AT&T Samsung Focus receiving OS 7740 update?

7740 for the Focus

We just received word from a reader that his AT&T Focus v1.3 managed to get the coveted 7740 OS update--an odd occurrence as we're not expecting US devices/carriers to roll this out.

Couple of caveats here: Justin's Focus was a developer version that he won via a Windows Phone contest and we've interacted with him before on this site, so we're confident that this is legit. However, when we plugged our Focus in to check Zune, we're met with the "You're on the latest..." screen with us stuck at 7720.

What to make of this? Perhaps some developer phones had special firmware that allows them to get the latest update--makes sense especially for developers. On the other hand, maybe AT&T is planning on some updates? So, anyone else with a Focus seeing this update coming through--if so, let us know in comments.

Thanks, Justin A., for the screen shot!


Reader comments

AT&T Samsung Focus receiving OS 7740 update?


I'd also like to get this update since I've heard rumors that there are other small bug fixes included, as long as I don't have to update the Samsung firmware to 2103.11.8.1.

I won my v1.3 Focus from a contest, I have it developer unlocked, and I have no update waiting.  It is AT&T branded, but I don't have a SIM in it, if that makes a difference (although I don't think it does).

i also have received this update tonight on 2 of my phones. My AT&T Samsung Focus v1.4 and my Tmobile HTC HD7... So far I havent seen any diff in either of these devices. I wasnt having the keyboard issue.. so I dont know what else to look for .

Your reply saying you meant 1.3 instead of 1.4 would have worked much better HERE instead of down the line, haha

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