Deal - Outsider challenge a success, all Liquid Daffodil apps free for 72 hours

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Earlier this week we mentioned how the app I’m a WP7! was renamed to Outsider and re-released to the Windows Phone Marketplace. The app, made by the team at Liquid Daffodil, is for fans of Windows Phone to come together, discuss software, hangout, setup multiplayer games and just have fun. Filled with numerous Easter Eggs that include hidden functionality, the app is not only fun, it’s free.

With the update though came a challenge: Three “movers and shakers” of the Windows Phone community had to unlock 7 Easter Eggs in the app within 72 hours—if successful, Liquid Daffodil would make their other apps free for 72 hours.

Those movers and shakers were Microsoft’s Ben Lower (@benlower), Ben Rudolph (@BenthePCGuy) and yours truly (@Daniel_Rubino) and we’re pleased to announce that Lower and myself have completed the challenge with Rudolph almost finishing (he’s a busy man with a new kid, so our sympathy). As the great philosopher Meatloaf once said "Two out of three ain't bad"!

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Regardless, Liquid Daffodil are making all their apps free for the next 72 hours. Those apps should be either free already for most of you or shortly becoming so when the Marketplace refreshes. Those apps are:

  1. glƏƏk! ($1.99 US- review) – One of the most unique Twitter clients available
  2. Outsider Extras ($2.99 US) – Companion app for Outsider gives even more features
  3. Add to Contacts ($0.99 US) – Search for contact info using Bing and save to your People Hub
  4. Calendar Search ($0.99 US) – Search your calendar for past and future events

We regularly use all the above apps and they’re top notch--not only are they well designed but those bottom two are super useful as they fill in gaps in the Windows Phone OS. You would be crazy to not get these apps and save yourself $7.

A big thanks to Liquid Daffodil for offering up their software for free and supporting the Windows Phone community.  Remember, this deal is only active for 72 hours so go get them now because once you lock in that “free” license, it’s free forever.

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Deal - Outsider challenge a success, all Liquid Daffodil apps free for 72 hours


Very nice.  I own every one of their apps I believe, and they were worth every penny.  One of the best dev teams on WP.

Note only are the apps super useful, fun and unique, but if there's ever any problem, bug or a feature you'd like to see, Scott is always willing to help. Great dev who puts a lot of effort and thoughts in his work. Thanks for this, man. :)

Scott from Liquid Daffodil is one of the most kind-hearted and hard-working developers I know. The fruits of his labor have made an enormous impact on the Windows Phone community.

I got these apps last time they were free. Great apps and I applaud the developer.

Not only are they useful, they brilliantly use the WP 7 design.

The last time they offered their software for free, I had to click on a button to admit I am too cheap to pay for their software. Sorry, I prefer to pay for my software so I'm not treated like a pirate even though they are the ones that offered it for free. They may think its funny but sorry some of us are just way too serious to find it humorous. Anyway I do think their apps are great and well worth the small amount that they are asking for, so if you can afford them, don't be a cheapskate!

At first I thought they were joking. But not when they post on my Twitter account without my constent posing as me admiting that I pirate their software because I am a cheapskate. That went too far. To me that's no different from identity theft.

Having the funny "I'm a cheapskate" message only happens, with consent, when using a Magic Hashtag in glƏƏk! to get the app for free, when it's full price, and is irrelevant to this special. We're sorry you feel like posting a silly message you have agreed to have sent bothers you. Sincerely. We think it's fun and is your "cost" of using a Magic Hashtag. Twitter makes it very easy to remove posts afterwards. :) Salud!

Unlock hidden features and mini-apps like a Car finder (uses GPS), Coffee locator, new areas of Outsider, access to more statistics with Outsider Extras, etc.

NOTE: If you go into Tips & Tricks in the app, and tap on the Guide in the bottom menu, you'll be able to access the fan-created "Uber Guide for Noobs" that gives a pretty good breakdown of how to unlock your Lair, 11 out of 12 Easter Eggs, and lots more to get you started. Have fun!