Aviva releases Windows Phone app to rate your driving and help you save on insurance

Aviva Drive

Aviva has released an official app for Windows Phone called Aviva Drive. The insurer uses this app to see how safe their customers drive on the UK road network. What makes it worthwhile for drivers to use is the potential to save up to 20 percent on insurance plans, depending on how safe the app calculates your driving to be. All that's required is to drive a certain amount of miles and Aviva does the rest.

The mileage counter goes up to 200 miles, utilizing the GPS on the phone to measure how you drive. It's worth noting that not every mile will be counted due to GPS itself being inaccurate in places. Once said miles have been driven, you'll receive a driving score between 0-10 (10 being the safest driver). You will need to hit a score of 3.1 or more to receive a discount bonus.

Aviva Drive

It's a neat app and one we're sure Aviva drivers with Windows Phones will enjoy using. Check it out and let us know what you think of the official app from Aviva.

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Reader comments

Aviva releases Windows Phone app to rate your driving and help you save on insurance


That's a real good news! My friends are eager like hell... Although I have WP8.1 DP but I'll be more happy because they'll finally stop asking me...!

It better release fast. My 920's battery is draining like tap water :P although the 8.1 experience has been pretty smooth, battery life still sucks even with all the updates. Apps like WhatsApp and FB Messenger can do with battery optimization as well.

I admit, FB messenger is a battery drainer... I wish the least they could do is to put an option for black background as there's one in twitter app!

Official apps are bombarding on WP. Still some idiots like flip board, super cell, king.com are acting dumb not to bring their apps to us.

Great to see an official app. Sucks they forgot to remove the Android references from the T&C though.

Absolutely true. What's gonna happen with your data beyond telling them what kind of driver you are... I'd be rather careful before joining this kind of program.

Heheh another one! I'm loving the love we're getting lol.. I don't have this insurance, but I'll install the app and go driving around just to get a score :D

Probably true. The way I see it, it's a clever way of drumming up be business by making you think you are getting a nice discount just because the shop tells you you are a safe driver. If this idea was any good then the other insurance companies would be following suite.

Others do. You can fit telemetric tracker in your car and they monitor times you drive and how and where, etc. Personally I think it wont be long till you have to have one in your car (if not already activated by default) so the slightest infringement will cause financial(and criminal) penalties. That is before the 'big brother' arguments.

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This is very interesting to see. I work in the insurance industry in Canada and companies are starting to get into telematics. What it basically is, is a black box for your car that tracks your driving habits (hard breaking/acceleration), speed, distances, etc. The law however only allows for discounting and not surcharges - at this time. So, I'd be interested in seeing how this works.