Blast your way through the latest ORB update on Windows Phone for free

Developer Palladium Power has once again made its popular Windows Phone game ORB available for free on the store. The game has recently been bumped to version 3, introducing a number of features as well as the price reduction. If you've never tried out this addictive time consumer, now's the perfect opportunity.

Should you be unaware exactly what ORB is all about, the player is in control of a sphere and is tasked with navigating around obstacles, making full use of tilt functionality. Holes and traps are to be avoided using both reflexes and special tiles dotted around the courses. It's highly addictive and can get rather tough.

So what's new in version 3? We're looking at new stages:

  • Ability to unlock five stages with new tiles, ORB and score bonus
  • ORB live tiles displays the ORB the player last controlled
  • Coloured highscore is present, showing what stage the player achieved the score at

It's a welcomed update and the added stage unlocks are an interesting way to quickly hop into more heated action. The Live Tile is a visually attractive addition to the game, supporting both small and medium sizes and displays the previous ORB used (depending on stage selection - it's basically a way to boast about where the player kicked off).


This isn't the first time we've seen ORB on sale. We've previously covered the developer slashing the price of the Windows Phone game last year. There's a free (albeit older) version of the game, also listed on the store, so be sure to check that version out once this sale comes to an end for a taste of the gameplay.

You can download ORB from the Windows Phone Store (supporting both Windows Phone 7.x and 8). Thanks, jusatin, for the heads up!



Reader comments

Blast your way through the latest ORB update on Windows Phone for free


Love this game, its probably my most played game behind asphalt7 and skulls of the shogun. The visual styling has changed a bit on this update, looks nice still but not as shiny and hd looking as the old version. Gameplay is still the best use of the accelerometer I have seen in a game.

played the game today after so long and was just thinking why has it has not been updated since very long and BOOM!!!

Nice update. Buttery smooth as ever. Thanks for your continuing support of WP7.x, Palladium Power!

Great game!  Would have gladly paid $0.99 for this!  These are the types of games that are perfect for a mobile phone!
Great work to the developer!