Attend a 'Behind the Tiles' Windows Phone event to win a Lumia 900

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Microsoft has teamed up with AnythingbutiPhone to provide the Windows Phone community with a number of invitation-only events across the U.S. 36 events will be held at 12 Best Buy establishments on set days that will run from 6:30pm - 9:00pm.

Branded "Behind the Tiles with Windows Phone", these sessions will enable attendees to get hands-on experience with a variety of devices and learn about the design philosophy behind the Metro UI. Also, you could be in with a chance of winning a Lumia 900 for attending. What's on the agenda?

  • Attend a Nokia Lumia 900 instructor-led demo lab
  • Learn about the Metro UI and the future with Windows Phone (three screens dream, etc.)
  • Get the latest information on Windows Phone for IT and Developers
  • Play with some of the latest Windows Phones
  • Network with peers and Windows Phone experts
  • Have a chance to win great prizes
  • Food and beverages will be provided

Should you be interested in attending one of the hosted events, head on over to AnythingbutiPhone (link below) to view the calendar and be sure to register for a place (enter "MVP" during registration) if you can make one.

Source: AnythingbutiPhone; thanks William for the heads up!


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Attend a 'Behind the Tiles' Windows Phone event to win a Lumia 900


They might not have a car. It is a bit strange that there isn't a Boston event. You have a Best Buy right there on the corner of Mass Ave and Newbury St. A very busy area (I'm from Boston too) that would attract a sh!t load of attention.

absolutely and then i could show them (my friends) how committed ms is...by the way where in boston you at i live in Hyde park :P

According to Nokia Transit...
From South Station:
- Red Line inbound (Alewife) to Central Square
- Walk to Green St. @ Magazine St.
- Take 70A bus (Lakeview via Watertown + Trapelo Rd.) to Arsenal @ Elm St.
- Walk 0.1 miles to 550 Arsenal St.
~35 minutes

I was wondering why they would do it there. It would be awesome. My only thought is that there would be enough space. Better to pack a small venue than have few people show up to a big one though. You are right though, it would be awesome to have all that foot traffic around a WP event. Especially with a chance to win a 900.

dam  US only AGAIN! ...... 
hey MS what about the 230 other contries you support!!!!!!!  or not support.
US+ UK pretty much only WP events ....   one think I can admit , MS suck GIANT marketting  golf balls.

if the store supports the carrier then they get ALL phones....  when at&T said the 900 was commign,  best buy was getting it to.  automatic.  same thing with future shop.  and any otehr electronique store that sale cellphones for specific carrier.

depents on the store .i work for the shack and they said their sitting on to many other att phones and thats why they are not getting it bummer .I think its all the stupid android phones

No ATL, WOW. That took all the wind out of my sails. It would have been nice to try and win another lumia but I guess I will just have to buy my girl one after all.

The events are always in New York. It's great, gets a lot og exposure in the big Apple (as in apple lovers) but its probably time to sponsor the yankees, mets, giants or even the new brooklyn Nets if you want people here to really care about you.

i cant believe DC isnt on there so hope they allow you guys to record probably not but i really want to see whats being shown and the things there going to talk about there maybe even be a surprise...im pretty sure there is a WP fan base in NY bigger then u think it is but ur pretty witty Peter LoL anyways whoever is attenting wear a spy cam for me ok

I live near Philly (Reading, PA) and registered for the NY event on May 10th. If anyone else wants to car pool, split gas money, let me know.