Aviva releases Windows Phone app to rate your driving and help you save on insurance

Aviva Drive

Aviva has released an official app for Windows Phone called Aviva Drive. The insurer uses this app to see how safe their customers drive on the UK road network. What makes it worthwhile for drivers to use is the potential to save up to 20 percent on insurance plans, depending on how safe the app calculates your driving to be. All that's required is to drive a certain amount of miles and Aviva does the rest.

The mileage counter goes up to 200 miles, utilizing the GPS on the phone to measure how you drive. It's worth noting that not every mile will be counted due to GPS itself being inaccurate in places. Once said miles have been driven, you'll receive a driving score between 0-10 (10 being the safest driver). You will need to hit a score of 3.1 or more to receive a discount bonus.

Aviva Drive

It's a neat app and one we're sure Aviva drivers with Windows Phones will enjoy using. Check it out and let us know what you think of the official app from Aviva.

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