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All Articles by Paul Acevedo

Microsoft recently reported that Windows Phone and Windows 8 games and apps generate 2.5 times more revenue during the holiday season. In that report, the big MS spoke to game makers Game Insight ( Cloud Raiders) and JoyBits (tons of crappy Doodle God games) about their experiences with the platform.

Game Insight in particular reported some impressive results, such as the fact that three of the company's titles: Cloud Raiders, Airport City, and Big Business Deluxe are in the top 10 best-selling games on the Windows Store. Game Insight titles have been installed more than ten million times across Windows Phone and Windows 8.

What's next for Game Insight? Windows Central is proud to exclusively announce that Game Insight will soon be releasing Transport Empire and Flower House (both free and with 512 MB RAM support) on mobile Windows platforms. Read on for more details!

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Last year, Gameloft unleashed the first and only Xbox-enabled MMORPG on Windows Phone: Order & Chaos Online. While Order & Chaos Online is basically a World of Warcraft clone, it's also an utterly massive and compelling game – especially for a phone game. If we had a game like that on Xbox consoles, I'd never leave the house (and now we kind of do, thanks to Onigiri).

Unfortunately, Order & Chaos Online suffered from a few frustrating bugs like uncompletable dungeons and unpurchasable pets, not to mention graphical glitches on the Lumia 1520. Gameloft last updated the game in August 2013, just before deciding to drop Xbox support on its Windows Phone and Windows 8 titles.

Don't despair! Windows Central is proud to announce that Order & Chaos Online is not only going to be updated next week, it's also launching on Windows 8 and RT – with Xbox support. Read on for exclusive details on the update and Gameloft's future plans for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

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Windows Phone has more than its share of raiding games nowadays, but my favorite continues to be Royal Revolt 2 from Flare Games. Back in September, the game received a major update that added single-player campaign stages for players to enjoy in-between attacking each other. The game was updated last week, and today it got another update. The most important feature of these two updates: alliances.

Yes, Royal Revolt 2 now has social features that allow players to form alliances (clans), work towards common goals, and chat with each other. Naturally we have a Windows Central alliance that we'd love for you to join. But why should you join an alliance, and how does it all work? Whether you're a new or returning player, our in-depth look at how the game's alliance system works will help you get the most from Royal Revolt 2's latest game-changing feature.

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The Xbox One launched in Japan at the beginning of September this year. There it has struggled to against competition from the more popular Playstation 4 and declining interest in consoles from Japanese consumers. Despite those difficulties, Japanese software has started to trickle out for the Xbox One.

First there was the free Chaos;Child demo, and now the Xbox One even has an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in Japan: Onigiri! The release of Onigiri is exciting because the game is free and not region locked. Anybody can download and start questing with friends, provided they don't mind a little legwork and a lot of Japanese text. We're here to help with a full guide to downloading and getting started in Onigiri, complete with video!

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Windows Central streams an Xbox One game or two on Twitch every weekend, and sometimes during the week as well. Tonight at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific) we have a very special stream in store for you guys at

I'll be streaming two Xbox One games that have only been released in Japan: puzzle game Puyo Puyo Tetris and an MMORPG called Onigiri. You can totally play both of these games on any Xbox One, even if you don't live in Japan.

Update: The stream has ended. We gave out some extra cool prizes during the stream: two Titan Ones, the accessory that lets you use any USB controller with your Xbox or Playstation consoles, plus Xbox Live gift cards and more. Check out the video replays and winners after the break.

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Every weekend, Windows Central streams an Xbox One game on Twitch for 1-2 hours and gives out free games to the cool people who join us during the stream. Last week, we streamed horror game Outlast and dished out codes to nine lucky viewers.

Tonight 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific) we'll be playing two amazing story-driven adventure games from Telltale Games: Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones. We're just showing the early parts of each game, so the stream won't spoil too much. We want you guys there, chatting along. To that end, we're giving out four Xbox One codes for Tales, plus a ton of Steam codes for both games!

Update: The stream has ended and a ton of people won prizes. Continue reading to check out the full replays of both games!

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It has been a busy holiday week of Xbox One Twitch streaming for the good folks at Windows Central, as we've already shared Kalimba, Thomas Was Alone, Pier Solar, and Geometry Wars 3 with our readers. Tonight at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific) we continue with the game-playing festivities, showcasing a unique downloadable ID@Xbox game.

Are you in the mood for a scare? Then join us as we play Outlast from Red Barrels Games. This will be our first horror game on the stream; hopefully yours truly can take it! Does Outlast give The Evil Within and Alien: Isolation a run for their money in creepiness? You'll have to tune in to find out!

The stream has ended, but you can still watch the whole thing right here. I was not prepared for Outlast's beautiful 3D graphics and overwhelming sense of dread. Give it a watch and you might hear me freak out once or twice. Congrats to the winners and everyone who joined us for the live stream!

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Tales from the Borderlands is a brand-new episodic adventure game set within the Borderlands universe. A collaboration between Telltale Games and Gearbox Software, Tales is the most story-driven Borderlands game yet. Players can grab the episodes individually as they are released, or opt for a season pass to get all five episodes for a little cheaper. The first episode is already available on Xbox One and Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and 4, and PC and Mac, with the Android and iOS versions sometime thereafter.

To celebrate the launch of Tales from the Borderlands, Telltale Games recently held a premiere event at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Richardson (Dallas), TX. This marks the first time a game has debuted at the renowned movie theater chain, and we were lucky enough to attend. Read on for my impressions of the Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1: Zero Sum reveal event and the game itself!

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Yesterday we kicked off our holiday week of Xbox One Twitch streams by showcasing platforming games Kalimba and Thomas Was Alone. Tonight at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific) we continue with the game-playing festivities, showcasing two recently released Xbox One titles.

First we'll stream Pier Solar and the Great Architects, a beautiful retro Role-Playing Game (RPG) from ID@Xbox developer Watermelon. After that, we'll stream Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. The latest in the twin-stick shooting series that started on Xbox comes from Lucid Games and Activision's Sierra label.

The stream has ended, and a good time was had by all. Read on to check out the archive videos and contest winners!

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We've got a busy week of Xbox One Twitch streaming lined up for you guys, and plenty of great prizes to sweeten the deal! Tonight at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific) we'll give you a chance to see two new and upcoming 2D platformers.

First we'll stream our first look at Kalimba, the latest game from Press Play, makers of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Tentacles. Kalimba won't launch until December 17, so tune in to see it early! After that, we'll stream Thomas Was Alone, the clever and artistic ID@Xbox platformer from Mike Bithell and Curve Digital.

The stream has ended, but you can still watch the archive videos to see what each game was like. Don't miss them!

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Every weekend, Windows Central streams an Xbox One game on Twitch for one hour and gives out free games to the cool people who join us during the stream. We took last weekend off from streaming because I was all kinds of sick with a cold. But I'm almost over the cold, so this week I'm back, baby!

Saturday 11/22 at at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific), we played not one, but two games! To start with, we knocked some balls around in Pinball FX2. See the recently released South Park tables in action, plus several more! After that, we played an hour of Grand Theft Auto V's campaign.

We gave out Pinball FX2 "South Park Pinball" codes for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Steam to many of the readers who participated in the stream! It was a lot of fun, and you can catch up on the whole thing by watching the archived videos embedded in this post.

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Never Alone is a cooperative platformer for Xbox One that stars a young girl named Nuna and her mystical Fox companion. The pair must traverse the frozen climes of Alaska as they seek a way to stop the endless blizzard that plagues Nuna's village. Never Alone is a unique and beautiful window into the folklore and culture of the Native Alaskan Iñupiat people, and also an entertaining game in its own right.

First announced back in May, Never Alone now available on Xbox One and Steam. Before you grab the game (or after!), be sure to read our in-depth interview with Grant Roberts, Lead Game Designer from E-Line Media, the publisher of Never Alone. We've got lots of behind-the-scenes details, concept art, and an exclusive gameplay video that highlight just what an uncommon game Never Alone really is.

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Halo: the Master Chief Collection, the compilation of all four numbered Halo games, is finally available on Xbox One. Our detailed review won't be live until tomorrow, but a lot of players already own the game and are enjoying it right now.

In celebration of the Master Chief Collection launch, Windows Central is hosting a special Twitch streaming event. Tonight you can both tune in to watch us play and chat with our staff and your fellow readers, and you can also actually play with us during the session! We'll be inviting stream viewers into our custom multiplayer games for some serious Slayer and other game types.

Update: The stream has ended. We managed to play a few games, but the broken multiplayer prevented us from enjoying the game as much as we hoped. Fingers crossed that 343 will get everything working right soon!

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The enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One and Playstation 4 looms near. It launches next week, in fact. Fans of open-world games and crime dramas have likely placed their preorders by now, with the promise of one million in-game bonus cash sweetening the deal. But so far those preorders have only been available through retail, not the online Xbox store.

Today Rockstar and Microsoft have rectified the situation. You can now hop onto or your Xbox One and digitally preorder Grand Theft Auto V. The download costs $59.99 in the US, the same price as the retail version. Digital preorders include the in-game bonus cash and allow pre-installation of the game so that it will immediately be playable on November 18. Read on for quick game details and preorder link!

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Last night, fellow Windows Central staffer Sam Sabri and I hopped online to Twitch stream Halo: The Master Chief Collection for Xbox One. We were lucky enough to play competitive matches in all six Halo 2: Anniversary maps, closing out the night with a visit to Beaver Creek, a classic map from Halo 2. See this story for videos from the stream.

Tonight, Sam and I are dishing out one last preview of the Master Chief Collection, this time by playing campaign missions from Halo 2 and 4 in online co-op! Join us at at 8pm Central (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern) for a final early taste of the greatest Halo game/collection of all time.

Update: The stream is over. Congrats to the winners!

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The release of this month's hottest Xbox One exclusive, Halo: the Master Chief Collection is only a week away. As Tuesday the 11th draws near, more and more news and tidbits about the collection continue to trickle out. The multiplayer update has finally become available to download for digital preorders, and a new commercial rolled out today as well.

Now that the multiplayer update is locked and loaded, Windows Central can finally deliver the multiplayer Twitch preview that we've wanted. Join us at tonight at 11pm Central (9pm Pacific, Midnight Eastern) to watch Sam Sabri and me play the Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer maps. Warning: I'm not that great at Halo (Sam is better), but that's part of the fun.

Update: The stream is over. Thanks to everyone who watched and chatted with us!

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The Microsoft Store is something of a haven for Microsoft fans, a place to find new hardware, software, and accessories ranging across a number of platforms. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live near a Microsoft Store, but new stores continue to open and expand Microsoft's reach.

One of those new Microsoft Stores opens in Friendswood, TX today inside of the Baybrook Mall. It will be the third one in the Houston area and the most convenient one within driving distance for yours truly. To celebrate the grand opening today, Microsoft will be offering up for $99 Toshiba Windows tablets and 4GB Xbox 360 consoles, free gift cards, and a chance to meet José Altuve of the Houston Astros.

Yesterday I toured the Friendswood Microsoft Store a little early in order to bring you our impressions and a full rundown of today's Grand Opening celebration. Update: Now with fresh photos from the ceremony!

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Not long ago, we published a big story on Xbox One launch games getting re-released as " Game of the Year Editions." That term is shorthand for the re-release of a game that contains both the original game and some or all of its downloadable content bundled into a single package, usually at a significant savings compared to purchasing those items separately. No, GOTY Editions don't have to explicitly have "Game of the Year" in their names. Like I said, we use the term as shorthand.

Given enough time, many post-launch games will receive the GOTY treatment as well. Eagle-eyed Twitter personality Lifelower recently discovered a store listing for "Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition" at NewEgg. It looks like the ultimate World War II-era sniper simulation will get Ultimate Editions for Xbox One and 360 and Playstation systems in March of next year. Read on to learn just what we expect the re-release to include!

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WWE2K 15 is now available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, allowing wrestling fans to step into the shoes of 63 wrestling superstars as well as several divas and managers. Xbox One and Playstation 4 owners haven't had a chance to step into the ring just yet, as the current-gen versions of the game don't launch until November 18. The extra wait has been rough but necessary because the Xbox One version will boast many unique features that didn't make it onto Xbox 360.

One of those features is a new-and-improved character creation mode, dubbed Superstar Studio. Today 2K Games released a video that details the Superstar Studio's depth and versatility. Players will be able to import their own images to customize wrestler faces, tattoos, clothing, and more. This looks like the most customization a wrestling game has ever offered – keep reading for the trailer and more details!

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Dead or Alive: Last Round won't be the only early 2015 release from Koei Tecmo. In January, the publisher plans to release Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires for Xbox One and Playstation 4. Also coming for those systems in early 2015 (no specific release date) is Bladestorm: Nightmare. Both are strategy games based on historical conflicts, promising hundreds of enemies on-screen at once and hundreds of hours of gameplay. Read on for trailers and early impressions!

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