Check your inbox, you might have 20GB of extra SkyDrive storage


Loyal SkyDrive OneDrive customer? It looks like Microsoft is pulling an old page out of the playbook and giving out some free storage to users. Tips are coming in that there’s an email in inbox that offers you an extra 20GB of online storage. It’s in part to celebrate loyal customers and to notify customers of the upcoming name switch to OneDrive.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has given out geebees like candy. Early Outlook.com adopters were gifted a few pieces of extra storage last August. And a month ago 20GB of extra storage was given out to Windows Phone customers.

Today if you’re a “loyal” SkyDrive user you might get an email giving you 20GB of storage. We say might because last time they didn’t give me any extra storage. Don’t cry for me.

Let us know if you received an email giving out extra space for SkyDrive/OneDrive.

Thanks for the tips everyone!


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Check your inbox, you might have 20GB of extra SkyDrive storage



Just an fyi. If you have more than one email address, you can take that code and redeem it to your main address. I have 20GB of "free" skydrive but I got two codes, so I got two years instead of one. I'll be doing the same here so I get 4 years of extra space.

Interesting. Did you get the second one under an alias or you have a complete different Microsoft account? Thanks for the tip!

People talk about early adopters. 25GB was standard before MS dropped it to 7GB. I've had 25GB from day one. Anything else is a bonus.

I am not as lucky as you. I have the 25gb free for life, but I did not get the 20gb Windows Phone Loyalty despite owning multiple devices and I did not get this email yet.

The Lumia 900 came out at basically the end of Windows Phone 7.x life. It wasn't even the first Lumia. I got my HTC Titan in November 2011, and it was a second generation device. The Lumia 900 wasn't even released until April 2012. Windows Phone premiered at the end of 2010. Lumia 7.x users are totally not early adopters.

They did something similar more recently as well. I got 20GB for being a Windows Phone user about a month or two ago, plus today extra 20GB.

Looks like i have about 85GB worth of "free" storage on my account...something like:
25 GB (original storage before being dropped to 7GB by MS)
20GB (Office 360)
20GB (Windows Phone user)
20 GB (todays "just because"/"loyalty" bonus)

Well I had to leave the chat session early. Didn't find out what was the issue, but works great now. Might have done something on the back end. We will never know.

I got left out 2 times in a row now, aswell didn't got current 20gb promotion, so third time...

I didn't get my 20GB for WP, and i am using different WPhones for a year. My mom was using WP for a month....and she has extra 20GB

It took me 3 attempts using the windows phone support chat to get the promo code for the 20gb skydrive for wp8 users, and finally got it today.


Persist ! There's still a few days before the offer expires !

Canadian here and I got the extra 20GB last time. But my girlfriend did not. Perhaps one of us will get this one. I already have 45GB but the more the merrier.

Philippines here and i got the 20GB as well. In fact i got the email before the news started appearing online. Hopefully you get yours today. 

Russia, 20 GB for a year. "thank you for being WP user for 2 years" something like that. But I rather wish 5 GB permanently than 20 shrinked back after a year.

I got the email but there was no redeem code in the email. The link was blank, so got nothing, in Australia..

You just had to login to SkyDrive, click on the get extra space thing, go redeem code and it was filled in automatically. The link only took you to the SkyDrive page

can people like you try to research and inform yourself first before talking crap?
not even my accounts are on US region and I got a code for Windows Phone last time for a 20gb.

so please, stop talking crap and try to research first....
stop crying and complain only because you didnt get something and others did, dont like it? jump from a bridge because you know, life isnt fair and not everyone will get anything always, for one or other reason... or you know, again, at least research and stop saying "Microsoft only US people" crap, when its not even true.

Wut? I totally missed that and I've had WP for some time. Got the 20gb this time around wohoo! Too bad it's only for 1 year.

I got my email for this a few minutes ago.  Whereas the Windows Phone bonus shows up as "Enthusiast bonus", today's bonus is classified as "Windows bonus."

Did you ever unsubscribe to their emails/newsletters?  If so, you're probably out of luck.  You might want to check your marketing opt-in/opt-out settings.

Ohh, exciting! Microsoft is finally starting to play their cards right.

They made the best of a bad situation by picking the name OneDrive, it really fits in with their new campaign about Microsoft being the one tech giant for everything in your life.

That new commercial they made to announce OneDrive was beautiful, a great little ad, hope it makes it to air!

And I love it when Microsoft gives out little freebies like this. I already have more OneDrive storage than I know what to do with, but hey, I'll take it! Little things like this are what keep me a loyal Microsoft customer. :)

Got the extra 20 Gigs today.... Sitting on top of 360 GB OneDrive (I hate the name though.. SkyDrive was so awesome)

That puts me at 65GB. 25GB base, 20GB from a month ago, and now this. Too bad the extra 40GB is only for a year.

I adopted Outlook early, I got a Windows Phone in 2012 and also I'm a long time SkyDrive user and I didn't receive any of these mails.

I didn't get an email but have a 20GB "ethusiast bonus" in SkyDrive. Someone above mentioned this being for WP but I haven't bought a new phone since November 2012 and this was not there a month or so ago when I was looking to not renew my 50GB paid because I have the 200GB from the Surface 2 purchase.


TL;DR You might still have it.

If you haven't been getting ANY emails from them, you should check your marketing settings in your Microsoft Account settings... you may have opted-out or unsubscribed to their emails.

Last time they screwed up and I never got the 20GB storage either. More, my mother got the email...and she's only using WP because I gave her my old Nokia L800.


Although I don't use SkyDrive on Windows Phone that much, I do use it a lot for Word documents. Lets see if they're screwing up this time too. Since it's this "new" Microsoft we're talking about, I'm betting "yet, they will".

MS read the comments here, so obviously you didn't get the free storage, they gave it to your mother just to rub it in

And that's why there's a thing called "Google Drive" (with 15GB instead o 7GB) that I can use instead of SkyDrive and a company called "Google" to where I can turn to every time Microsoft screws up. Guess who ends up losing? MS. Oops.

there is also a thing called "a more entertaining comeback"....

on another note are you actually from Lisboa? 

No reason, just saw it on your card....  really cool city! I really liked it! and those pastel de nata in Belem were something!

If it's just the one year free 20GB, I'm not too stressed over not getting the email.

If it's permanent 20GB additonal though... I want it.

Nice gesture from Microsoft. It's nice that Microsoft was able to make the best of the situation in renaming the service while playing on their new campaign; "for everything in your life."

I haven't got any extra today but I'm only using about 5 of my 247GB I've acquired in various SkyDrive bonuses.

I switched to outlook.com since in beta and they never even gave me 20GB. Used SkyDrive since before it was cool and didn't get any bonus. Got the 20gb for Windows Phone last month and hoping to get some now.

Nope ! Nothing here too, but they did send an email and all it say was 'More apps to love with Windows 8.1' what a joke MS ?

Haven't got that one either...
Signed up for news but...
Did have 25GB free a couple of years back, now I'm on 7GB :(

0 extra received so far.  Early outlook.com adopter.  Bought many many many Windows Phones -- currently using a Nokia Lumia 1320.

Feel robbed :(

Don't cry for me Argentinaaaaaaaaa!!! Ops, Sam. :P

I also didn't receive in the last time and I am a user since the day one. Hope this time we get....

I am a lil disappointed I did not receive the WP bump. Been a platform user since day 1. Not bitching, just lamenting - I use it more than daily. I do wish they offered TB level capacity subscriptions. I hope I get the loyalty bump, if this is real.

US here, got mine and also the previous bump.

Not sure what qualifies me while some of you have not received your upgrade.  I bought a Samsung Focus WP7 on day one of the platform release.  I bought a Lumia 920 the week it came out and then a Lumia 1020 the week it came out.

Up to 65GB now.  They are sucking us in to where we get used to all this storage.  Come 2015 they are going to hit me with a bill.

I have a surface, Xbox 360, two Windows phone, and used windows 8 since day one of the dev preview, updated to the preview of windows 8.1 in the first week, and running Windows 8 Pro with WMC. Had an hotmail account forever (upgraded it to outlook really early) and I haven't gotten any of these deals!?!

Didn't get an email but just checked and am now sitting on 45GB. Not sure how, fairly sure I had 7GB to start with, then got the 20GB extra about a year ago after receiving an email.
But 45GB? AWESOME. Plenty of space for my single OneNote file to grow.

I don't have an email for this in my inbox. And I never received an email for the 20GB for being a Windows Phone user. Even though I've been a WP user since day 1.

As a day one WP adopter I never received extra storage. As a day one Outlook.com user I haven't received any extra storage. I have a feeling those if us that haven't received these early adopter perks will probably continue to be overlooked. I have no problem though as I still haven't burned through my 25GB on SkyDrive and I'm sure by the time I do capacity will expand again.

I know I have flirted with IOS and Android, but right now I'm a dedicated Windows phone user, I have even programmed an app for it and its on the store.

I didn't get any from the Windows Phone promo a month ago, and haven't seen anything this time around either. I've been a SkyDrive user since it came out :(

been on a windows phone since it was called windows mobile (5.0+ 6.0, WP7, WP8)

been using MS cloud storage since live mesh!

no free storage :(

Love these codes. Up to ~270 GB now with my original SkyDrive 25gb, Surface 2 and all these bonuses

I didn't receive the WP 20GB offer email. I've been using WP for 2.5 years and in USA.

I didn't receive this new email as well even though I've been using Skydrive for very long time now.

I have been ALL in since I bought my Nokia Lumia 920 on day one of its release and I have yet to see any such email.  They had the same offer the end of the year as well. Not sure what I have to do get the 20GB, but it would nice if it went to all the loyal customers like me.

Well I never got the WP 20gb. Then again, I still have my permanent 25gb + the 100 or 200 that came with surface for 2 years. Anyway, not that interested in time limited freebies, so whatever.

Rocking 28GB for the last 5 yrs 25 Free + 3GB 'Enthusiast bonus', my guess I won't see the additional 20GB's then hey.... Haha

Wow, I already got 20 for being a WP user, another 20 for being an "enthusiast" (referring to my using the dev preview thingy?), and now potentially another 20? That's a lot of space! It's a good time to be a student who uses Microsoft stuff, lol.

Havent got a code the first time (even though i use outlook from launch), haven't got the second one (even though i own 2 WP phones) and haven't recieved this one either. I do have a 25gb Skydrive (as i was smart enough to convert the 7GB back to 25GB when they changed it) but thats all i got it seems.

Yeah, it seems pretty random. Not as long an outlook user as you are but I also didn't get anything for owning a WP phone. Something's very wrong with this randomness of who is considered a loyal customer.

loyalty (ˈlɔɪəltɪ)

n, pl -ties

1.  the state or quality of being loyal

2.  (often plural) a feeling of allegiance

3.  re: Microsoft – the state of counting for absolutely nothing

How can you tell how much you have? File Explorer/properties doesn't say?? No info in the SkyDrive app?

To me it seems very random who's getting the bonus and who doesn't. I'm pretty sure I won't get any free space this time either. Kinda pissed....

Looks like I've been left out of this one as well . I have had windows phone from the start and never recieved the bump in storage a couple weeks back from that and nothing from this either...

I never recieved my 20gb for having a WP, but chalked it up to being in Canada. Anyone else in Canada in the same boat?

US ID for years... one of the first Windows Live users... and again nothing... stucked at 7GB.. 

If I get an extra 20GB then I'll have a total of 63.5GB of cloud storage that I paid nothing for. Thank you Microsoft.

I've been a loyal customer since Hotmail/Windows Live Mail yet I,haven't gotten any free upgrade last time around. I was even an avid user of Live Mesh. Lets hope I get rewarded this time around.

Checked all my emails over the past several years. I see emails saying 'hay sign up 4 SkyDrive' from Microsoft, but I am already signed up.