Grab a Dell XPS 13, the pinnacle of XPS design, for under $600

The Dell XPS 13 isn't just one of the best Dell laptops, it's one of the best Windows laptops you can buy. The XPS 13 is a compact Ultrabook with a premium design. It builds on several generations of excellence and right now, you can grab one for under $600.

A Dell discount takes $200 off the XPS 13, bringing the laptop's price to $599. That particular model has a 12th Gen Intel Core i5-1230U, Intel Iris Xe graphics, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. Those are entry-level specs, but they're fine for everyday computing.

The discounted XPS 13 features a 13.4-inch FHD+ (1920 x 1200) display. When Dell bumped up the XPS 13 from 11th Gen Intel chips to 12th Gen chips, it changed the display options. While previous models of the XPS 13 were available with 3.5K displays, that resolution was reserved for the XPS 13 Plus after the generation hop.

Dell XPS 13 | was $799 now $599

Dell XPS 13 | was $799 now $599

This laptop builds on years of Dell's impressive XPS 13 lineup. The discounted model runs on a 12th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU and Intel Iris Xe graphics. You can expect a solid typing experience, a bright screen, and a premium design from the XPS 13.

Price check: $1,049.99 (Intel Core i7 model)

Dell XPS 13 Plus | was $1,499 now $1,249

Dell XPS 13 Plus | was $1,499 now $1,249

A dramatic shift from previous XPS devices, the XPS 13 looks like it's from the future. It has a large, seamless trackpad, a stunning display, and an overall design that's a refreshing change of pace from traditional clamshell laptops.

Price check: $1,303.99 at Best Buy

With the entry-level specs in the discounted model, you're not paying for top-tier performance or a powerhouse PC. Instead, you're getting a well-made laptop from the reputable and dependable Dell. It has a more traditional look and design and is in many ways the pinnacle of Dell's XPS 13 vision. It has a solid keyboard, touchpad, and bright screen that reaches 500 nits.

If you want a 3.5K OLED display in a Dell Ultrabook, the XPS 13 Plus is also on sale right now. There are a couple of discounted models available at the moment, but the one with the nicer display is $1,249 after a $250 discount. We have a piece breaking down the XPS 13 vs XPS 13 Plus if you need help deciding between the laptops.

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  • ShinyProton
    This is the price I paid for the Robo&Kala 2-in-1 during the last major sale.

    Even at $749 these days, the Robo&Kala remains a superior machine. Better screen with touch, faster processor, better battery life, double the RAM, double the SSD storage.

    Yet, if you REALLY need a conventional non-touch laptop, it's a pretty good deal.