Rayman Jungle Run wins as the Xbox Windows Phone Red Stripe Deal of the Week

Since we had no new Xbox Windows Phone release this week, the Xbox Red Stripe Deal is left to pick up the slack. And for once, it doesn’t disappoint! Yes, this week a game that HAS NEVER BEEN ON SALE BEFORE goes on sale. That doesn’t happen too often. What’s more, it’s one of the best games available!

Yes, Rayman Jungle Run from Ubisoft is the Xbox game on sale this week. What Windows Phone 8 gamer could resist it for only 99 cents? Rounding out the Red Stripe Dealsare an indie game called 2150 A.D. from Lumosoft for 99 cents and the Twitter app Rowi from Hidden Pineapple for $1.49. Descriptions and Store links after the break.

Rayman Jungle Run (Windows Phone 8)

Regular price: $2.99 Sale price: $.99 Download size:  49 MB Store Link

Rayman Jungle Run is a platformer based on Ubisoft’s phenomenal Rayman Origins console game. It plays like an endless runner in that Rayman run automatically, so players only need to use a single finger to control his jumping and other moves.

Unlike endless runners, the game is broken up into distinct level sets. Your goal is to not only complete every level but also collect as many Lums (floating collectibles) as possible while doing so. Get them all to receive a tooth. Once you get enough teeth you'll unlock super tough Land of the Dead levels.

Jungle Run is one of the most gorgeous games on Windows Phone, with incredibly lush and detailed backgrounds and expertly drawn characters. It includes 50 highly replayable levels and some frustrating Achievements. Look past a couple of Achievements you’ll never get and it’s one easy game to love. See our review for more details.

2150 A.D. (Windows Phone 7 and 8)

Regular price: $1.99 Sale price: $.99 Download size:  14 MB Store Link

2150 A.D. for Windows Phone

Fans of Asteroids and/or sci-fi shooters might want to give 2150 a look. Players pilot a small ship across a space field dotted with invading ships and crystals. This is not a twin-stick shooter – your weapons only fire forward, so steering is important.

Levels have varying goals, such as collecting crystals and ferrying them back to base. Between levels you can upgrade various parts of your ship. The title screen and UI are a little rough, but the solid gameplay and in-game graphics make up for it.

2150 A.D. is also available in a free ad-supported version. The ads aren’t incorporated too organically; they actually cover up some of the UI. But it’s a good way to try the game before deciding on a purchase. QR tag below links to the paid version.

Rowi (Windows Phone 7 and 8)

Regular price: $2.99 Sale price: $1.49 Download size:  3 MB Store Link

I bet you woke up this morning and thought, “I need another $%#^$&$ Twitter app on my phone.” Well then, this deal’s for you!

Rowi actually has some nice features, such as:

  • Tweet with photos, location and username auto-completion
  • Edit your photos before tweeting them or uploading new profile image using Aviary
  • Various settings around photo upload services and reading styles
  • Use multiple accounts and ability to "tweet as"
  • Save for Later using Readability, Instapaper and Pocket
  • Use Readability for better web site browsing
  • Easy access to actions on tweets via easy to use context menu
  • Share via e-mail or text
  • Translate tweets with Bing
  • Built-in TweetMarker support so last read tweets sync with your favorite Twitter apps
  • Configure your home screen with search, retweets, favorites, etc.
  • Configurable push notifications on your live tile and toast notifications for mentions and messages

Is Rowi the Twitter app to beat, you guys?

Paul Acevedo

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • Omg I just bought rayman -_-
  • Yes!  Sweet deal for a sweet game!
  • Me too -.-
  • And me, but totally worth it, awesome game.
  • I literally bought it last night thinking "oh Microsoft never discounts any new games"
  • Ditto. It's a price tag I feel comfortable paying for mobile games (since I don't play too much on my phone).
  • Got me Rayman due to this! Thanks guys!
  • Omg Rayman!
  • Rowi is the bees' knees.
  • How is the paid version compared to mehdoh or metweets?
  • Rayman is a damn cool game. Only missing last death level and collecting more than 2000 lums in one run...
  • ThaNX!
  • I have Rayman in my android tablet but I buyed again for my L920 :)
  • Bought rowi and rayman earlier. Both excellent apps
  • Anyone else like me still seeing Rayman at $2.99? I solved this by restarting my phone :p
  • Rayman was a great game even at $2.99 - definitely a must buy at $.99!
  • Also, did I miss the new xbox game this week - or was it another dry wednesday?
  • It was very dry and salty, I'm afraid.
  • Bummer, wish they would consider letting indie games into the xbox system ala GameCenter - at least on WP.  
  • Damn..i bought it the moment i read this.. 2 49 seemed like a lot to me..but definitely a steal for 0 99..and i am so happy with it..its wonderful..:)
  • 2.99*..sorry..makes the deal even better.. :D
  • Highly recommend Rayman. Especially for 99 cents.
  • Want Rayman so much!
  • This guy here is on fire, super hot streak. Already owned every Xbox deal so far...!
  • I'll try Rayman, but if it's got broken Achievements, not sure I want it. I always hate giving money to lazy developers who don't patch their work.
  • No no, they're just hard to get. Not broken.
  • Well, then...I'll still try it out, but not sure if that bothers me. I hate not being able to get Achievements (especially super-grindy ones like the Seriously ones on Gears of War), but I also dislike the idea of having Achievements be easy and not really something you achieve, rather than do, so I like that there is difficulty in them. Again, I'll try the game out, and I'll probably buy it since I just grabbed another Bing Rewards gift card for ilomilo last night.
  • It DOESN'T have any broken achievements. It says the game is broken up into distinct levels. It's a good game but far too hard for me and one I will never 200g!
  • That wasn't my issue. He said "Achievmeents you will never get," which I thought to mean that they were broken.
  • theyre not broken, just tough.
    one of them you pretty much have to perfect 3/4 of the game without retying, dying or backing out of the game
  • Really excited to try out Rayman, was hoping this game would go on sale!
  • Just brought a Rayman - nothing to think at 99 cents. Just praying that my son is not addictated to it, else I will have to unistall it ;)
    Edit: it is simply beautiful .. and that music is also awesome - unlike the temple run which sometimes scares my little son!
  • Hopefully I haven't bought rayman yet! haha :P
  • How much of a battery hog is Rayman? I trial all apps / games before i buy them to see how they effect battery life (HTC 8X). As this has no trial im unsure if i should get it (although at 79p perhaps its a no brainer).
    As a point of reference i find Asphalt 5 decent on battery life but Asphalt 7 no way. Is Rayman closer to A5 or A7 in terms of battery usage.
    Thanks guys =]
  • I have no idea about that bro but let me tell you something. I'm convinced that almost every person who enjoys playing with their phones are totally careless about battery life :P
  • Totally Accepted :)
  • For $0.99 its a no brainer to get Rayman
  • Great, no WP7 Xbox title this week.
    I'm not in a position to get WP8 until April next year.
  • Have been ogling Rayman for a long time, more so after the trial play on Win8. Looks like my wait is well rewarded.
    Just want to know how the game fares on L620... how smooth is the gameplay? Without a trial there is no way to judge :/
  • Never mind... Just bought. Running buttery smooth.
  • Rayman is instant purchase. Thanks!
  • To bad you can't buy wp8 games on a wp7. Getting my wp8 next month.
  • Awesome game
  • Unusual from Ubisoft
    .. LoLo
  • With Rayman Origins being so fantastic and Rayman Legends looking the same way, nobody should be surprised that Jungle Run is good too! But maybe you were thinking of Ubisoft's Babel Rising, which is indeed a stinker.
  • Sad face for 2150 A.D.... no one's talking about it LOL... any good?
  • Damn. I just bought Rayman at full price last week....
  • Love Rayman Origins!  I wanted to get Rayman Jungle Run earlier but wasn't sure which version to get.  I would of gotten both if they sync together but since its on sale I am going with WP8.
  • Rayman needs to know my location? No thanks.
  • Fantastic game for $0.99. Its artistic, beautiful, simple, and fun. Glad I didn't buy it at $2.99. Grab it guys, it's great!
  • Yes! I was waiting for this! These red stripe deals have been amazing