and a micro SD slot and Qi. I know somebody at Nokia has the same mindset I have and has made it.

I'm afraid that no more Qi-enabled devices will come through AT&T...My next phone would be pretty much like your description, but only 5 inch...

Yep, ^^^This^^^^


This would be the only phone specs that would get me to switch from my 1020...unless there's something that's still under R&D that I don't know about yet...

The Lumia 1520 I bought here at Nokia Philippines has 32gb of storage and works wonderfully with my Nokia DT-910 stand. The phone costs around USD $795, open line. If you have friends here, have them buy it here for you.

If I get this off contract can I use on T-mobile? I want to give my 920 to gf and leave att because of this scumbaggery with the Qi

I seem to be doing just fine with the 16GB version, but I have to disclose that I rarely play any games and don't really store anything but pics and they go to my SD card. And since this beast seems to never get low on battery, I just plug it in overnight. I'm set.

No QI no big deal for me, but now is too late, i rather wait for next flagship with WP8.1, still loving my 920

a little too late. I was ready to get this on launch and if it had 32 gigs it wouldve been mine. I decided to buy a 1020 and wait to see what Apple, Nokia etc have to offer in the coming months. 

Did anyone ever see a Qi-less 32GB with AT&T's bands go through the FCC? I can't remember.

I would still like to see this with the feature, even if chances are very slim.

I went into my local store to have a look at a lumia 1520. I found that when I pressed my thumb into the display with what I would describe as a medium amount of pressure. The LCD was warping like when you touch an LCD display on a computer monitor for example. All other lumias to my knowledge have completely rigid displays. If I press my thumb into the screen of my 920 with what I would describe as a lot of pressure, nothing happens. Its solid. Has anybody else found the same?

Anyone has tried adding a 64 gb to the 32 gb already built in? Any technical issues? That's of course if its an unlocked version.

I'm replying from my international version 1520. I've had no problems thus far with my 64gb sd card

I want a Windows Phone so bad but I refuse to pay AT&T money for a gimped product :/ Bring back Qi Charging!! I miss my 920 and am NOT happy with the Samsung Galaxy S4 you replaced it with :/

About dam time. High end phones like these should come with a minimum of 32 GB.

Can't blame AT&T/Nokia US though, they tried to keep the price down by cutting out a few things.

But where is the 1520 for Canada? Will Rogers pick it up after all the buzz has died down for the device and then cry about the slow sales again? Yeah. Probably.

Would be great if Rogers picked it up!!! Then I could get an unlocked one and use it on T-Mobile US!!!

My roomate order att 1520,and he claims att gave him wireless charging version. I don't believe he order from att at all but he may recieve international version. 

Yeah, wouldn't want this ultra cool Nokia phablet to be in stores so it could be compared side by side with Samsung Android phones.  It might not go well for Android.

I think I read somewhere that that is going to be the case for future phones. That would be better. But then there's the question of standards. Which one is going to be the standard. Qi, PMA or the other wireless charging technologies out there?