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Unity Jump Start

One of the bigger news coming out from last summer’s Windows Phone 8 reveal was support for game engines – like Unity. It allows game developers to easily target multiple platforms if their particular engine is supported there. Unity is one of the more popular engines at the moment, with support for nearly any platform you can think of. Right now game developers can get early access to the beta of the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 versions of Unity.

Want to jumpstart to Windows Phone 8 and Unity?

There are a handful of games in both the Windows Phone and Windows Store that take advantage of Unity. On Windows Phone you have games like Drift Mania Championship, Temple Run, and Orcs Must Survive. So what do you do if you have no experience with Unity but want to develop a game using it? Easy, jump into Windows Phone 8 and Unity with the help of our old pal Matt from RogueCode.

Matt was on a 12 hour flight from Amsterdam back to South Africa and decided to do an introductory how-to for starting out with Unity for Windows Phone. The quick start was so good that it has been cross-published to the Nokia Developer Wiki. It’s a post to bookmark if you plan on doing anything with Unity and don’t have much prior experience. He also gives an early look at an upcoming game he’s working on - Viscous Attack Llama Apocalypse. The video trailer is below, he also stresses that it’s super early into the development and is pre-alpha. It's rough, but it will be fun to see how the game progresses over time.

Links below to join the early Unity program for both Windows Phone and Windows 8. If you have any questions about development reach out to Matt through Twitter at @RogueCode. Anybody out there planning on developing games using Unity for either Windows Phone or Windows 8?

Join the Unity 4 Beta program for Windows Phone 8

Join the Unity 4 Beta program for Windows Store

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Bookmark this: Starting Windows Phone game development with Unity


I joined the beta program. Still getting to know the interface. Two things which are just disappointing - Unity asset store literally takes ages to load and the training videos take ages to playback. Otherwise, Unity is awesome

What other software is there to develop games for Windows Phone?

I'm kinda interested in one that does all platforms (XNA can do any MS platform) - Unity seems to be the one to go for (as it does iOS and Android), but it is expensive (whereas XNA is free).

Is there a list somewhere?

Not to sure of a central list anywhere.
But one awesome project is MonoGame which I did a quickstart for here: http://www.wpcentral.com/xna-dead-long-live-xna

It's an open-source XNA-like framework which works on almost every platform. The team is doing amazing work to keen XNA alive.
Then there is ANX which seems similar to MonoGame, but I haven't used it.
And finally, Havok is making Project Anarchy which will support WP8 in future, but on Twitter they told me iOS and Android are free but they haven't decided for WP8 yet.