DEAL ALERT: Expansys UK drops the price of the HTC 8X to £189.99

The Expansys HTC 8X is now just £189.99

Expansys UK has dropped the price of their hot-selling SIM free HTC 8X from £349.99 to just £189.99. You can choose between the classic Black or the California Blue. The £160.00 price cut includes free 3-5 day shipping.

Choose between black or California Blue

The 8X is HTC's flagship Windows Phone 8 offering. It features a 4.3-inch LCD with Gorilla Glass 2, a 1.5 GHz, Dual-Core Processor, 16GB of internal storage, and 8 mega-pixel rear camera. The 8X also includes Beats Audio sound quality.

This is a great deal on a slick phone. You can click on the the respective color links on the Expansys website to order the 8X of your choice.

Source: Expansys; Thanks for the tip, Lewis!


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DEAL ALERT: Expansys UK drops the price of the HTC 8X to £189.99


You must have had a faulty one, the battery on my 8X outlasts my previous Lumias - the 620 and 820.
The 8X is the best Windows phone I've owned so far, higher res screen, slimmer and not as much of a brick as the Lumia 820. Also, screen doesn't keep becoming unresponsive (which is the reason I got rid of my 620), apart from that, I liked my 620 very much.

I had it its best phone for the money especially that price....now I have 925 much better but really only 16 gig that suck as with the htc8x

That is the full price of the phone, how can they sell it for free? outside USA most of the people pay full price for the phones($600-800$) instead of getting locked into contracts.

I believe most people in the UK have similar contracts to the USA, though most carriers over here are happy to sign you up to a SIM only package if that's what you want. I have a SIM only deal with Three UK which costs me about £7 per month, suits me perfectly. Also I'm free to buy/sell my handset as often as I like, which being a bit of a geek, I do quite often :) Though I think I'll keep the HTC8X I got recently, as I like it a lot.

This will have some competition now. Google have dropped the price of the Nexus 4. The 8 gig is now £159 and the 16 gig £199 in UK