Deal Alert- Snack Studio Windows Phone apps now free in the Marketplace

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[+] Lock Screen is a stellar app and a must-have

Looks like it’s a good week in the Windows Phone Marketplace for deals as we just got tipped that Snack Studios have made their pay-apps free for an undisclosed time.

The developers have numerous apps in the Marketplace and in our opinion, all are top notch with an elegant design and useful functionality.  Those are apps are the following:

  • [+] Lock Screen – This app comes with a surprising array of gorgeous wallpapers for your Start screen but you can also add a physical calendar and other graphics on top before you save. A must-have app, trust us.
  • [+] Lomo Cam – A standard camera app that has pre-set filters including Lomo, Black and White and others giving your photos a unique look. Also very well done.
  • [+] Note Plus – A unique note taking app with elegant backgrounds, this app uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and has SkyDrive backup. Huzzah!
  • [+] Moments – This app merges photos with notes to allow you to save your memories
  • [+] Emoji – A helper app that allows you to easily insert emoji into text messages

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All of those apps are normally $0.99 but dropped to free on July 7th. There are ‘lite’ versions for some of these apps but you can evidently have the full ones for zero—so hop to it as these are some seriously nice programs.

Hit the links above which take you to the Marketplace or just search for ‘Snack Studio’ to find all of their apps. Thanks, Nettwerk, for the tip! 


Reader comments

Deal Alert- Snack Studio Windows Phone apps now free in the Marketplace


Odd. It comes up if you search for "Snack Studios" and even has the same naming format...must be connected somehow... <shrug>

I loves me some freebies! This lock screen thing looks really nice and usefull, gonna grab everything :)
PS: [+] Notes is from a different developer (Dream Matrix)
EDIT: can someone tell me what these "other graphics" are that I can put on my image according to the article? I was only able to add the calendar.

There is an "albums" button on the screen where you add the calendar. However, it doesn't seem to do anything at all. If I press it too many times the app crashes.

It takes me to the albums page in the Pictures hub so you can choose a photo you already have to put the calendar ontop of that one.

Lock screen is really nice, best selection of wallpapers I've seen yet imo. That little calendar feature is pretty cool as well.

I'm curious as to why we would want a non-functional calendar on the home screen.  The calendar always says 07 July... note the picture above.

Thats the month, not the day. July is the 7th month. You have to change it every month of course because its just a image.

ok that makes sense.  But how about the option to add the clock and date to the top (along with the "slide to unlock" at the bottom).  It always says the time is 14:20 on Friday 14, October
Edit: it's the ios option.
And for that matter, the Android option with the non functional unlock and sound buttons.