Deal Alert: YouTube Pro is dead, long live SuperTube. And now it's completely free.

SuperTube returns!

YouTube Pro in disguise as SuperTube for Windows Phone

We reported last week that with Microsoft's new Marketplace policy enforcement, trademark complaints will be acted upon more quickly than before. As a result, all things Google are being pulled due to their use of terms like "YouTube", "Google", etc.

One of those apps was YouTube Pro made by Fast Code.

YouTube Pro was actually a re-launch of SuperTube, one of the original third party YouTube apps and one of the first to do HD and HQ video playback on Windows Phone. YouTube Pro superseded SuperTube, though Fast Code kept both up to date (each had a "pay" version in addition to free).

Now in a funny twist, YouTube Pro is gone from the Marketplace so the old SuperTube is back as their main app for video streaming. The app itself though looks exactly like YouTube Pro including the very Metro inspired UI.

There was a paid, ad-free version of the app but due to the YouTube Pro/Google complaint situation, developer Fast Code is now offering the paid version of SuperTube for free for a limited time. That means you can get some of the best YouTube features on Windows Phone not even for a nickel. Those features include some new stuff in version 2.3:

  • Lift restrictions of trial version on downloading and syncing videos
  • New Metro design
  • New channels page
  • New channel and message live tile. The front of channel tile will show the numbers of new videos. The back will show thumbnail of the newest video.
  • Add the subscription page after sign in on the main page
  • Fix bugs

That's on top of video downloading, video uploading to your account, HD and HQ video playback, comments, like/dislike and a Live Tile. What's not to like about this offer?

Go get SuperTube v2.3 for free here in the Marketplace. Remember, this is the paid version marked-down, so lock it in now for future updates.

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Reader comments

Deal Alert: YouTube Pro is dead, long live SuperTube. And now it's completely free.


Sadly, I'll still use Metrotube over this bargain. Going with the Metro look doesn't automatically make your app amazing, and this app unfortunately still falls under ugly for me.

Yeah but I like to support my devs who stick around and continue to improve and update their app instead of abandoning it, not matter how nice it was.

Of course, I applaud them on their continued support. If I wasn't such a sucker for looks, I'd definitely be using this.

We're sorry you seem to have drawn this conclusion however I urge you not to publicly make speculative comments like this.  Especially considernig your position in the media...
Please don't forget that we developed the first YouTube app for Windows Phone and spent over a year of our time and money developing Metrotube, arguably the most succesful '3rd party' Windows Phone app ever to hit the WIndows Phone marketplace... I assure you that pulling the app was the ONLY option we had considernig our circumstances and that we've been tirelessly working away trying to figure out a way to revive the project in a manner which would be future proof.  
In other words, I don't beleive we should be bashed for trying to go about things in a professional way right?
We have gone above and beyond to support all of our existing customers giving each and every one of them who reach out to us access to re-install the app (a hugely tedious process for us).
It's just so damn disheartening hearing you make these accusations considering our deep passion for Windows Phone and our desire to continue supporting the platform. Having said that, we fully understand your frustration but please spare a thought for us first and don't be so quick to throw us under the bus!
P.s. you'll soon be seing much more from us so do stay tuned :)!

Heard ya and will await any further info.

My comments were mostly geared for new users who don't have access to your app right now, so for us to suggest it's a viable option for new Windows Phone users is tough for us to do.

No disrespect :)

None taken!
I'm sure you can tell we're just furstrated about the situation too :(
p.s. we're not suggesting that you should be saying we're a viable alternative for new Windows Phone users and you're right in saying that we're not at this stage.  It would however be nice if we didn't get painted as the guys that 'abandoned' the platform ;)

My metrotube all of a sudden stopped working for me and the link that i had received from you guys says I do not have permission to download that app. Can I please have the new link if you have it. I'm tired of using YouTube pro it sucks so bad compared to Metrotube. My gamaertag is imowlawns4cheap. Thanks.

It was disheartening for me to find a highky recommended app, buy it...and about a week later find out it was getting discontinued and removed from the Marketplace. I don't know of a better way it could have been done, but it still sucks. Would be nice if Google wasn't playing games like this.
Where would I send an email for a link to an updated version?

Absolutely.  We were so humbled by everyones response to Metrotube and pulling it was the single hardest thing we've had to do.. Still hurts today :(  Anyhow, filck Metrotube support an emali and they'll sort you out :) support_at_metrotubeapp.com

Look, I get what Google did.  They are exercising their right to protect one of their properties.  It's not like they are Monster Cable, going around sueing other companies using Monster as part of their name (Monster Engergy Drink, Monster Trucks, Monster.com, etc.)

Luckily I bought SuperTube before YT Pro was released and it basically just had a makeover to make it look like YT Pro. So I guess nothing changes for me...
And to all the people using MetroTube - why? JUST because of it's looks? Even though it's functionally inferior to SuperTube? Puhleeze.

How is it inferior? You can't watch in portrait mode nor run a video under lock screen on SuperTube.

You can run videos under screen lock in SuperTube. And i don't remember MetroTube having the download videos functionality that Supertube/Youtube Pro has. Coupled with the fact that it will also be getting future updates when Metrotube will not, SuperTube/Youtube pro is the superior app.

Metrotube is more superior... I can loop videos, switch to three different bitrates, rotation lock, live tiles updates on my pinned subscriptions, all my uploads show up,  run underlock, video slider is not laggy, automatically play the next video on my playlists.....

As soon as I get used to a good YouTube app, this crap happens. Can we please just stick with one good one. I love MetroTube and YouTube Pro.

One thing I like watching are official music videos from various artists under their Vevo tags.  If I remember correctly, Metrotube can't view Vevo videos while Supertube/YouTubePro can.  Also, I know that there's an official Vevo app specifically for these videos but they don't even stream in HD while Supertube/YouTubePro has that ability, go figure.  There's definitely a difference in quality from HD to non HD.  YouTubePro in my opinion is the BEST youtube app. 

As my 3yr old would say, "I can't want it". I've tried other YouTube apps and none of them compare to MetroTube's look and feel.

By downloading it today.. Will i be able to dl later for my next wp8 device even if they start charging for the app by then? I wish i could back up my apps or have them on the cloud for future redownload.

Btw. MetroTube is still the best.. I dont really understand why they left or felt threatened by google (if they did) when others apps are still out there

Why Microsoft don't make an Youtube app with their "Youtube/link to app" ? I bought metrotube and later after hearing that they ill take it down i bought youtube pro lol. Is Supertube the next one ?

The whole point of the article is that Youtube Pro is Supertube - Supertube wad the original name, then they switched it to Youtube Pro, then they had to switch away from using Google-owned trademarks, so they went back to naming it Supertube.

SuperTube is one of the app with the worst translation I've ever seen (I'm reffering to the german translation). Changing languages won't work, the App will still display these poor translated strings...