Nokia Lumia 620

The colorful and affordable Nokia Lumia 620 now available in India

If there was on market the affordable and adored Lumia 620 could make a large impact on it would be India, so it’s great to see that the phone is officially now available there for purchase. We reported a few days ago that the 620 was available from Flipkart for preorder at 15199 rupees, but now users can get it right from Nokia too.

The phone can be bought direct for 14999 rupees ($275 USD) and comes in all six colors, including white, matte black, magenta, cyan, yellow and green.

The 3.8” 800x480 display device may be small, but it packs a nice little punch with its dual-core 1GHz S4 processor, 512MB of RAM, NFC, Wi-Fi, Front-facing camera and ClearBlack display. You can read our full review here from a few weeks back, and you’ll see just how much the phone impressed us.

We see no reason why this phone shouldn’t sell: it has Windows Phone 8, it’s awesome looking and it’s affordable (relatively). So let’s go India, let’s make this phone a hit.

Source: Nokia (India); Thanks, sri_tech, Swapnil, S.M.A.Sithick and everyone else for the tips!


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The colorful and affordable Nokia Lumia 620 now available in India


Great price but as always, it depends entirely on how well they can market it there. Nokia has a huge presence in India and if they leverage it properly, this one should do fairly well.

they should do a marketing campaign like they did with the 800 'the amazing everyday'....that was just awesome but don't know why they didn't continue those kind of ads with the 920 n 820,the present ads are average

The Nokia Lumia 620 will do really well in India, i have no doubt. Look at other smartphones available at this price point in India (mostly Android) - they just pale in comparison to the Lumia 620. The clearblack screen is stunning, WP8 is zippy and looks gorgeous on this phone. Nokia and MS should really back this product in this huge and fastest growing mobile market.
Edit: Flipkart has a 16gb memory card FREE with this phone, that makes it sweeter :)

Well it should but I am sceptical about it. Don't believe me??? Lets do an experiment. Go to any local mobile shop ask for Lumia and hear what they say. They will say its useless and recommend some dumb android. Seriously.

I second that. Nokia seriously need to check on it. Even the representative of nokia at an all mobile shop recommends android over lumia. Total bullsh#£

If it were just possible to get a second sim card for the same line I would buy one of these in a second to go with my 920. It's so damn cute!

The two main reason which would be responsible of its less success would be the late coming (ppl already bought any shit s) and no dual sim feature.
Nokia, solve these two problems, and you will win back your old customers.

Just booked a Cyan one...i hope its the one with the matte fininsh and not the glossy one...i saw few videos on youtube of the Cyan one and it was glossy in few and matte in others...fingers crossed.