BlackBerry opens up sign-ups for BBM beta app on Windows Phone


BBM is coming to Windows Phone very soon, but before that happens you're going to want to join an upcoming beta to try it out. BlackBerry has just announced that a BBM app built just for Windows Phone will be here in the coming weeks. Details on how to join the beta down below.


BlackBerry has designed their upcoming app to have a native user experience that embraces the clean, modern design of Windows Phone. There are three areas core to the BBM experience that you'll find in this app: Contacts, Chats and Feeds.

Contacts is a single list where you'll be able to view all BBM contacts (individuals and groups). Chats is the single destination for all BBM Chats including group chats, multi-person chats and one-to-one BBM Chats. Feeds is where you'll see what all your BBM Contacts are up to. Status updates and profile photo changes can be viewed here.

We just signed up for the beta and hope to do a hands-on when we get in. How about you? Looking forward to BBM on Windows Phone?

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BlackBerry opens up sign-ups for BBM beta app on Windows Phone



"he may be on mobile" swipe right and click the links button. The first one is the actual sign in. The second is an article about it.


A very good news, been waiting for it ever since a post about bbm beta coming soon.

Since BBM very popular here at Indo, and my friends keep b*tchin bout why wp not has BBM and bragging how limited our app store compare to their Lagroid or iCrapple, hope this official app could make em reconsider about how our store become bigger bit by bit.

Anyway, waiting for the green light to download it

I ended up creating a BBM ID on chrome validated it and it kept saying the username/password was wrong (it wasn't). Then I used IE (love it but still not there yet) to log in, worked like a charm. Still waiting to be able to download it. I'm going through some trouble to beta test a program that I have no interest in. I do like giving devs feedback though :P 

You download apps you don't want so you can provide feedback? Do you give them all bad reviews because you have no interest? Please explain, I think my brain is broken after a long day.

I think he means he enjoys beta testing apps, even if he doesn't want to personally use the service. He will try things out and leave quality feedback for things he feels could be done better or are broken.

No I enjoy being part of betas. I like testing apps and giving devs feedback. I personally prefer when devs give us an email for feedback therefore I don't have to give the app a rating but If I have to use the review system I tend to give 3 or above depending on the feedback. 3 is a minimum since it's a beta app. I also update the reviews as the problems are fixed. I hope that clears things out for you! 

It's only been a few comments, but it's so nice to see that WP8 users are looking forward to BBM.

This is just the beta release, but y'allz are gonna love it (even more) when voice calling, video calling & channels come to the WP version of BBM.

Hooray for BBM.
Hooray for Windows Phone.

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So I need to signup for blackberry id... then signup for beta access... and then comes a page that IE mobile cannot open... great.

Yep ..just follow the links Sam provided if you already have a blackberry ID ..if not create one ...and you can't download the app yet ..just signing up for it

Go back to the post ,swipe to right , tap view links ,tap the first it should go to the bb page with a big blue button that says sign in
PS: Are you using your windows phone to do this?

Look mate... Take a deep breathe
We are all excited as you of course

1. Use PC because Blackberry Beta website is not supported in Internet Explorer
2. Sign up a Blackberry account or sign in I you have one
3. Sign up in blackberry beta zone or sign in if you're already signed up
4. Put your phone infos
5. Submit

Done and waiting. There was an old post here about BBM beta with direct installation link. I tried that but didn't work. Guess we have to wait

People here are confused about the BETA registration, not gonna blame them because it sucks totally.
Look you have to signup twice.
1: To get BlackBerry ID.
2: To get access to BBM BETA.

You can do the first one on WP, but not the second one because it is broken on WP (Stupidity -_-).
Most of the people here have done the step 1 but not 2, and they think they are enrolled into BETA lol
Btw go to PC it will work just fine (or try UC Browser speed mode +iPhone Website preference).
Personally not gonna singup for BETA, cause the process is shitty.

While I have to agree with you about the website being user-friendly to most of us, I think it was not that complicated as well

Thanks 8) I was trying from my 1520.

Gotta wonder about all these "testers" who've signed up but know no one with a BBID. Kinda like having no gas in the car but jumping in with the keys to go for a drive.

For me, fb messenger and whatsapp is enough, but signed up!! I just want to make WP bigger and better for others!

That's the right attitude. But havn't signed up yet - will wait when it gets out of beta and hits the general WP user base.

They'll send you a link to the app in the appstore (at least, that's what happened with previous beta programs in which I've participated in the past).

Do I need to sign up with an outlook account or do I use my beta account I have already with my yahoo id?

Sign up with the BB ID you already have and you will have to provide your outlook email that you use as your Windows phone store id to be able to enter the beta program

just signed but it just shows im enrolled havent got any download link probably might come later...waiting...


It is private beta.. You need to have access so you need to sign up first and then if you are approved they would send you the private beta link from which you can download..... Better be quick the beta access is generally given to limited number of people... Follow the link down of the article and create an account , join in the beta zone and wait for the email

I think they will select the applicant based on their phone model and region... So they can judge issues better.... So people applying with similar models later from same regions are bound to be rejected....

I've been waiting damned ages for this!


Thanks BlackBerry!


I've signed up, looking forward to downloading it! Not too positive about that design though, oh well. BBM is BBM at the end of the day!

This is just a sign up request for the Beta.  You still need to be approved.  As implied from the article, it might take a couple of weeks for that to happen.

I'm in! I've been waiting for this for so long! :D

I din't think my Blackberry ID account would be active after so many years without using it. :)

I was very close to signing up but didn't bother. It just feels like another app that has come too late. No one I know even uses BBM any more despite only a few years ago most of my friends owning Blackberrys but they've sinced traded them in for Androids and iPhones (2 platforms that have had this app for ages).

We're sorry, BlackBerry Beta Zone is not yet available for your country.  Please be patient as we continue to expand across the globe.

I already hate BB.

love the design.. gla they didnt just do a port like android an ios. hate that deign. Signe up and waiting for them to email!!

I don't really get the point of these apps. I can already send text and picture messages to all my contacts. I dint have to install a separate app or make sure they have the same app installed.

Yeah I have unlimited texts too but in some countries texting is expensive, especially international texting.  The carriers will have only themselves to blame when that easy revenue totally dries up.

Little bit paining signing up via mobile, especially WP. You need a desktop to create BB beta zone ID. I think i could directly download BBM short after signing up. But no. I have to wait the confirmation, doesn't it?

The beta zone sign up direct me to UC browser. And, it's just loading and reloading with no end. And, i move to desktop, and done for just 1 minute.

I created a BlackBerry ID then joined their beta program then opted in for the BBM for Windows phone program, providing my Windows ID, then when I tried to download the app from the store I got an error.

They'll send you an email, if you are selected to be part of the beta, with the store link. It's why they ask for your store ID when you sign up to the beta program.

"Thank you for joining! You now have access to this program."  - ok, so ... where do I download it now? Didn't get any links, it's not in the store... is everyone in the same boat here?

I have this massage..
You will be notified when blackberry beta zone becomes available in your country..
Any help

I was already a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone as I joined last year when I tried to sign up for BBM beta on iOS but i never got it =( so I managed to register for this really quickly...hopfully I get to beta test this app =D

The first time round I didn't get as far as being able to see it in my programs list which is what happens when they approve you.

Signed up, getting an error that I don't have permission to join, hopefully or applications get approved shortly.

Just signed up. Figured they would've had this in the beta zone so I signed up for a bbid & linked it to a beta account the other day(thats such a messed up way of managing this)

I'm having such a hard time signing up I don't know what the hell is going on. I click on a link on the sun up page and it opened up UC browser on my phone. What the heck is that all about. Then i get a message saying it can't detect my pin. I'm done with this junk.

Be optimistic, bbm developers won't check the time you signed , they will make sure to test variety of phones and OS versions

i made a Blackberry ID but i cant sign in, they tell me "Please note that this login may not match the BlackBerry ID used to log in at the previous step" while it's the same one !!

You are well in your way/road/whatever.... Sign up for THE BETA ZONE which will make you put more details on your location... Then submit and accept the terms and conditions then submit again then put your phone infos then submit
Then wait for the approval

The only thing that's between me and exploding is optimism,, cmon Blackberry at least reply with confirmation or declination

I registered on the given link by providing all the required fields. But still not able to get the app from store!

You can't get the app from the store. You signed up, now if you are approved they will send you the download link over the email that you've provided and you'll be able to download then. Be patient

I get the following:


Welcome to the BBM for Windows Phone beta program!


In this beta we'll look to test the first BBM experience on Windows Phone.  We want to hear what you think about the look and feel of the app, any issues you discover and where you want to see the BBM application go in the future.


Thanks for joining!

BBM Beta Project Team


but then now link to download.... what do I do??? Is anyone else getting the same???

Ya I tried that already... I get the statard message saying:


Can't download

Sorry, you don't have permission to download this app.


Any other ideas?

I also got the same response...
I guess that when we gave them our market email/id they will whitelist our accounts in order to be eligible for beta download...

Ahh ok .. Sorry for the late reply... But if that is the case. Then it either we have to search the app or we haven't been approved yet but on the bright site.. I'm like you!!!

All signed up and it said I was accepted to the beta but still csnd download the app. Anyone know how long it takes for your MS ID to be recognized?