DFT releases Bluetooth file transfer utility for fully-unlocked phones [Homebrew]

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Never ones to back down from a challenge the Dark Forces Team (DFT) have created a neat little utility to allow one to transfer files between phones or devices using just Bluetooth. You can even send over XAP files for installation of Windows Phone apps giving users yet another option for file distribution.

WP CentralThe bad news is you'll need a fully-unlocked phone meaning dev and interop devices need not apply. That also limits this currently to Gen 1 devices (as you can see initialization fails on the Titan for obvious reasons).

Still, it's an impressive piece of work and hopefully it will lay the ground work for future hacks, assuming Microsoft doesn't give us the function first.

Source: XDA; via Facebook (Bazaar)


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DFT releases Bluetooth file transfer utility for fully-unlocked phones [Homebrew]


ok so if understand this correctly you can save a certain version of a app (imagewind, espn, no longer available xbox game, etc) and tranfer to your new phone??? Can somebody send me (or post) a link for a step by step guide for dummies (me). I don't care what i got to pay. I just want the option to move current versions of certain apps to a different phone with out updating the app.

yeah, I remember hearing about a way to save app xap's off ur phone. I got a Bloomberg live streaming app that I love but got pulled, want to make sure I can save it just in case.

I find it very funny that this application is just now starting to come out on homebrew apps, and isnt available through the marketplace yet. Windows Mobile 6.x had Bluetooth beaming that worked beautifully to transfer any files, even apps. I do hope that this will lead to beaming commercially because I have been looking for this functionality since the beginning.


Just heard tat Bluetooth file transfer is available for Windows phone. Please tell me when can I download it in my Samsung Omnia W. Please mail me the details on mail id : jitu2coool@gmail.com

Thanks :)