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Paul's top Xbox One games of 2015

Since the Xbox One launched in late 2013, the Xbox One's software library has grown exponentially each year. 2014 was a fine year for Microsoft's latest console, but 2015 is where it really came into its own. Several of Phil Spencer's projects and big-name exclusives came into fruition, and the floodgate of downloadable indie titles never seemed to close. I've combed through those games big and small to bring you this detailed list of the 11 best Xbox One games of 2015.

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Gems of War is the spiritual successor to Puzzle Quest –a match-3 puzzle-RPG with endless hours of content and PvP gameplay. It's also the whole grail of free to play games – a free game that never stops being fun even if you don't buy anything. Read our full review to learn why Gems of War might be the best free to play game on Xbox One.

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Unfortunately, we're back to a boring ol' two-day weekend this week. However, we have a couple of things that'll spice up your weekend. First up, we have a new album from Nero as well as a new single from Disclosure. If music isn't your thing, perhaps you could check out Avengers: Age of Ultron with the family and enjoy it along with some popcorn. Want the scoop on it all? Then continue reading this week's version of Weekend Entertainment.

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