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Nextgen Reader for Windows 8.1 gets new update


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Nextgen Reader reader now faster and universal, major update now available

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What is your favorite news/RSS reader for Windows Phone?

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Windows Phone developer program DVLUP now available worldwide

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Nextgen Reader updated for Windows 8, adds new Feedly Pro features and more

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Deal Alert: Nextgen Reader goes free for Windows Phone, and 50% off for Windows 8

Nextgen Reader is one of our favorite Windows Phone apps. The fast, clean, and beautiful apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone offer a great RSS reader experience. The Windows Phone app is free in the Windows Phone Store today as part of the ‘App of the Day’ campaign by DVLUP, Nokia’s developer rewards program.

Also, as part of Microsoft’s Red Strip Deals promo for the holiday season, the Windows 8 app is available at $1.49 only through rest of the year. That’s 50% of the regular price!

Both Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps have ad-free, fully functional trials, which is very generous of the developer. However, it’s a good time to convert those trials to full products to save yourself from future feature limitations or ads.

Want more? We're told that new updates and features are coming in the first half of January, for both versions. Stay tuned!

Download Nextgen Reader from the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices and from Windows Store for Windows 8.

QR: Nextgen Reader


Reader comments

Deal Alert: Nextgen Reader goes free for Windows Phone, and 50% off for Windows 8


Thanks for the heads up. :) Feedly users will be ecstatic. :D


On the other hand I don't really use anything Google related. I downloaded just in case they ever change their model.

I don't use any Google service except YouTube, but use lot of services which use Google account for authentication. I'm cool like that. ;)

Best RSS app on any platform. For FREE it is a no brainer, but I paid for it long ago. You won't be disappointed, grab it now.

My favorite "news spot" on my Lumia 920 and for free! I got the app a couple of months ago and it's one of the apps I use every single day. Go get it!

Does anybody know about stuff are going to happen for the next days or in the early of 2014 year?????????????????????

Heck of a deal. This is one of those apps that feel like part of the OS. Quick, simple, reliable. It's been my newsreader for more than a year!

Yes, trials are simply "unlocked" to full version. I've never had a problem with any apps or games and you don't need to reinstall anything.

Definitely Weave.  It's the only reader app that has SkyDrive sync between the Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps.  No Google account required!

So the article is posted approx 1150 pm, it is 3 am now, and feedly still cots regular pric, so was that a deal for yesterday? Why post this article with thirteen minutes before the end of promotion?

I keep trying other newsreaders and own quite a few other, but always seems to migrate back to NextGen Reader on both WP and W8. Just smooth and reliable. Have yet to find an alternative that works as well.

Live tiles not working for me...just showing blank tile with title of subscriptions, no "live" with tile. I reinstated, change everything in settings, but.....WP7.8

Sorry - Weave is better:  No Google account required and has SkyDrive sync between Win8.1 and WinPhone :)  I'll consider this app once it adds that functionality.