OneCast lets you stream Xbox One games to iOS

Updated February 26, 2019: We reached out to the OneCast support team and a spokesperson said that a fix for the on-screen controller was in the works. However, the team recommended using a MFi or Xbox One controller in the meantime. We're been using an MFi controller from SteelSeries called the Nimbus with OneCast and haven't experienced any issues. Only using the on-screen keyboard causes rampant disconnections.

Microsoft offers game streaming from an Xbox One to Windows 10 via the Xbox app. Sometimes, you can't use a television because another member of your family has to watch a show or it would just produce a lot of light and noise. When these situations arise, it's helpful to just stream the game to a laptop or mobile device. Unfortunately, while the Xbox app only supports a handful of devices, it doesn't offer a truly mobile solution. Let's say you don't use a PC and prefer a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Well, then you're just out of luck.

Luckily, there's an app called OneCast available for Mac and iOS which lets you stream your games to your Apple devices. The Mac version costs $19.99 while the iOS version costs $11.99. Much like game streaming on Windows 10, OneCast requires you to be connected to the same network as your Xbox One to get started.

Once you sign in with your Microsoft Account and connect a controller through Bluetooth or USB, OneCast will stream your dashboard over your home network to your Mac. The app supports 1080p streaming and can run in either full screen or windowed mode. It also supports multiple profiles. The iOS version offers a touchscreen controller overlay.

If you use a Mac or iOS device, be sure to check out OneCast. It works like a charm and seems to be the only solution out there for streaming Xbox One games to Apple's products.

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