In Short

Launched to the world at CES 2015, the XPS 13 is Dell's latest take on the 13-inch Ultrabook. Packed with 5th generation Intel Core i (Broadwell) chipsets, one of the most striking things about the XPS 13 is the Infinity Display.

Buy the Dell XPS 13, starting at $799.99

Where we're going, we don't need bezels

Sourced from Sharp, the display on the XPS 13 comes similar in appearance to the AQUOS line of TVs (and even the latest Android smartphones from Sharp, too). That is, a viewing experience with minimal black bezels around the outside, creating an almost edge-to-edge display.

The size of an 11-inch notebook

With the new display technology and the witchcraft Dell has undertaken on the inside, the new XPS 13 has a 22% smaller footprint than comparable 13-inch Ultrabooks, such as Apple's MacBook Air. What this creates is a 13-inch laptop in the form factor of an 11-inch. Extra screen real estate without the added heft to go with it.

A model for everyone

It'd be easy to assume that the XPS 13 is only available to those who are willing to spend a lot of money on a laptop. But it's not just about the high end. While the top spec models pack an Intel Core i7 CPU and a QHD+ resolution touchscreen display, at the other end a more modest Core i3 option with a non-touch Full HD display can be had for $799. Even better is that all of them look the same from the outside, so no one will even know which model you have.