A Dell XPS 13 for under $600? This deal is so good I had to double check it with my editor.

Certain as the sun rising in the east, Dell makes excellent laptops. Dell's XPS designers have laptops down to a science, and the XPS 13 is consistently one of the best laptops you can buy. Thanks to a Cyber Monday deal, you can get an XPS 13 for $599.

Dell XPS 13 (9315) | was $799 now $599 at Dell

Dell XPS 13 (9315) | was $799 now $599 at Dell

This laptop stands as the pinnacle of the classic XPS design. It's sleek, dependable, and builds on years of Dell making many of the best laptops on the market.  While this discounted model has entry-level specs when compared to more expensive XPS 13 models, it's an excellent laptop that can zip through productivity work.

✅Perfect for: Those who want a sleek and elegant laptop that can handle everyday computing easily.

❌Avoid it if: People with demanding workloads, want to game, or that need a more powerful GPU in a laptop.

💰Price check: was $1,349.99 now $1,099.99 at Best Buy (Intel Core i7 model)

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The Dell XPS 13 is easy to recommend even at its normal price, but at $599, it should cause pause. It's not normal to see a laptop this good at this low of a price. The specs of this particular model are entry-level for an XPS 13, but they're more than enough for everyday computing. The laptop's 12th Gen Intel Core i5, Intel Iris Xe graphics, and 8GB of RAM can easily handle productivity work, web-based work, and other workloads.

The laptop's 13.4-inch FHD+ display looks great as well. The lack of a 4K option doesn't matter as much for a 13-inch laptop as it does for PCs with larger screens.

I took a double take when I saw the price of the XPS 13. I usually recommend the XPS 13 to my friends even when it's in the $800 price range. Saving $200 as part of a Cyber Monday deal bumps the XPS 13 down a price bracket.

The truth is that many people don't need high-end specs. It can be fun to get a gadget with everything maxed out, but it doesn't make sense in many cases. This model of the XPS 13 gets you the refined design of a laptop that's been perfected over the years. For most people that's going to make more of a difference than chasing high-end specs.

Dell has been in the laptop business for a long time, and it shows with the XPS 13. Each year Dell makes iterative updates and refinements to improve on what is already an excellent laptop experience. The XPS 13 (9315) came out in June 2022, so it builds on a decade of preceding XPS 13 laptops.

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