Microsoft giving early adopters of extra SkyDrive storage and Skype credit is currently celebrating its first year of life. Back on July 31st in 2012 it launched in preview form and quickly won over the hearts of many. So many that now it claims over 400 million users. If you were among the first to try out when it launched you should check your inbox for some gifts from Microsoft to show appreciation.

Microsoft is giving out an extra 3 GB of SkyDrive storage for a year in addition to one month of Skype group video. It appears to be only for those who migrated to a proper address (not and users). Not a bad little sign of appreciation for those who joined the early release of

Go check your inboxes and enjoy!

Via: RevRYL

Thanks for the tip Denver

  • Microsoft, why can't we keep the storage? We know you have it lol
  • Of course the have it. But it's their work. Or do you ask to a manufacturer for a car for free just because they have it? For me, buying is a way to say 'thank you for working hard on it and offering it to us'.
  • This! +920
  • ...for me Microsoft should give that same extra storage to loyal costumers that migrated from Microsoft email accounts! They still loyal to Microsoft from begin! In my case I'm paying every year for extra space. Grrrrr....
  • If you are a loyal customer from way back you should have a free 25gb. Way more than they offer now and way more than this temporary 3gb offer. I have had a Hotmail for years and all you had to do to get the 25gb was to say you wanted it before they reduced the free amount. Hopefully you didn't miss out on this offer.
  • Yep
  • Fuck, I missed that offer.. I've been with hotmail since 04
  • I was lucky enough to get the 25gb. I've had Hotmail since 1997. Yikes, me old
  • Wow, I hadn't really thought about it like that. I have had a Hotmail account since about middle school, So somewhere around the same time :) Not my first email account though that was a dial up Juno account....... Now that was a long time ago I feel really old for 30
  • Ahhm... 1995.
  • I was born in 95, didn't think hotmail was even a thing until 97
  • I think it was 96 but I'm not really sure. Damn young whippersnapper lol. I graduated high school in 2001. So yeah my Hotmail account is almost as old as you:-)
  • Wow :P
  • Hehe. I too have that not-time-limited 25GB treat from microsoft (and Box too :p).
  • Yes! I refreshed my outlook and see an emil with both skype and skydrive credits, not bad!
  • Bummer.  I use but with a live email address.
  • And another bites the dust
  • So do I but I still got offer
  • I used it with a Hotmail address a few days after the preview came out.
  • I can't get to my email on ever since the change since the email service that hosts the email for the domain name of my live account associated with is on office365.
  • got none :(
  • I didn't get anything either and I signed up on day 1. Maybe it takes time to roll out
  • I signed up on hour 1, and I didn't get it too. ><
  • didn't get an email, signed up in the first few days.  in the UK so i am guess im out of luck
  • I got it and I'm only over the water in Ireland!
  • Might just take a lil time to hit all the inboxes worldwide.
  • I was hopeful, until i got to the "proper" part. Ugh the horror! Well i guess my free 25GB is still waaaaaay above those who signed up early haha! 
  • Yeah me too lol
    An extra 3 free gigs would've been sweet though
  • People keep talkin about this 25gigs yet my account, which is from 2002, never received it. Maybe Canadians didn't get it?
  • You had to opt in, there was a link at the top of your inbox for a long time if I recall correctly.
  • Well booourns. I almost exclusively use the Outlook client so I apparently missed it.
  • Yeah, when Microsoft switched to only offer 7GB free instead of 25GB, you had to opt in to permanently unlock the free 25GB. If you didn't, sorry, out of luck. :/
  • I also gave the tip ¬¬
  • Hmmm
  • Meh.  The temporary storage increases aren't at all inticing to me.
  • Me neither. Permanent is all that really intrigues me.
  • Is this US only? I don't see anything here in the UK.
  • No , i am from India and i got it :)
  • I don't see it either.. I don't use my Outlook inbox much, but I've had it since July 31st, 2012.. So, I was one of the earliest adopters! Wondering why I don't see this email.. Maybe it hasn't finished going out to everyone, or they monitored the usage of the email address...
  • No sam i just got a mail from microsoft with the 3gb skydrive and skype video call... and i use a hotmail address... i guess its not limited to .outlook address...
  • Well it shouldn't be limited, since early Windows Phone adopters couldn't had renamed their primary MS Account alias, as that would have forced us to reset our phones. Anywho, no biggy, we already got used to being screwed.
  • true !!! but its good their showing some appreciation ...
  • The thing is: is a really good service, and switching from the Hotmail UI to the UI was a pleasant experience. After all, it was only a Hotmail facelift. And I still call it Hotmail to avoid confusion with the Office/Exchange email client. It really wasn't any big deal to switch to the new UI.
    It's adopting cumbersome products like WP7, WP8 and W8 that is worth appreciation. And we aren't getting any.
  • i agree with u .... 
  • I got mine earlier! Nice surprise, didn't even think I'd signed up/switched over that early to be honest lol
  • Nothing for me yet, and I was in on beta, day one.
  • Got it earlier in the day, nice little contribution to users. For those wondering It's not whether or not you had an email address, it's if you switched using / outlook desktop / others ( I'm using my hotmail account) to also it's an Irish account so it's not US only. 
  • Oh man, I was among the first to use but through my account.. Only migrated to a few months back. :/
  • Hey thanks for the heads up! I'm up to like 28gb now I think!
  • I suppose having an alias doesn't count
  • Thanks Good old Microsoft!
  • Giving storage for a limited amount of time is useless in my opinion.  And 3GB?  It would be better that they didn't give it at all, honestly.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they gave out the initial 7 and 25GB to begin with, but this loaning out of 3GB for a year is for what purpose exactly?
  • It's something and it stops the MS haters from hating
  • How can I change from hotmail to outlook when my email is the username of so many services? This has always been my concern.
  • It would change your main Microsoft account and any sign in that requires an official Microsoft Account (Windows Phone, Xbox, Skype, etc) will take your new email. For other services, such as a bank account or facebook sign in, those will still use your original email and when they email you, it will go into (your choice of) the main inbox or a new folder.
  • What's a hotmal account?
  • I switched to from hotmail on Aug.7th last year. But I didn't get any such email. Is this a US only offer?
  • Nothing here in Spain, even with the account in english since 2000 & changed the Live ID to Outlook just after the announcement.
  • I've received the email. I'm in England, UK.
  • I got the email and my address is still!
  • I've got 25G on multiple accounts....I'm good, thanks.
  • Whoo hoo! Skype video can't wait to use that on my WP8 phone...wait, what do you mean no Skype video on WP?
  • So penalize the true early adopters? How about addresses?
  • Tell me about it.... I got,my man one when I installed Win 95 and,it,was Microsoft network or something like that.
  • Nothing but issues from the start. I have a samsung Galaxy ace 3. I want to send a message using my other alias and can't on mobile office version and the web page loads all bunched up in desktop mode. I was able to use desktop mode on hotmail it didnt bunch up. I want that format back.
  • Wheres my email? im one of the first i use outlook ;(
  • Bah! They can keep their 3gigs, I'd rather take my "early adopter" Outlook address and be able to alias my Hotmail address with it. I'd like to log into XBox and tie my phone to just my Outlook account, but nope, everything is tied to my hotmail account.
  • I already have more storage space than I know what to do with, with the grandfathered amount and an Office Home Premium subscription. If they want to give me an extra 3GB that's cool and all but I'll never need it.
  • +1
  • I was an early adopter and don't have an email yet
  • I kept my hotmail and still got the early adopter gifts today!
  • What about us early, early, early adopters who had Hotmail before Microsoft even owned it?
  • Guys, I have 20Gb free so I must assume I'm not getting anymore free because of that.
  • You guys should read this:
  • Still didn't get it. Hope I will since I was an user on the day it was released one year ago and converted my email right away! :D
  • I've been using hotmail way before why can't we also have free storage and credits >:(
  • Nice for the early adopters but I'll wait until later when the next phase comes. We'll probably all get that incentive after a while. I suspect Microsoft wants all of this consolidated under the Outlook banner.
  • This is great. Since I have
    4 Outlook accounts including a main account I just redeemed all the codes under 1 account so I get the bonus storage until 8/12/2017 Yea baby and 4 months of Skype premium.
  • Nice!
  • Wonder what the new name will be for SkyDrive
  • 1, Microsoft Drive.
  • I can't migrate my to and I have a Windows Phone and I don't want to reset it. Anyway, I paid for extra 100GB.
  • I haven't received the invitation yet. But I guess I will pass it anyways, if it's just for 1 year only. 
  • I would be bummed that I am not getting this. The truth is, I am yet to cross 300 MB of the free storage of 7 GB.
  • Temporary increases are useless. They're just a way to get you hooked onto more storage in an attempt to get you to pay for more once it's up. No thanks.
    Glad I got in on the 25GB before they reduced it. 
  • Nothing for me yet in the UK - hopefully it'll arrive in my inbox soon, as I signed up on day one as well! :)
  • Got mine :D Thanks Microsoft
  • I did not get the "temp" increase earlier... but now things have taken a turn for the worse at!
      Sorry, there seems to be a problem with Outlook right now Problem We're having a problem accessing email. You might not be able to see all your email messages. Aug 14 9:49 AM  
  • I didn't move on to They kept changing the domain names, stupid MFers at Msft. Another reason Steve Ballmer should really resign.