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WPCentral Podcast Episode 115

Did you just do a double take? Yes, we're back with a British invasion no less.

Daniel Rubino is joined by Jay Bennett and Richard Edmonds for an all new WPCentral Pocast, signaling what we hope is the return to our weekly discussion of all things Windows Phone and Microsoft.

This week we only have two topics: "Mango" and "Sea Ray" since they dominated so much of the news last week. Next week, we'll return with our normal format from our previous 'casts (fingers crossed).

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Mobile Nations 1: Where the magic happens

Mobile Nations is our brand new podcast, bringing together the heads of state from Android, BlackBerry, iOS, webOS, and Windows Phone for full on round-table action. This week Phil, Kevin, Dan and Rene discuss Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, the new Verizon data caps, and the state of the BlackBerry. This is Mobile Nations!



Got something to say? Agree or disagree with something we said? Have something you want us to discuss on a future show? Don't just sit there yelling at the screen, dammit, let us know!


  • Phil Nickinson (@philnickinson)
  • Kevin Michaluk (@crackberrykevin)
  • Daniel Rubino (@Malatesta77)
  • Rene Ritchie (@reneritchie)
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    Our music is pROgraM vs. Us3R by by morgantj. Thanks to the Smartphone Experts network of store for sponsoring this podcast, and to our fantastic live chat members for keeping us honest and making us smart!

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    Daniel Rubino is joined by Dieter Bohn to talk about the latest in Windows Phone news: The Sprint Arrive, pre-NoDo update situation and software news.  Listen in!

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    WPCentral Podcast Episode 112

    Mal and Phil are live in New York for the launch of Windows Phone 7, a slew of new handsets, and they're joined by Matt Miller of ZDNet and author of Windows Phone 7 Companion. Listen in!

    Update: We fixed up the podcast feed, sorry about that!
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    AT&T Mondrian rendering surfaces

    We've seen photos of the HTC Mondrian but we havent' seen it with any AT&T branding (where it's likely to land). We now have a rendering from ROM aficionado 911sniper that shows the Mondrian with AT&T branding.

    There's no telling what the actual device will look like or if it will keep the Mondrian tag. But it's always nice to see these renderings and think of the possibility. Hopefully, over the next few days everything will come into focus and we'll have "official" images of the Windows Phone 7 devices headed our way.

    via: Engadget

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    WMExperts Podcast Episode 104

    May well be the shortest WMExperts Podcast (unless you were listening live, in which case it might have been the longest). But we're back, we're talking the death of Kin and how it affects Windows Phone 7, and other Microsoft news. Listen in!

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    About this week's podcast ...

    We had a hell of a WMExperts Podcast Monday night. If you missed the live show, well, you missed it. Because of a technical glitch (erm, or somebody -- erm, me -- pushing the wrong button), all but the first 10 minutes were lost. And while the first 10 minutes were pretty good, it's the middle half-hour where we really got going, and the last 10 minutes that were set to make us all stars. Really. They were that good.

    So our apologies as you have to go another week without your dosage of Malatesta and yours truly. As soon as Mal recovers from the shock of losing the greatest podcast in the history of podcasts and is able to feed and bathe himself again, we'll be right back atcha. (Chances are that'll be by next Monday night at 7 p.m. EDT/4 p.m. PDT.) See you then.

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    WMExperts Podcast Episode 100

    It's Episode 100, people! That's a whole lot of Windows Mobile. And to celebrate, well, we talk about a major shakeup within the Microsoft executive ranks, as well as the latest in Windows Mobile 7.

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