Avengers Alliance for Windows Phone arrives; time to enroll as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent

It’s time to take up the role of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, join hands with the Marvel super heroes, and take down Dr. Doom, Loki, and other super villains, essentially saving the world in the process! Avengers Alliance, a popular game for Windows 8 devices has now made it to the Windows Phone Store.

The game allows you to choose from more than 20 super heroes to help your cause, including Spider-Man, the X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk. All that would you give you a chance to fight more than 450 battles and 60 missions with hundreds of quests.

The game features stunning graphics and game play. The haunting background score adds to the drama. You can also play in the ‘Player vs Player’ mode or ‘Special Operations’ mode. The game offers over 400 in-game items and customizable agent and hero stats.

There’s a bummer as well to the fantastic game. You will need an active internet connection to play the game. Also, the game is a stand-alone edition, essentially living in a silo, so your stats and game play won’t link to the Facebook, Android, or iOS versions. This one's a terrible limitation.

Download Avengers Alliance for free for Windows Phone 8 devices with at least 1GB RAM from the Windows Phone Store, and give it a whirl. It’s pretty engaging, and great strategic fun. If you've not tried it on your Windows 8 device yet, download it from the Windows Store. If you are a fan of the genre, also check out our round-up of top super hero games for Windows Phone from last month.

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Reader comments

Avengers Alliance for Windows Phone arrives; time to enroll as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent


Wow, "bad game" is a compliment!
It's absolutely Terrible. Don't complain about no 512 MB support, your not missing anything.

Finished it in a week since the game released.Great game as always ubi rocks!And off topic damn no 512mb ram support!C'mon!

Yep, think i might preffer Jungle Run though...

The Lums you collect in fiesta run are used to unlock artwork, new player skins or "cheats". I dont like the idea of these cheats so i dont use them, but it saddens me to think people will be using them... It is the gaming culture now: "if you cant beat the game, you can pay to win it"

Thank you for gereralizing but one of the main reasons I did purchase a WP was for the Xbox intergration.  Have I downloaded games that are not Xbox intergrated, yes I have.  Am I getting more dissapointed that everytime there is a new game that it isn't Xbox intergrated, yes I am.  So I have decided to not download games that are not Xbox intergrated as I would rather spend my time on the Xbox ecosystem.  

Sorry you feel that I am "STUPID" for having my own opinion and belief on this matter.  Cheers. 

Calling you "STUPID" is a bit of a stretch, but you're missing out on some of the best games on the market, like Subway Surfers. This game is a mobile-fied version of the fairly popular Facebook game, and will appeal mostly to players of that or to somewhat forgiving Marvel+gaming fans.

Missing out on some good games, sure.

Avengers Alliance isn't one of them. I'd actually be disappointed if this WAS an Xbox Live game. Boring dreck.

no , why will games be announced at build , though i believe developers can participate and learn how to develop some after the conference if they have some sort of classes like apple does every year in wwdc

I thought few games would be announced coz we aren't getting games and apps at a good pace for eg: flipboard,telegram,pinterest and many more games too.

Once again no love for 512 mb ram devices.do they know that more than 70% of windows phone users have 512 mb ram devices.that is why i hate windows phone.no subway surfer,no temple run 2 till now.you must shame yourself game venders.

You know the 520 replacement will have 1 GB of RAM?
You get what you pay for, I'm amazed at how so many expect to be able play every game on their 512 MB devices. Games will be the first thing you lose with a low RAM device.

I'm playing Subway Surfers on a developer unlocked Lumia 520 n it works flawlessly, only problem is that you cannot update the game to a newer version

This phone wont released in many countries. And 1gb WP in many countries is expensive is not everybody can aford it. Stop thinking only in your world.

Just to clarify: I have a Nokia Lumia 920, but I dont like all this thing about 512mb not be supported!! MS needs to fix that!!

They should of never released 512mb devices, that would of fixed the problem, How much more does it cost to add 512mb more to devices ? $5-10 ?....Does not make sense, It's like Android and all the fragmentation of differennt versions of the OS, it's just as bad with 512mb devices. Microsoft created this mess

Personally, I would of not got one if I wanted to play games, as anyone buying one today KNOWS that a lot of new games dont work on 512mb devices.

Hahahaha asphalt 8 is 820MB and still runs smoothly on 512MB RAM devices and this game is 25MB and still requires 1GB RAM. Gameloft will be laughing hard badly ;)

Because many developers use different gaming engines which wp doesn't support so its difficult to get for 512 Mb Ram devices. Game loft has good developers who can make it compatible for everyone.

I would bet Sideloading it. Hackers figured out the key to change from 1gb to 512mb. This would requre you to have a Dev unlocked pohone and to sideload the app, aka Pirate the software. This would also be questionable how it will run as it could have problems.

They DID say that they got GTA: SA running on 512...a few days after release.

A big NO NO if you want to support the Devs....

Is it MS or the game developers to blame for not supporting 512mb ram devices. Its really insane. Feel bad for people who have to wait or are waiting. Already wp store is short of good games and adding to it the limitation of 512mb ram. This is why wp is distinct 3rd and it seems it will remain for a long time.

I guess it's known by now, dont buy a 512mb phone if you want to play new games.... It's your own fault with knowing this. Not sure why everyone keeps complaining about it, It's a wide known thing.

No Xbox live, No buy even if it is free #SaveXboxWP

I guess you have not realised wp8 phone like 620 was launched much earlier,at that time there were only 820 920 n 620 and hence there was no fuss about 512 mb or 1gb..many of us realised this much later.. Either u must b too new or too old to this platform..cause many of us joined wp when,wp8 came

A little research would not foresee the future,it cannot predict that a developer wont make game for 512mb ram phones,it cannot predict that a 1 gb ram game will run on 520's but not a 30 mb game..research would tell you the possibilities but certainly not the outcome..

Did you really buy a phone with low specs and expect it to be a gaming device?
A little research and you would have known better.

But they awfully lag..512 ram wp phones have less ram allocated for games than an android..moreover there is the difference of gaming engine..512 Mb ram phones run windows well whereas 512 Mb android device is awfully slow..RAM is not universal across devices,it a lot depends on OS u use..

Is this about Android? No.
It's almost like expecting a Mac to have a right-click button on a mouse just because Windows does.

Dear Friends, Now a days lumia 520 is more than any other phone in market,as more than 33% share in market but these game developer wont provide a nice game for us... many games are there needed to download on lumia 520 but due to this 512 MB ram and 1 Gb or more ram making so much differecene...Popular games which are to be played m as they aren't available and many games are just there in store but no one download it. why to create that type game which coult not be downloaded.